What does US election mean for investors?

US Elections 2016

Whoever wins we should expect attempts to tax corporations more

John Redwood

Cut exposure to growing political risk

Polling trends give advance warning of market trouble

John Redwood

Crisis of confidence in the banks

The great quantitative easing bubble may be about to burst

John Redwood

Will China and commodities spring back?

I am watching for a change in the inflationary winds

Jonathan McHugh illustration

We Tories are all Eurosceptics now

Cameron is right to allow ministers to campaign to take back British democracy

John Redwood, picture for Money FT byline

Don’t expect central banks to get it right

The Fed dithers and the Bank of England sends out warnings about lending

John Redwood, picture for Money FT byline

Technology adds a spark to deflation-hit markets

Digital hardware is the exception to the rule on turnover growth

John Redwood, picture for Money FT byline

VW crash hasn’t put me off European equities

Tracker funds will always leave you at the mercy of events

Surviving the Chinese and euro storms

I’m staying well away from commodities

John Redwood, picture for Money FT byline

Turmoil leaves German investments intact

Earnings and dividends are more reliable in the country

Bonds alternate between panic and greed

I remain a nervous and unconvinced bondholder

UK productivity problem is not so puzzling

The answer can be explained over a cup of coffee

Risk, reward and gearing in Reits

The ability to borrow against buildings can become a problem when interest rates start to rise

Avoid losses in race to the bottom

Time to switch out of dollar shareholdings

Taking a punt on Europe

My passive portfolio set to boost exposure to the Continent

Sticking with shares

Spectre of Greece looms large

Strange effects of stimulus

A global slowdown could be good for some

A world of cheaper oil

A lower crude price means very different things in different regions

Markets’ capacity to surprise

Few foresaw the fall in the oil price or Japan’s expanded QE

Bonds will be big losers from QE

Property and shares will profit


John Redwood John Redwood was an investment analyst, manager and director for Robert Fleming and for NM Rothschild in the 1970s and 1980s. Since then he has been a pension trustee, member of the Investment Committee of an Oxford College, the Chairman of Evercore Pan-Asset's investment company and a non-executive Director of a hedge fund and an investment trust.

He has written extensively on economic and investment subjects, including 'Popular Capitalism' (1988); 'The Global marketplace' (1993); Superpower Struggles (2005); and 'Freeing Britain to compete' (2007).

He is currently a Distinguished Fellow of All Souls College, Oxford and a lecturer and commentator on economic and investment matters. He holds a doctorate from Oxford University and the IMC Investment Management qualification.

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