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Nigeria’s leadership may waver on vital economic reforms but business people are playing the long game

Eyes on future as Nigeria stumbles on

Companies play the long game as nation’s leadership wavers on vital reforms

Oil prices help Nigeria balance the books

Pipeline damage, theft and a lack of investment pose risks to the country’s coffers

Nigerian farmers on frontline of reform

The fledgling sector is central to plans to overhaul the economy

Industrial magnate: Aliko Dangote
©Benedicte Kurzen

Dangote bets big with Nigeria refinery

Africa’s richest man bets project will halve fuel imports

Grand theft delta hits Nigeria oil output

Criminal activity and long parliamentary delays are taking their toll

scene from the film ‘Half of a Yellow Sun’

‘Nollywood’ eyes international film acclaim

Film-making has risen from humble origins and now follows only India in number of movies produced

Nigeria’s demographic could pay dividends

Mitigating effect on poverty is unclear

Nigerians eye domestic oil production

As foreign majors leave onshore fields, home companies are stepping in

Opposition election poster

Nigeria opposition challenges ruling PDP

Strong alternative arises as internal divisions threaten top party

Nigeria Stock Exchange cleans up its act

The bourse’s chief executive is regaining investor confidence

Protecting Nigeria oil SWF is no easy task

Fund battles drop in output and opposition from state governors

Nigeria economic policy seeks added value

Minister says processing raw materials domestically is vital

Nigeria natural gas waiting to be tapped

Blackouts could end if companies invest promised billions

Hopes high for Nigeria power privatisation

Reaching full capacity would offer a lifeline to business

Nigeria faces African market bubble risk

A future crash might be the signal that Nigeria has become a real emerging market, says David Cowan

Interest in frontier bonds benefits Nigeria

Finance minister plans a fuller range of maturities

Lack of loans hits Nigeria’s start-ups

The banks are still struggling to recover from the crisis of 2008-09

Ecobank Nigeria drama echoes across Africa

Investigations fail to dispel shareholder unease

Nigeria’s ‘bad bank’ measures enable recovery

Amcon has made good progress in clearing up the financial mess

Right connections can boost Nigeria GDP

If telcos get mobiles broadband right it could be a cash cow

Northern Nigeria: A region in desperate search of economic vision

Failure to create sustainable growth has created a generation without work and fuelled social unrest

Insurgency: Boko Haram remains a threat

Islamist militants keep up their bloody campaign against western influences

Piracy: West Africa tops world’s maritime crime league

Gulf of Guinea poses a greater risk than Somalia

Going home to Nigeria is new rite of passage

Changing attitudes to the mother country have led many professionals to return to build successful careers

Nigeria benefits from hotel building boom

Room rates in Lagos are the second-highest in the world

For intrepid investors, ‘Naija’ is worth the risks

Despite security concerns, Nigeria offers many opportunities

Nigeria: Consumer goods draw investors

Growth may have slowed, but the potential is alluring

Jewel in African retail crown displays its share of thorns

The rewards and risks facing local and foreign companies

Nigerians begin to embrace mobile and internet

After a slow start, there has been an explosion of activity

Nigeria has come a long way in fashion

Lagos Fashion and Design Week is now one of the most prominent fixtures on the creative arts scene