How can I set up an employer’s pension?


What are the advantages of saving into a scheme linked to my business?

Cartoon for Money

Should I use a deed of variation?

Pros and cons for legal vehicles

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Where can I invest church savings?

Should I switch out of 0.5% Central Board of Finance account?

sleeping baby holding great grandmother's hand

Saving for my vulnerable grandson

Should I put the money in trust?


Checking my tax bill

How much do I owe the taxman?


Too late to disclose Swiss tax?

How can I resolve my father’s bank account situation?

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How best to transfer money from overseas?

Buying property with my inheritance

Transferring shares to my son

Tax implications of selling my shares


Can I consolidate pensions?

How to manage retirement savings

Inheriting a drawdown pension

Does the beneficiary have to wait until age 55, and what is the tax position?

Paying for school fees

Tax implications of giving my grandson a lump sum to cover education costs

Putting property into trust

What are the tax implications of trusts?

Setting up a lasting power of attorney

Help for those living with dementia

Must I pay US tax on sale of house?

Could my French husband reduce liabilities?

Setting up low-maintenance portfolio

I am time-poor and wary of being ripped off

What are tax rules on money transfers?

The merits of ‘remittance’ versus ‘arising’ basis of taxation

Estate planning using Aim shares

Seeking tax exemption through junior market investments

Passing down multinational assets

Planning measures to minimise tax liabilities

Tax implications of retiring in France

How would our income and assets be treated?

How can we help our son live rent-free?

We want our son and his wife to live rent-free in our flat, but with conditional rights


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