Europe v emerging markets

Europe is cheap, but emerging markets look cheaper still

Jonathan Eley

Pensions versus Isas, round two

Both regimes have changed following the Budget

A year of regulating more effectively

The FCA is a year old – and it’s made a promising start

Five post-Budget questions for Mr Osborne

The radical reforms to pension rules raise many issues

The Budget’s coming, for what it’s worth

The focus is likely to be on headline-grabbing that doesn’t cost much

Five years at 0.5 per cent

Interest rates had to fall, but should they now rise?

Ich bin auch ein Investor

Germany is a successful economy, but is it a good investment?

DWP needs to get the basics right

Government report is not even considering all the charges

Rays of hope from mining’s depths

Mining shares may finally be emerging from a deep hole

End of the line for ‘Creme Eggs at the till’

Largely pointless but profitable frippery is being curtailed

Where the customer definitely isn’t king

Corporates call the shots in the world of custody and registration, writes Norma Cohen

You can’t be sure of Shell – or shale

Owning shares in big oil companies is riskier than you think

Aim’s ugly ducklings don’t turn into swans

Even companies that leave tend to underperform

Metropolis or suburbia

Commuting from desirable towns could cost more than it saves

The devil in the detail of CTFs and Jisas

The real story is that people are too broke to save for children

Five reasons 2013 was better than it seemed

The economy started to recover. And there was some real, structural change too

Beware the Bank of Arthur Daley

Banks will never change – so consumers should

The growing graphene investment bubble

The ‘wonder material’ is getting ahead of itself

We don’t need any more incentives to save

Reform of existing enticements would be better

Living up to the great red hype

China shares are better than they were, and look cheap too


Serious MoneyJonathan Eley is personal finance editor of the Financial Times. He edits the weekend Money section, co-presents the FT Money Show podcast, and writes for the weekday newspaper and He also represents the newspaper at external events and on television and radio.

He was previously editor of Investors Chronicle, the FT-owned magazine and website for self-directed UK investors. Before that, he worked for AFX News (now part of Thomson Reuters) in the UK and in Hong Kong, and started his career at Metal Bulletin (now part of Euromoney) where he wrote about base and precious metals from London and New York. He is co-author of a book about European equity culture.