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The Financial Times’ definitive guide to the world of commercial property from the perspective of investors, developers and occupiers

US investors snap up UK care homes

Jan Flawn, founder of PJ Care. Photographed in their Peterborough care home.

Long-term fixed income attracts interest in sector

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We look at the key indicators, including purchasing power, prime office rents, real-estate stock and the evolving urban network
Explore the 68-storey tower that echoes the shape of Vietnam’s national symbol – the Lotus flower

Thames tide turns back to the wealthy

The development of London’s riverside into a series of private ghettos is a huge opportunity squandered

International cash spurs UK property boom

Investors in search of yield scramble to invest in London

Chinese go on global property spree

Chinese overseas investment set to double in 2014 despite domestic slowdown

UK outpacing Europe in investor allure

London draws almost half of Britain’s inward investment projects

Non-banks expand in commercial property

Insurers joined by growing array of alternative lenders

15 ‘Shards’ of office space being built in London

Office construction recovers to near pre-recession level

London commercial property booms

Investors are motivated by returns in the low-yield environment

Bangalore express

Such has been the success of Bangalore’s technology business parks that foreign private equity firms are rapidly expanding their property portfolios in the city

The Transparent City, page 26, published by aperture, November 2008
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Foreword: The matters that affect us all

Chief executives make only a handful of big property decisions. It is important to get them right

Spires to towers

London could become closer in its skyline to Doha than to New York

Culture clubs

Planners, architects and developers across the world are promoting mixed-use projects, particularly if they include cultural buildings

New York life storeys

The changing roster of owners and tenants at 375 Park Avenue – better known as the Seagram Building – is a microcosm of postwar US economic and design history

Showroom shine

Car showrooms are proving to be a sound investment themselves rather than just indicators of wealth elsewhere

Manhattan transfers

From his New York base Brookfield Property Group chief executive Ric Clark is pushing ahead with diversification from offices into the retail, industrial and residential sectors as well as emerging markets

Supermarket chain reactions

Changing consumer habits are forcing supermarket operators to rethink their property portfolios, but investors’ appetites remain strong

Mexico’s lap of luxury

When Aston Martin was looking for a site for its first Mexican showroom, it settled on a well-established area

Living the brand

Corporate headquarters whose design makes a statement about their occupiers’ values are the height of architectural fashion but also come at a premium

Ogilvy rediscovers harmony on South Bank

The communications group is reintegrating its London offices

Column: People power

Population growth more than economic development is driving property markets

Moving offices in Moscow

Over the past seven years, two office moves have had a radical effect on the culture and ultimately the development of MEBE

Foreign missions on the move

A spate of embassy property sales in London reflects a growing trend around the world of cash-strapped governments looking to realise lucrative assets

Built-in flexibility

Design is pivotal to the success or failure of an office, and new business models often mean a radically different approach Is called for

Sir David Chipperfield: Shaping the city

Insights on effective city planning and making it a reality

No time to exit commercial property

The best gains may be made, but hold on to Reits

Overheated London market fuels regions

Lower yields in capital force investors to look farther afield

Commercial property at historic highs

Annual investment volumes hit £53bn in 2013

London commercial property hits high

Five largest transactions made up 77% of last quarter total