Hung up on hung parliaments

Electoral gridlock is great for investors

Just how negative are you?

Buying assets with negative yields suggests a doomsday view of the world that isn’t justified

Get above the curve in 2015

Forecasters predict 8 per cent growth in the US

Understanding the US midterms

America is becoming more conservative, which could have big implications

Active management fees are about right

If it weren’t, the market would have corrected it long ago

Price of banker-bashing

Ever-changing rules hinder investment

A great midterm anomaly

Political gridlock is great for shares

Best of 2014 - Annuity providers are laying their trap

‘Super annuities’ are only super for the insurers – not for you

Carney is short on credibility

Forward guidance is a silly policy

The big myth of small-caps

Smaller shares’ lead comes in short bursts

Back to the future as we rerun the 1990s

Investors worried about toppy markets in 1995, yet shares rose for another four years

Cassandras and Oracles

If a risk factor is all over the newspapers, chances are it’s in the prices

Your adviser should sometimes say ‘no’

Most humans make bad investors. That’s why they need advisers

The magic of collision and capitalism

Technology is colliding. From it will come ideas none of us can envisage

Why Britain lucked out with Carney

At least BoE governor has some commercial experience – the Yanks deserve better than Yellen

I can’t wait for monetary stimulus to end

QE has been a massive drain on the economy

Of birds and central bankers

We cannot yet know if the next Fed head will be an easy-money dove or an inflation-obsessed hawk

How the US shutdown could settle a debate

How important is state spending to economic wellbeing?

Take advantage of rampant false fears

Buy shares now – they could fly for years

No reason to fear end of QE

We risk missing bullish factor because we’ve forgotten old lessons


Ken Fisher Ken Fisher is the founder and chief executive of Fisher Investments, and is a columnist for Forbes “Portfolio Strategy”.

The author of nine books on investing, four of them New York Times bestsellers, Fisher manages $44bn for institutional investors and 25,000 high net worth individuals spanning the US, UK, Canada, and Germany.

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