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The FT ArcelorMittal Boldness in Business Awards ceremony was held in London on March 17. Read about the winners below plus central themes of the year as analysed by FT experts and members of the competition’s judging panel

The triumph of tech: foreword by Lionel Barber

Lionel Barber

Technological innovation and computing power are driving change across all business, writes the FT’s editor

Videos from the 2016 awards

Nick Hughes, M-Kopa co-founder
M-Kopa wins developing markets award
Håkan Samuelsson, head of Volvo, speaks to FT editor Lionel Barber
Leo Johnson and Lionel Barber discuss this year’s Boldness in Business nominations
Amazon Web Services' Andy Jassy
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Person of the Year: Andy Jassy

Lack of technical background proves no hindrance to leading Amazon Web Services to become world’s biggest technology infrastructure provider

Toyota: Emission control

Car manufacturer shrinks carbon footprint and backs hydrogen to replace petroleum

QR codes are a feature of WeChat
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WeChat dominates messaging app market

Platform slickly embraces social media and commerce to assume commanding role in China

The winners and nominees

Boldness in Business full roll of honour

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Hi, Robot

Japan’s Fanuc has come out of itself to improve transparency for investors and public alike

Adam Neumann, right, co-founded WeWork with Miguel McKelvey
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WeWork fosters ‘physical social network’

Workspace specialist re-lets low-rent city buildings to individuals and start-ups seeking offices with hip vibe

Jose Neves. FarFetch in Old Street. For interview with Jonathan Moules for Special Reports
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Farfetch — Fashion forward

Online retailer enables boutique clothing businesses with physical premises to embrace the web

Lightbulb moment for M-Kopa

In regions where energy supply is at a premium, Kenyan company breeds appetite for solar power

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Technology is making collaboration easier than ever

Individuals working together achieve extraordinary things, writes the FT’s management editor

Comment: Boldly go

All the big businesses of the future will have to be as bold or bolder than their smaller peers, writes Robert Armstrong, the FT’s head of Lex

Comment: In it for the many

Boldness in Business judge Leo Johnson argues that the purpose of business is not growth for growth’s sake. It is to solve a problem that matters


Disruptive times: foreword by Lionel Barber

A broader debate is unfolding between ‘secular innovation’ and ‘secular stagnation’

How HBO is transforming TV

How ‘disruption’ has become a feature of our times

Being bold is not necessarily about being novel but about exploiting underlying strengths

Comment: The ripple effect

Why ‘purpose’ is a growing business trend, writes Professor Peter Tufano

Winners list: Hail the revolutionaries

Roll of honour and the nominees for this year’s categories

Person of the Year: Travis Kalanick

Uber’s founder wants transport to be as reliable as running water, whatever the obstacles to that goal

HBO: Outside the box

The US television network’s focus on creative excellence has become a template for the industry

Handelsbanken is intent on getting banking back to the future

The Swedish bank has stood out from its rivals by refusing to accept state aid — and by not paying its staff bonuses

Open Garden may have found the next version of the internet

The start-up’s Firechat app is attracting huge interest among a range of customers, from games developers to political protesters

Mobileye at the vanguard of autonomous driving

The Israeli company’s driverless vehicle technology has proved compelling for carmakers and investors

Xeros reinvents the washing machine

The UK firm believes other sectors could benefit from its technology too

What Uber plans to do next

Mara Group ebulliently positive about the outlook for business in Africa

The Dubai-based company aims to shake up banking, infrastructure and ecommerce across the continent

Disruption dominates business landscape

Comment: Take the long view

Edward Bonham Carter looks for the companies that innovate to stay ahead