Should we use savings to pay down our mortgage?

Home loan is high interest, while savings rates are ultra low

Will I be better off as a contractor?

I want to work less but maintain my income

How do I avoid inheritance tax?

Cash intended to be used as deposit to buy a home

I’m 53 and have no pension. What can I do?

How can I get retirement income from my small business?

Should I fix my mortgage now?

With rates expected to fall, is this the time to fix?

How do I move my US pension to the UK?

What are my timing, currency and tax considerations?

Was I the victim of an investment scam?

I was sold illiquid shares over the phone

Holiday home stamp duty conundrum

Will we be caught by new second home rules?


I don’t need my pension. Should I invest?

We already have income from property and shares

Can we afford to get divorced?

Middle class, unhappy and unable to afford a split

How can I get a cheaper pension?

I think my wealth manager is overcharging me

How can we invest for our grandchild?

Passive funds and junior Isas are worth considering

Should I let my French holiday home?

Be prepared for tax complexity with property abroad

How much stamp duty to pay on a second home?

Capital gains tax may also be payable, warn experts

How to avoid a property inheritance row

I am set to inherit part of an elderly relative’s home

Can I get a mortgage to buy abroad?

As a typical millennial who cannot afford a UK home, I want to buy in Italy

Should I tap my final salary pension?

New freedoms allow me greater flexibility

Can I fund my son’s property and pension?

How to make sure my son will never be short of money as an adult

I’m 35, should I open a Lifetime Isa?

What is new savings scheme for?

Will HMRC refund a late tax filing fine?

I did not know I had to continue filing tax returns, says reader


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