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The repercussions of the oil price slide are only now starting to be felt. A wave of corporate takeovers could reshape an energy industry battered by the price fall

Volatile climate puts billions at risk

Energy industry preparing for a painful adjustment

Renewables: prices fall and spending jumps

Contracts in oil-rich regions show solar and wind can compete

Offshore fields use power sent from land

Extracting and delivering oil and gas offshore uses a lot of fuel but some are working to change that

Jake Dweck

Pressure on US to ease crude export ban

Lobbyists warn of glut in domestic supplies and falling prices

Oil rout forces LNG companies into radical policy rethink

Projects under construction and those in low-cost regions are better prospects

An angler tries her luck in the warm waters with the Braidwood Generating Station seen across the lake to the north, August 16, 2012 in Braceville, Illinois
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Obama moves to cut greenhouse gas emissions

The US nuclear industry, the country’s largest generator of low-carbon energy, fights back

CCS facility interior in the SaskPower Boundary Dam

China’s interest in carbon capture grows

US and Canada lead the world in developing CCS, and are home to the bulk of operational projects

Coal industry hopes there is still an enduring market

Failure to transition to a low-carbon economy offers big mining companies respite

Japan: push for renewables stalls

A tough economic and political climate has made moves to integrate green power difficult