How to invest in international equities

Different ways to buy overseas shares

How to recover orphaned estate assets

Many ways of tracking down investments exist for heirs

How to invest like Warren Buffett

Value, patience and leverage are the keys to the great man’s success

How to invest in gold

The precious metal divides opinion

How to make money by renting

You can earn an income from yachts and jets to wedding dresses

How to sell a house

Don’t pay an estate agent thousands to sell your house

How to pick small-cap shares

‘Isa millionaire’ John Lee offers advice for stockpickers

How to profit from smoking

Tobacco’s addictive properties have been good for investors

How to start a small business

Where to find advice and funding for budding entrepreneurs

How to use investment trusts

Trusts are cheaper and often perform better than unit trusts

How to minimise UK inheritance tax

Millions can be saved with careful tax planning

How to choose the right ETF

Navigating your way through the jungle

How to . . . choose a workplace pension fund

Choices made will impact on income

How to set up power of attorney

Thousands are incapable of managing their finances

How to invest in farmland

English farmland values up 207% over past decade

How to invest in wine

Investors turn to wine to diversify their portfolios

How to invest in student property

Student digs can offer high yields

How to ... invest in student property

Student digs can offer high yields

How to invest in classic cars

Classic cars have proved a great investment – if you picked the right ones

How to move overseas

Financial obligations in more than one country can be complex


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