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Secrecy hampers battle for web

Secrecy hampers battle for web

Warfare and crime are indistinguishable in shadowy online world, writes Bede McCarthy


From ‘botnet’ zombie computers to abuse of lost information

Francis Maude interview: UK takes voluntary approach to sharing information on attacks

New alliance offers better protection, reports James Blitz

Co-operation: Fight against criminals requires all our reserves

US blazes trail in calling up ‘cyber reservists’, says Michael Dempsey

Vulnerability: Robbers with laptops are serious threat to world banking system

A $45m ATM theft shows the scale of a growing problem, reports Stephanie Kirchgaessner

IP theft: White House attacks China over hacking

Business and governments are becoming less coy about admitting to online security breaches, reports Geoff Dyer

Security: Choice of the right defence is only half the battle

IT users can be confused by the range of products, writes Jane Bird

Paul Tiao, partner at Hunton & Williams

Opinion: Threat requires a creative response

A continuing, collective effort that involves layered defences is key, says Paul Tiao

Data breaches: Heart of world business faces hidden and wily enemy

One-size-fits-all defences won’t foil sophisticated attacks, says Paul Taylor

Legislation: Data safety and privacy must be balanced

Sharing information on data breaches can threaten privacy, writes James Fontanella-Khan

businessman sitting at desk in office and talking on mobile phone

Consumer technology: ‘Bring your own device’ can be an enemy within the gates

Staff using personal hardware are a new IT problem, says Bede McCarthy