Mortgages for irregular earners post-MMR

Should I go to a mortgage broker or a private bank?

Robert Thompson cartoon

Implications of early pension drawdown

Can I access my pension when I hit the lifetime allowance limit?

Robert Thompson illustration
©Robert Thompson

Impact of HMRC offshore tax agreements

Will automatic exchange of tax information remove my anonymity despite remittance charge?

Taxation of unit trusts

Full disposals are easy to work out, but partial ones more tricky

Is CGT payable on house sale?

Budget has raised new tax issues

Tax implications for same-sex partners

Equal marriage law about to come into effect

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Transferring bare trusts to grandchildren

What are the tax implications and practical steps involved?

Can I track down my lost investments?

Steps to track down dividends and unclaimed shares

Should I put my property into a trust?

I would like my house to pass automatically to my daughter after my death

Roger Beale
©Roger Beale

Wine, art and jewels – and a big tax bill

Do I need to liase with trustees over sale of assets?

How can I get an annual income of £30,000?

Should I amalgamate my pensions into income drawdown?

Does my IHT nil-rate band include legacies?

How can I minimise IHT on legacies in my will?

Can I challenge my late father’s will?

Is it possible to reinstate an old one?

How can I minimise tax on rental income?

What expenses can I offset against tax?

Is farmland a sound investment?

Benefits not easy to secure

What does a ‘no-nup’ agreement cover?

How does it differ to a pre-nup agreement?

Must I report my nanny’s pay every week?

Pension contributions will also be payable

Am I at risk after non-dom rule changes?

I consulted a tax adviser in 2005, but have not done so since

Getting the picture on inheritance tax

How does the seven-year IHT threshold for gifts work?

Escaping the curse of IHT

We want to keep assets within the family


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