Can students earn ‘free money’ from overdrafts?

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Undergraduate wants to ‘invest’ his overdraft in a savings account

Must I pay my household staff a pension?

How auto-enrolment rules will affect housekeepers, nannies or cleaners

Can I claim tax relief on my City pad?

How to comply with HMRC’s tax rules

Is there UK tax to pay on $2m US estate?

Beneficiaries are British and live in the UK

How are childcare vouchers changing?

Will we be better off because my wife is self-employed?

Will succession rules affect my children?

New rules will make it more complicated to inherit property

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Can I reduce my IHT bill using equity release?

Taking out a mortgage reduced tax — but beware the interest

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Tax implications of letting through Airbnb

The benefits of setting up as a limited company

How will non-dom rule changes affect me?

How the rules will affect individuals

How to qualify for entrepreneurs’ relief?

Advice on selling our family business

Can we hold on to our interest-only mortgage?

HSBC wants to move us to a repayment loan

Can I contest my uncle’s will?

Are dependants able to make a legal claim against beneficiaries?

Can I claim back IHT on property?

Will falling prices affect the tax owed?

How can I trace my lost pension pots?

I am concerned that I’ll lose out on some of my savings

Why are direct debits slow to activate?

Two weeks seems too long: are they hoping I’ll miss my payment?

Which 0% credit card deal should I get?

I would like to transfer my debt

Transferring a pension overseas

We delve into the mechanics of Qrops

Where should I buy-to-let?

Experts give their suggestions on where to purchase

How long will maintenance payments continue?

I am divorced with two children

Tax implications of exercising options

Minimising liabilities on gains made on shares


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