What are tax rules on money transfers?


The merits of ‘remittance’ versus ‘arising’ basis of taxation


Estate planning using Aim shares

Seeking tax exemption through junior market investments

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Passing down multinational assets

Planning measures to minimise tax liabilities

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Tax implications of retiring in France

How would our income and assets be treated, and what are the inheritance tax implications?

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How can we help our son live rent-free?

We want our son and his wife to live rent-free in our flat, but with conditional rights


Can the terms of my tenancy be changed?

My new letting agent says bills are no longer included

How can I avoid bank charges abroad?

Debit and credit card charges can vary significantly

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Should we invest a student loan?

Experts warn of a risky strategy that could backfire

Members of the public are seen at the new shopping centre, One New Change, in St Pauls central London.

A mistaken Enterprise Zone investment

Having learned that the property investment I was advised to enter is high risk, what can I do?

Escaping poor cash savings rates

Would switching into stocks and shares be unwise and expensive?

Mortgages for irregular earners post-MMR

Should I go to a mortgage broker or a private bank?

Implications of early pension drawdown

Can I access my pension when I hit the lifetime allowance limit?

Impact of HMRC offshore tax agreements

Will automatic exchange of tax information remove my anonymity?

Taxation of unit trusts

Full disposals are easy to work out, but partial ones more tricky

Is CGT payable on house sale?

Budget has raised new tax issues

Tax implications for same-sex partners

Equal marriage law about to come into effect

Transferring bare trusts to grandchildren

What are the tax implications and practical steps involved in transferring the holdings?

Can I track down my lost investments?

Steps to track down dividends and unclaimed shares

Should I put my property into a trust?

I would like my house to pass automatically to my daughter after my death

Wine, art and jewels – and a big tax bill

Do I need to liase with trustees over sale of assets?


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