Many leading European law firms are reforming their offerings – the highest scorer in the FT 50 ranking of law firm innovators this year has embraced changes such as different delivery models and online legal services

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Reena SenGupta and Michael Skapinker discuss the rise in the number of women nominated
Winner of the Legal Innovator of the Year Award discusses the growing number of women in the legal profession
Partner at Allen & Overy on how technology could shape the future

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illustration by Martin O'Neill for Innovative Lawyers 2014 report
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The rise of the one-stop shop

The trend towards integrated services is well established but firms are losing ground to in-house legal teams through the use of technology

Foreword, by Lionel Barber

The overwhelming evidence is that models for the delivery of legal services have changed and the in-house section of the profession has grown exponentially

Joanne Wheeler, partner, Bird & Bird
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Towards new frontiers

Many of this year’s shortlisted candidates have been instrumental in fostering a spirit of international co-operation

Rosemary Martin
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Mould breaker

Rosemary Martin has redefined the role of in-house legal teams, making them integral to the growth of their companies

illustration by Martin O'Neill for Innovative Lawyers 2014 report
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Healthy options

New legislation is fostering diversification and imagination

To the rescue

Virtual legal teams are giving clients a cheaper, more efficient option

illustration by Martin O'Neill for Innovative Lawyers 2014 special report
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On the data trail

From data privacy issues at banks to intellectual property online, firms have found ways to accelerate legal processes

illustration by Martin O'Neill for Innovative Lawyers 2014 special report
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Buzz of ideas

Deregulation of the legal market is starting to make itself felt in greater efficiencies and value-added services

Building blocks

Changes to the law on infrastructure financing have rekindled law firms’ willingness to experiment in setting up deals

Wheels in deals

Tax inversions have gained in popularity but need skill to execute

Outside the box

Other industries can offer insights for business process improvement

Creative thinkers

The best in-house legal teams are proactive and come up with ideas that generate revenue

Equality from within

Law firms are changing themselves as well as helping others

Research methodology

Each entry is scored out of 10 points each for originality, rationale and impact, for a maximum score of 30.

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2013 innovative lawyers

Alliances shift up a gear

Changes in the profession are gathering pace but there are already many indications of how lawyers’ mindset has been transformed

Pillars of creativity and vision

Candidates share an ability to turn client needs into groundbreaking initiatives

London faces new legal challengers

A nimbler sector sees competition from US and Asia

Far-reaching effects of legal innovation

Graeme Nuttall, partner at Field Fisher Waterhouse, on employee ownership

Fit to survive

Sticking to old ways of doing things is unrealistic, especially when clients are looking at costs

Daring to be different

Firms all over the continent are looking to remain competitive during tough economic times by moving away from tradition

Tailor made

During the economic crisis, law firms have come up with bespoke solutions to financial problems

More for less

Law firms are accelerating the pace of change by constantly rethinking their model to separate process from value

Room at the top

With the rise of the mega-firm, training partners in leadership skills will become increasingly important

Cross-border counsel

Knowing how to deal with local governments gives firms an edge when negotiating in difficult jurisdictions

Added value

The evolution of in-house teams means pure legal work is just one part of a bigger role

Ranging into fresh pastures

Diversification into non-legal sectors is helping law firms generate more income from legal advice

Rewarding partnerships

Sharing clients with other lawyers in the same firm might be expected to hit earnings. But the opposite is true

Structural shift

The role of the lawyer is changing rapidly. Legal expertise is still prized, but it is no longer enough to guarantee success

Lawyers in the news

Legal advice and innovation is often reactive, with lawyers creating solutions in response to client needs

Research methodology

Each entry is scored out of 10 points on originality, rationale and impact for a maximum score of 30

2012 innovative lawyers

The new rules of law

Innovation in business methods and a focus on international expansion are driving firms up the rankings

Across borders

The international nature of many mergers and acquisitions today demands new ways of thinking on the part of lawyers

Rich seam

Industrial expansion across the African continent is generating business for international law firms

London calling

High-calibre lawyers, a widely adopted legal system and not least the English language have created a buoyant market for UK legal services, writes Caroline Binham

Legal London looks abroad

It has been a year where London, famous for its legal services, has turned its eyes abroad, says FT editor, Lionel Barber

On the consumer trail

UK legal market reforms aim to improve accessibility for clients but might spell the end for many small firms, writes Jane Croft