UK households pile up the debt

Borrowers spread evenly across the income spectrum

Chart - Impact of tax and benefit reforms introduced May 2015 to April 2019

‘All in this together’ (some more so than others)

Low earners suffer under tax and benefit changes

Growth in middle aged motherhood

Education, jobs and the housing market having an impact

Chart: Sector breakdown of FTSE 100

Chart that tells a story — bank stocks

Lenders overtaken by consumer companies in the FTSE

Did the recession hit the rich hardest?

Retired drive the lowest incomes higher since 2007-08

Is it time to buy gold?

Prices have rallied 15 per cent this year

High Street Banks.

Bank stocks drag on the FTSE

Analysts say ‘Armageddon’ valuations of UK lenders are unjustified

Chart that tells a story — flying taxes

Air passenger duty raised a record £3.2bn in 2014-15

Chart that tells a story — British shopping

How we’re buying more at lower prices

FT Money charticle - Crude oil and UK stocks

Chart that tells a story — oil slide

The FTSE 100 suffers as crude prices continue to fall

Chart that tells a story . . . UK spending

Poor or rich, that’s the way the money goes

Chart that tells a story . . . sin duties

Smoking and drinking have declined, but tax has risen

Chart that tells a story — Glencore

The mining and commodities stock has plunged this year

Chart that tells a story — tax and age

Under current rules, VAT is the most significant levy for most

Chart that tells a story — UK banks

RBS shares still trade four-fifths lower than 2008 prices

Chart that tells a story — benefits in kind

Use of company cars has fallen in popularity

Chart that tells a story — share ownership

Overseas investors own most listed UK equities by value

Chart that tells a story — the rush to remortgage

A mixed picture — but interest rates are generally low

Chart that tells a story — FTSE 100 gives up its gains

What has been dragging down the index?

Chart that tells a story — funds versus shares

Shareholders fare better than financial services customers

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