Q&A: Offshore tax evasion clampdown

Proposals shift burden of proof to individuals

Starbucks moves Europe HQ to London

Relocation means coffee chain will pay more tax

Osborne tightens net around tax evaders

Proposals mean HMRC would no longer have to prove intent

Merryn Sommerset Webb

Inheritance should be a tax on the living

A gift tax would be a very kind policy

Example of new tax statements
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Osborne publishes new tax statements

Forms will disclose how much tax individuals paid and where it went

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Corporate tax rate is about 36 per cent, but few companies pay

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OECD to tackle avoidance within digital economy

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Luxembourg ordered to reveal promises made to specific companies

Pensions revolution casts pall on insurers

Warnings over £12bn annuity market

Osborne targets tax avoiders

Chancellor demands £4bn of upfront payments

Osborne targets tax avoiders

Chancellor demands £4bn of upfront payments

Upmarket property ripe for raiding

Taxes rise on company-owned properties

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Budget measure to help pay for professional care

Tax implications for same-sex partners

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