Bull market charges on regardless

Donald Trump & Hilllary Clinton
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Invisible poor in Europe and the US send a message

Brexit City
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Brexit uncertainty is a buy signal

Now is the time to act — markets move in advance of full clarity

The magic of do-nothing central bankers

Brexit referendum and the US election should ensure a quiet year

Ken Fisher

Investors, don’t worry about US election

Markets hate uncertainty, but it won’t last forever

Ken Fisher

Passive investors, a myth in this market

Who is capable of holding their nerve?

Ken Fisher

Picking stocks when times are tough

In markets like these, the bigger the company the better

Ken Fisher

Tell Fed fears to take a hike

No US initial rate increase since 1933 has killed a bull market

Ken Fisher

The strong pound won’t pound stocks

The currency is not to blame for lower UK earnings, commodity prices are

Ken Fisher

It feels like 1997 all over again

From Clinton and Obama to yield curves, the parallels are obvious

Ken Fisher

Timing this market is a fool’s errand

Looking for clues about the correction? Let’s go back to 1997

Grow your own dividends

Cash flow is any money you take from your portfolio

Britain doesn’t need surpluses

Markets thrive on false debt fears

Bull market could rage for years

Dismantle the wall of worry and enjoy the returns

Worry about bankers, not politicians

Very few of the people setting interest rates have any experience of banking in the real world

Buy Europe as Draghi gets it all wrong

QE in the eurozone is the wrong response to the wrong problem, but it’ll be good for equities

Hung up on hung parliaments

Electoral gridlock is great for investors

Just how negative are you?

Buying assets with negative yields suggests a doomsday view of the world that isn’t justified

Get above the curve in 2015

Forecasters predict 8 per cent growth in the US

Understanding the US midterms

America is becoming more conservative, which could have big implications

Active management fees are about right

If it weren’t, the market would have corrected it long ago


Ken Fisher Ken Fisher is the founder and chief executive of Fisher Investments, and is a columnist for Forbes “Portfolio Strategy”.

The author of nine books on investing, four of them New York Times bestsellers, Fisher manages $44bn for institutional investors and 25,000 high net worth individuals spanning the US, UK, Canada, and Germany.