Brussels hits at Apple’s Irish tax deals

US tech giant may face penalty running into billions of euros

HMRC to take tax debts from pay packets

Up to £17,000 a year can be recovered from salaries

Chart that tells a story . . . mansion tax

Proposed annual levy would target London homeowners

VCT inflows reach eight-year high

Investors pour money into tax-efficient savings schemes

US hands foreign companies tax advantage

Curbs on ‘inversion’ takeovers hit American companies hardest

A property on Rutland Gate in Knightsbridge to go with Ed Hammond copy about £200m House. Please check with Ed that this is the right house.
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A British property tax that is fit for purpose

Real modernisation will require more than just a levy on pricier homes

Labour leader Ed Miliband speaks to the Labour party conference in Manchester on Tuesday
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Labour tax crackdown plan sparks concern

Experts say proposals could have unintended consequences

Obama’s halfhearted swipe at tax inversion

The US administration opts for tinkering rather than bold tax reform

RAC warns over car tax evasion

Move from paper discs could cost Treasury £167m

Scottish tax powers afoot despite ‘No’

Devolution pledges extend Holyrood’s powers

First strike at corporate tax avoidance

The reform package approved by OECD states is a promising start

Tax demands sent to scheme investors

HMRC has posted its first accelerated payment notices

Scotland after the vote: tax

Post-referendum change is coming

Tax letters cause confusion

Correspondence to high earners prompts concerns

HMRC claims tax scheme victory

Tribunal ruling against vaccine research investment

HMRC seeks severe fines for tax evaders

Move to extend time limit for cases

Tata Steel urges UK business rates reform

Rules deter investment and undermine manufacturing, company says

Q&A: tax crackdown

New law would require no proof of intent

Stamp duty receipts top £1bn

Widely disliked tax on course to raise £12.7bn this year

Chart that tells a story . . . inheritance tax

Inheritance tax is getting harder to avoid