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Cyber attacks on the likes of eBay, Yahoo and US retailer Target have raised public concern over internet crime, with the cyber security fightback destined to be a tough one. Meanwhile, just what is Russia up to behind the scenes in Ukraine and do you really think you are in control of your car?

High-profile hacking provokes fears

While attacks online have made cyber security a widespread concern, regulators are outgunned by criminals and state-sponsored attackers

Kremlin alleged to wage stealthy online campaign against Kiev

Western analysts sense unequal ‘war in the shadows’

Nice set of wheels, but who is steering them?

Despite automobile manufacturers’ bravado, car buyers may find themselves with less control than they think

Opinion: driverless cars signal way ahead

‘Spam jams’ are in prospect but the industry should be up to meeting threat

Ebay website with password
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Ebay case adds to concern as shoppers’ details fall into the hands of criminals

Boardrooms sharpen focus after series of breaches

Energy makes frontline target of potential threat to infrastructure

Authorities are recognising risks to vital public services

Seoul suffers from poor web controls

South Korea has blindspot on safety in spite of boasting the fastest internet speed on the planet

US state and local government bodies lack defences

More resources are needed to protect plum targets

Darktrace aims to safeguard private sector

Ex-GCHQ man searches for the ‘unknown unknowns’

Target’s costly Christmas fiasco strengthens the case for cover

US way ahead as data losses point to need for widening of insurance market

February 2014

Groups face the cyber crime challenge

The world of cyber security is struggling to come to terms with how online crime is policed, and how it should be in the future

Cyber security industry launches skill search

Industry acts to tackle shortage of expertise

Israel utilises its cyber security expertise

Military is source of talent

Pros and cons of big data in world of insurance

Profiles of prospective policy holders could result in premium discounts for healthy buyers

Tech groups find secret of success

Silicon Valley launching software and devices that ensure the security of private information

January 2014

Mobile apps boost payment security

Mobile technology provides alternative to fraud-prone debit and credit cards

Pirates a moving target for pay-TV providers

Fluid nature of pirated decryption hampers legal clampdown

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The spam that came in through the cold

Hackers exploiting internet-connected fridges and TVs

Growth in cyber attacks ‘unprecedented’

Online criminals increasingly hunt intellectual property

US feared threat from ‘virtual bin Laden’

Agencies concerned over potential ‘avatar’ of al-Qaeda leader

Better governance for cybersecurity centre

Sir Kim Darroch recommends better oversight arrangements

Pact sets limits on cyber weapons

Western states to curb sales of ‘weaponised’ software

Connected devices threaten users

Wearable tech offers new ways for hackers to threaten our privacy

Hackers focus on the ‘internet of things’

Connected devices range from cars to front doors

Symantec chief warns of IP cyber threats

Google’s ‘security princess’

Parisa Tabriz, an in-house hacker at Google, on her mission to defend the online lives of millions

Hacker Hunters

Meet one of the world’s hottest teams of digital forensics pioneers, an elite battalion of mostly twentysomething experts on the front line of corporate cyber defence

CME says FBI probing July hacking attack

Intrusion at biggest US futures exchange highlights vulnerability

Personal devices pose biggest threat to security

Data security is now a management responsibility