G20 summit

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The record of G20: decisiveness is in short supply among global leaders

Global rebalancing: a grand plan has been thwarted by mutual suspicion

Overview: Dark outlook piles pressure on leaders

A cooling world economy, the euro crisis and trade imbalances provide a grim backdrop to talks in Cannes

Angela Merkel and Nicolas Sarkozy

Eurozone options: Rescue raises doubts over details and deeper issues

The single currency is not yet out of the woods, writes Ralph Atkins

Global rebalancing: Mutual suspicion thwarts grand plan

A move to boost cooperation has hit difficulties, says Alan Beattie

History: Meetings yet to reach the peak of achievement

Chris Giles finds decisiveness in short supply at the global leaders’ conferences

Financial services: Banks and regulators at odds

Brooke Masters finds the debate over Basel III and other new rules is heating up


Location profile: Riviera resort shows off its Cannes-do attitude

The seaside city has come a long way since British aristocrats put a sleepy fishing village on the high society map, writes Paul Betts

French economy: Hope is to cut while still fostering growth

Concrete steps are finally being taken to reduce public spending, reports Hugh Carnegy

Monetary system: reform slips down agenda

France made the repair of the fractured system a centrepiece of its G20 presidency but not much progress has been made. Claire Jones explains why