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The inaugural report for the Asia-Pacific region in the FT’s long-established series ranking law firms and lawyers, finds the legal profession often leading the way in a rapidly changing environment.

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2014 report

Creative people for new frontiers

In countries as diverse as India, Japan, Singapore and China, lawyers are becoming more central to the way business is done

Rapid change sees firms rise to fresh challenges across jurisdictions

Competition, compliance and commercial firsts put lawyers centre stage in the region, seeing them take on rivals in the UK and US

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Cross-border work pays dividends

Juggling the needs of international and domestic law has earned Linklaters plaudits

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Adaptation is the name of the game

Catering to international tastes has proven to be problematic and rewarding in Asia

the merger will create Latin America's first cross-border law firm
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Fight for a bigger slice of the legal pie pays off

Championing diversity, investing in a wider skills base and using technology better are helping to create world-class legal teams

William Liu, partner, Linklaters

The deft art of linking the parts

Lawyers are connecting Asia-Pacific economies to each other and the world

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Helping define the rules for corporate engagement

Language, culture and local regulations can be challenging

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Battles are won in the war room

Identifying problems before they occur is key when advising on complex M&A deals

Partnerships aid global investigations

One-upmanship among local regulators has been replaced by co-ordination

Local firms help their clients to think global

The ‘Asian economic engine’ has not produced the business some had hoped for

Ranking on innovation

The FT and its research partner RSG Consulting have devised a unique methodology to rank lawyers on innovation


Market of opportunities

Developments in Asia-Pacific have showed that both the region and its law firms must not be underestimated when analysing threats and opportunities