How to maximise workplace benefits

From salary sacrifice to childcare vouchers

HMR&C self assessment website.
©Charlie Bibby

Best of Money: Self-assessment tax returns

Taxpayers must act quickly to meet the January 31 deadline

How to invest in commercial property

Tap into the sector without running too many risks

How to execute a will

Executor’s role is daunting but ultimately powerful

Best of Money: Getting started with money

Young people need to start saving early for a house, a wedding — and retirement

How to invest in whisky

Investors cautiously toast new market opportunities

How to buy antiquities

Take steps to avoid looted items

John Aglionby
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How to . . . let your house when moving

An FT correspondent’s experience of renting out his London home

How to . . . avoid holiday scams

Fraudsters are exploiting the trend to book holiday homes online

How to . . . become an angel investor

The risks of investing in start-ups can be mitigated

How to . . . invest in stamps

The Penny Black is 175 years old

How to invest in English wine

A promising growth story that attracts a frothy premium

How to buy a car

Most people’s biggest purchase after their house

How to make EIS investments

Generous tax breaks can offset investment risks

How to file a self-assessment tax return

Taxpayers must act quickly to meet the January 31 deadline

How to invest in pets

The multibillion pound pet sector is resilient and growing

How to collect rare books

Antiquarian books can be rewarding, but not always in the financial sense

How to cope with serious illness

Cover can help with costs and loss of income

Best of 2014 - How to spot investment scams

Fraudulent schemes lure in investors seeking high returns

How to invest in university knowhow

Investors need patience as well as tolerance of risks


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