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Revised data show Nigeria’s economy is growing rapidly with gross domestic product much higher than previously thought. But, despite this success, the country is struggling to deal with severe poverty, terrorism, poor infrastructure and corruption

Strife casts shadow over Nigeria’s progress

A growing economy sits uneasily next to poverty and division

Safety net needed with poverty still rife in Nigeria

Country struggles with rapid growth and inequality

Qaizara Adepeju 15 years, is giving talks on patriotism for making impact in Nigeria to students under going LEAP Africa Leadership, Ethics and Civic programme at the Eko Akete grammar school in Lagos, Island, Nigeria
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Fear in Nigeria that youth unemployment will foment unrest

Growing population can be an asset or liability

Point-scoring by ruling class obscures bigger picture

Islamic insurgents and regional power play hit stability

Matthew Kukah, Bishop of Sokoto

Nigeria’s politicians bicker while Islamist conflict claims thousands of lives

Youth seeks answers in sticks and phones amid strife

Privatisation shines a light on a route out of the dark age

Nigeria attempts to resuscitate its electricity sector

Infrastructure remains a hurdle in getting power to the people

Cost of moving gas supplies a is thorny political issue

Oil theft and sabotage mark an industry in decline

Stealing crude has grown into a vast and lucrative enterprise involving well-connected officials and security personnel

Lamido Sanusi

Whistleblowing central banker challenges Nigerian government in court

The independence of the Central Bank of Nigeria may rest on outcome of the case

Nigeria trade: Regional integration still takes a back seat

A secure economic future requires better partnerships within the African continent but progress remains slow

Nigeria’s domestic concerns override enthusiasm for Europe deal

Protectionism is blocking a trade agreement with the EU

Nigeria’s homegrown hydrocarbons sector needs international capital to grow

Local companies buy up onshore fields as majors move operations offshore to avoid sabotage

Nigeria’s enticing market has intimidating barriers to entry

Cost of doing business a burden

Broadband revolution in Nigeria requires a $25bn infrastructure boost

High cost of internet access hampers growth

Piracy forces Nigeria’s producers to seek profits elsewhere

Music and film executives are turning to the internet and satellite channels for returns

Reforms prompted by central bank boost professionalism

The sector is moving towards a digital age

Abuja, Nigeria’s capital city, grows and flourishes

Federal capital has mushroomed over the past two decades

Slow start to Nigeria’s farming transformation

Scheme to reduce reliance on imports is criticised for being protectionist

No easy money to be made from Nigerian shoppers

New online sellers avoid old pitfalls

Forum to discuss the future stirs controversy

A commission to advise on the constitution

Jet-set propels demand for private flights

Security and poor alternatives are behind the boom

Nigeria’s clergy take to skies to spread word

‘You can’t have layovers when doing God’s work’

Guest Column: Nine ways the oil industry can be changed to benefit the nation

2013 was one of the busiest for transactions in Nigeria’s oil industry

Commercial hub status sparks a chain reaction

Operating costs of hotels in Lagos may be high but business is booming

A super elite laps up luxury

More tycoons – and better taxation – are needed to help the country develop in a more equitable way