A mutual friend and a new investment

Charles Dickins

Don’t be put off good stock if its price rises by a few coppers

Lord (John) Lee, the FT's investment columnist. Photographed at the House of Lords.
©Charlie Bibby

Share triumphs and disappointments

Question marks hang over dividend payouts

Lord Lee speaks during a FT Money reader event at OSB.
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Lord Lee shares investment tips

FT Money small-cap columnist meets over 200 readers

Lord John Lee byline picture, London on April 23 2008

Think small as large-caps dwindle

2015 was overall an encouraging year for my portfolio

Lord John Lee byline picture, London on April 23 2008

Stockpicking and the stop-go conundrum

My traffic light system for my portfolio

Why I’m adding emerging markets exposure

Many holdings will rely on growth from the Far East

Lord John Lee byline picture, London on April 23 2008

Capital gains tax needs taper relief

Such an approach would be equitable

Why are so many of my holdings Aim-listed?

The fundamentals of any stock matter, not the tax advantages

Passing the fruitcake test

It’s telling if a chief executive is prepared to look you in the eye

The original patient capital trust

The portfolios John Lee set up for his daughters are an advert for buy-and-hold investing

Chief executives with impact

It’s unlikely there’ll be another Martin Sorrell, but these two bosses could achieve big things

Lessons from the rag trade

Chasing short-term profits is a classic mistake

See the whites of their eyes

Shareholders need forums to meet and question managers

Hoping for more eventful 2015

Portfolio hit by listless share prices

Focus on your existing shares

A day of developments for my holdings

How some good came of the AO flotation

Corporate philanthropy isn’t a basis for investing, but it’s a useful indicator

Sharing fruits of my portfolio

My eight company tips for a friend

Your money where your mouth is

Why director share buying is such an important indicator

Is corporate governance overrated?

Looking after shareholders matters more than box-ticking

Far from the madding crowd

‘Three Ps’ turned out to be profitable

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