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Corporations have played a significant part in raising awareness of LGBT rights around the world. The globe-trotting nature of employees in big financial services firms has led many to lobby for change in less tolerant regimes

Companies chase ‘return on equality’

Inclusive cultures boost staff productivity and recruitment, but many organisations fall short of the mark

Bullying belies LGBT-friendly policies

Equality is not about box-ticking and having a policy. It requires leadership on the ground

No laughing matter: industry is slow to entertain change

Hollywood is not as LGBT-friendly as it appears

Opposing gay marriage cost tech leader his job

Some in the LGBT community fear the incident may have infringed the right to speak one’s mind

Christopher Bailey, creative director of the British fashion house Burberry
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The 100 out and proud heroes of the business world

Burberry’s Bailey, first gay FTSE 100 CEO, tops the list

Branson, a decades-long LGBT ally, heads rankings

OUTstanding Allies: the friends, colleagues and employers who make it their duty to create safe, inclusive workplaces

From left to right: Beth Brooke-Marciniak, Alex Schultz, Antonia Belcher and Dan Fitz

Meet the influentials

Being a leader means being authentic

2013 report

Gay or straight, talented people will shine if they can be themselves

Organisations from Goldman Sachs to the Church of England are waking up to the need to challenge outdated prejudices

In an open culture, no one need fear the ‘wife’ question

A gay-friendly organisation starts at the top

Suki Sandhu

‘LGBT leaders are making a huge difference’

Suki Sandhu, founder of the OUTstanding in Business campaign, explains the need to champion diversity

Who’s who: Top 50 OUTstanding in Business List

Leaders from across the corporate world who stood up to be counted and act as inspirational role models

The challenge is to find the best

Statistics suggest gay people are better educated and more likely to be in managerial roles than the general population

Global reach: Corporates take the lead where 29 US states have yet to follow

Multinationals that promote equal opportunity can make a difference but must respect other cultures