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For privacy and legal reasons, businesses will need to get rid of some of the data they have collected. But can they dispose of information in the age of the cloud and replication technologies?

Interactive: Business data analysis

Explore all aspects of business data which are regarded as the next frontier for productivity and competition


Future of Business Data
Maija Palmer on new businesses based on bus timetables and weather reports
How to visualise the large volumes of data stored by organisations
Part 3
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The hunt for analytics talent hots up

The commercial potential of big data is clear, but there is a shortage of specialists with the skills to exploit it


Carriers call up clients’ mobile information

Mobile network operators have only just begun to scratch the surface of big data opportunities

Cloud computing hinders data deletion

Companies find removing information can no longer be achieved with just pressing a ‘delete’ button


Cybercrime wave gathers force

The surge in financial transactions via mobile devices is providing new opportunities for criminals

Data mining offers rich seam

The use of ‘data lockers’ could not only give consumers more control over online personal information but also the opportunity to earn money

The history of business data

How big data and the technologies and processes to analyse it have evolved since the 19th century

Big hopes for big data spending

Using big data could save the public sector billions of pounds, but privacy issues remain sensitive


Big data bring attention to retail

Duncan Robinson discovers how data analytics can be used to increase sales

Taking care of talent

The rise of human capital management business software

Fast forward for analytics

SAP’s in-memory computing reduces processing times from hours to seconds, potentially revolutionising data analysis and decision-making


New takes on data spawn new businesses

The creative use of information generated by social media is leading to commercial opportunities

Prospecting for corporate IT gold

Business leaders are often unaware of the scope and value of the data resources their organisations already hold

Selling with a personal touch

How do retailers – both online and in the high street – take advantage of big data and what could be the next big thing in targeted promotions

Misery loves company

Using social media to track outbreaks of disease can provide valuable public health information

Distilled power of start-ups challenges big incumbents

Nimble young companies are exploiting fast new data sources and techniques to beat established rivals at their own games

Video: Opportunities created in ‘big data’

New ways of analysing data will aid understanding of what it ‘means to be human’

Video: Big Data is watching you

The European Union is in the process of re-drafting its pre-internet laws on data protection