Higher CGT rate pays no dividend

Introduction of 28% rate has not met expectations

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Passing down multinational assets

Planning measures to minimise tax liabilities

Governments sign tax evasion deal

Agreement includes automatic exchange of information

Her Majesty's Revenue And Customs, HMRC

Self-assessment deadline approaches

Tax returns sent by post must be received by October 31

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Flight tax revenues reach new heights

Record air passenger duty paid in September

EIS industry rejects tax status risks

Scheme managers dismiss claims HMRC could move goalposts

London, England - April 25, 2011: A HM Revenue & Customs sign incised into the stone wall outside their offices in Whitehall, City of Westminster, London. HMRC (as HM Revenue & Customs is usually known) was formed in 2005 by merging the Inland Revenue with Her Majesty's Customs & Excise and is a non-ministerial Government department. The headquarters are at 100 Parliament Street, Whitehall, opposite to Parliament Square.

HMRC demands £250m in unpaid tax

First batch of notices prompt £25m in settlements

Clawback - the taxman’s growing reach

HMRC’s new powers in the battle against avoidance and evasion

Different countries flags united together against blue sky

Non-dom income tax take falls

HMRC raised less from wealthy foreign residents in 2012-13

US tax deadline looms for trustees

Trusts may have to register with US tax authorities

Osborne’s wild bet on UK tax cuts

Tories stand as fiscal hawks yet promise giveaways

Great inheritance tax myths

It’s the tax that many hate, but few pay

Cameron signals inheritance tax cut

PM wants to revive policy of raising threshold by Budget 2015

UK tax cuts are just what we don’t need

The financial crisis turned a smart idea into a regressive own goal

EU agrees laws to end banking secrecy

Legislation will require all 28 countries to disclose assets held by each other’s citizens

Dublin scraps Double Irish loophole

Pre-emptive step amid campaign to clamp down on tax avoidance

You say loophole, we Irish say ‘opportunity’

The Emerald Isle uses such incentives to create jobs

UK tax evasion prosecutions up by a third

Increase in numbers reflects HMRC drive to close £35bn revenue gap

Prime property rush in Scotland

Agents expect busy period ahead of new tax regime

Calls for review of HMRC computer systems

Tax authority has issued thousands of incorrect statements