Dangers of risk avoidance

Most people would rather stay in cash than take risk

Finance lessons are just the beginning

Now children are taught about personal finance will they remember the lessons when they need them?

Rail fares, a third payroll tax

The current system serves taxpayers and passengers poorly

Gold’s grim false dawns

Turmoil and bloodshed hasn’t boosted gold

Horse-trading over pensions

Making savers take advice will be key

Tax avoidance – it’s a muddle

First the government encouraged film schemes, then cracked down on them

Why Wonga is only part of the problem

The poorest often subsidise financial services for the richest

Why the FPC should do nothing

Tinkering with rules will not fix problems in the housing market

Guidance will be offered, but will savers take it?

The ‘guidance guarantee’ could be a flop

Freedom from complexity is my tax reform

Simplification is more worthwhile than reduction

Nest’s pension price may not be right

Putting a figure on the cost of retirement should encourage saving

Dangerous myth of ‘low risk’ property

House prices will not rise forever

Banks’ hard sell is for themselves

New product launches may be linked to coming share sales

Get in at the IPO basement

Large company floats tend to work well for investors

Growing relaxed about the filthy rich

Executive pay is too high, but that’s a reflection of society generally

Europe v emerging markets

Europe is cheap, but emerging markets look cheaper still

Pensions versus Isas, round two

Both regimes have changed following the Budget

A year of regulating more effectively

The FCA is a year old – and it’s made a promising start

Five post-Budget questions for Mr Osborne

The radical reforms to pension rules raise many issues

The Budget’s coming, for what it’s worth

The focus is likely to be on headline-grabbing that doesn’t cost much


Serious MoneyJonathan Eley is personal finance editor of the Financial Times. He edits the weekend Money section, co-presents the FT Money Show podcast, and writes for the weekday newspaper and FT.com. He also represents the newspaper at external events and on television and radio.

He was previously editor of Investors Chronicle, the FT-owned magazine and website for self-directed UK investors. Before that, he worked for AFX News (now part of Thomson Reuters) in the UK and in Hong Kong, and started his career at Metal Bulletin (now part of Euromoney) where he wrote about base and precious metals from London and New York. He is co-author of a book about European equity culture.

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