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While the US enjoys cheap gas, Europe has become a battleground of conflicting priorities and worries over energy prices

Energy costs widen gap in competitiveness

While Europe worries over prices, the US is enjoying cheap gas

Nick Butler

Politics prevents energy industry doing job

Sector’s indispensable role has to be respected and rewarded

US export ban has oil producers over barrel

Country may find itself left with a glut that has nowhere to go

Shale extraction: North America sets pace that others will find hard to match

Russia may have the best chance of emulating the US

LNG projects from Africa to Australia seek buyers

Rising demand is a given, but supply is harder to predict

Global revival of nuclear industry threatened by safety fears and building costs

It may make sense to use but who will go ahead and do it?

Pressure on grid operators to keep lights on

Avoiding blackouts is a big problem in many developing countries

Cost burden is big issue in Germany’s transformation to renewables

The Energiewende’s broad goals are supported across the political spectrum, but changes may be inevitable

Case study: biomass fuels UK industrial rebirth

The Drax conversion is leading the way towards reduced use of coal

Demand for coal will be driven by China and India

The fuel still accounts for the largest share of power generation but analysts differ over whether the peak is in sight

Power-hungry industries warm to do-it-yourself

A dedicated plant can reduce costs or improve supply if grids are unreliable