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Surely as companies and consumers wake up to the cyber threat they will want to spend more on defence? Apparently not. Investments in start-ups in the fourth quarter of 2015 fell almost 30 per cent compared with the previous quarter

Investors cool on start-ups that promise single solution silver bullets

Sentiment towards industry sours as backers look harder at what companies offer

Humble lightbulbs could become a form of attack

The more objects connect, the greater the dangers


Geoff Dyer talks to John Carlin, assistant attorney-general for National Security at the US Department of Justice
Private-public partnerships to guard against cyber attacks

Ex-hackers are best placed to find chinks in your armour

Executives tempted to hire those who learnt skills outside the law

Better spelling helps criminals target victims

Hackers are hiring professional linguists in their efforts to trick the unwary

Complexity helped market abuse to evolve

Data provide easy pickings for would-be manipulators

Rogue states play host to outlaw servers

So-called bulletproof providers allow cyber criminals to conduct business

Rulings may upset data breach defences

High-profile cases are likely to make it easier for consumers to sue data holders

Fears of damaged reputations drive the ‘threat intelligence’ sector

Websites mimicking real brands among the dangers

CEO email scam is wake-up call for boards

Business life must go on — believe hype from consultants and you might never turn on a device again

April 2015
US President Barack Obama signs an executive order promoting private sector cybersecurity information sharing after speaking at the White House Summit on Cybersecurity and Consumer Protection at Stanford University in Palo Alto, California on February 13, 2015
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Fighting an invisible enemy

President Barack Obama has ratcheted up the rhetoric, but how can we tackle threats?

Rise in tensions drives cyber warfare danger

Conflicts are increasingly played out in the virtual world

Calls to make designers liable for weaknesses

Should software companies be more accountable?

Former spooks emerge from the shadows

‘Accelerators’ helping to take experts’ ideas to market

Finding fault becomes a lucrative business

Tech companies pay out to those who spot bugs

The growing insider threat to data security

Edward Snowden’s NSA leaks have increased awareness

Global satellite industry must invest in safety

Comment: Why even outer space is not safe from attack

The battle to beat password security threats

Technology advances - but people are often the problem

Organisations face fights on many fronts

IBM security chief’s ‘biological warfare’ comparison at Tel Aviv conference

How secure are new payment technologies?

Latest developments increase safety — but can also pose risks