Lifetime allowance won’t just hit richest

New tax rules in April will have wider impact than claimed

Reckless caution of women investors

Female investors seem allergic to risk — often to their own detriment

Claer Barrett

Is there still a point to a pension?

The flat rate is not about encouraging saving — it’s about upping the tax take

Claer Barrett

Why retailers had a Black Christmas

Shoppers have more cash in their pockets. But where will they spend it?

Claer Barrett

Banks can atone by bridging advice gap

High street names are working on systems — but will consumers listen?

Claer Barrett

Ups and downs of a rollercoaster year

Miners were devastated, but the housebuilders soared

Claer Barrett

The big question — should I remortgage?

With US interest rates likely to rise, it’s time to look at the deal you’re on

FT Staff, James Pickford.
©Charlie Bibby

Millions remain a long way from home

Could Help to Buy savings scheme add to price pressure

Claer Barrett

Black Friday means Overdrawn Tuesday

Don’t fall for the marketing hype

Claer Barrett

More stick than carrot from Mr Osborne

The chancellor finds himself in a rabbit hole of his own making

Commercial property crash fears multiply

Are the good times over for London?

Time to take profits in the housebuilders

Current market conditions are too good to be true for developers

A trick (and a treat) for the cyber wary

The thought of our personal data falling into the wrong hands is spooky

Bankruptcy — the ultimate taboo

Tainted perceptions of personal debt remain a problem

Facebook’s friends carry its tax burden

It’s unbalanced when a company contributes £4,000 tax and its employees £29m

‘Crime’ of standing up for the little guy

Investment trade body chief hounded out for his transparency crusade

Generation Rent nears the end of the line

London’s overheating property market and lack of affordable housing is endangering competitiveness

Cost of tapping into a cashless society

All too easily, I lost contact with how much I was spending

Corbyn win could mean painful outcomes

A weak opposition could give the Tories free rein for a decade

How (not) to report a crisis

An eight-point guide, with real examples from newspapers


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