Is CGT payable on house sale?

Budget has raised new tax issues

Tax implications for same-sex partners

Equal marriage law about to come into effect

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Transferring bare trusts to grandchildren

What are the tax implications and practical steps involved?

Can I track down my lost investments?

Steps to track down dividends and unclaimed shares

Should I put my property into a trust?

I would like my house to pass automatically to my daughter after my death

Roger Beale
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Wine, art and jewels – and a big tax bill

Do I need to liase with trustees over sale of assets?

How can I get an annual income of £30,000?

Should I amalgamate my pensions into income drawdown?


Does my IHT nil-rate band include legacies?

How can I minimise IHT on legacies in my will?

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Can I challenge my late father’s will?

Is it possible to reinstate an old one?

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How can I minimise tax on rental income?

What expenses can I offset against tax?

Is farmland a sound investment?

Benefits not easy to secure

What does a ‘no-nup’ agreement cover?

How does it differ to a pre-nup agreement?

Must I report my nanny’s pay every week?

Pension contributions will also be payable

Am I at risk after non-dom rule changes?

I consulted a tax adviser in 2005, but have not done so since

Getting the picture on inheritance tax

How does the seven-year IHT threshold for gifts work?

Escaping the curse of IHT

We want to keep assets within the family

Your questions: How can I fix my salary payments?

I am domiciled in the UK but paid in euros

Should I overpay on my mortgage?

How can I bring down my payment over time?

Can I use my husband’s IHT allowance?

As my husband had no money, surely his ‘allowance’ is of no consequence?

Protecting my trust fund

I am about to get married and want to protect my family trust from future financial claims


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