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Strategic industry comes of age

Strategic industry comes of age

Culture and craftsmanship have become tools to promote a business that now exists in its own right, writes Scheherazade Daneshkhu

China: Presidential couple seeks to inspire mood of sobriety

While frugality may be the official line, Chinese tourists tend to leave such notions at home, says James Kynge

China: Anti-corruption drive hits luxury cars

All campaigns have a finite lease although this one may last, reports James Kynge

Top executives play game of musical chairs

Economic slowdown has led to hirings and firings as owners seek innovative yet experienced leaders, says Elizabeth Paton

(from left to right) Huw Pill, Martin Wolf, Gavyn Davies

World economy: Crises contained but challenges loom

Martin Wolf explores global growth scenarios with Gavyn Davies and Huw Pill

Listings: Stock markets compete with buyouts

Share offerings are more attractive to strong managers, says Rachel Sanderson

Private equity: Deals follow shift in consumer spending

Buyout groups have made a handful of deals in the so-called contemporary market, writes Arash Massoudi

Manufacturing: Consumers push big names to account for supply chains

How products are created can make or break a brand, reports Rachel Sanderson

empty bottles of champagne at a Lagos nightclub frequented by wealthy Nigerians

Sub-Saharan Africa: Where some purveyors of the good life are happy to tread

A tiny elite of very rich customers has emboldened some brands to set up shop in Nigeria, reports Xan Rice

a businesswoman views Burberry's website

Online retailing: Assertive groups act to make their mark on the virtual world

Strategies mirror what is happening in the physical world, says Andrea Felsted