‘Crime’ of standing up for the little guy

Claer Barrett

Investment trade body chief hounded out for his transparency crusade

Generation Rent nears the end of the line

London’s overheating property market and lack of affordable housing is endangering competitiveness

Claer Barrett, FT Money, Editor.
©Charlie Bibby

Cost of tapping into a cashless society

All too easily, I lost contact with how much I was spending

FT Staff Bylines, Jonathan Eley, Editor of FT Money.
©Charlie Bibby

Corbyn win could mean painful outcomes

A weak opposition could give the Tories free rein for a decade

person trying to escape from a crowd

How (not) to report a crisis

An eight-point guide, with real examples from newspapers

Claer Barrett

Former defensive shares take a haircut

Steady income is not so easy to find

AR2YRE A young girl in her bed with a note for the tooth fairy next to her single milk tooth.. Image shot 06/2006. Exact date unknown.
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Why we have to kill the tooth fairy

Being a ‘truth fairy’ is better way to teach children about money

Little hope of jam tomorrow on pensions

The campervan generation offers sympathy but few solutions to Generation Tent

A long winding road from pensions easy street to Generation Tent

Today’s pensioners don’t know how lucky they are

FT Staff Bylines, Jonathan Eley, Editor of FT Money.
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Central bankers should take the plunge and raise interest rates

Savers have been forced to become investors

IFAs scared to advise on pension freedom

There’s an advice gap, but it’s unlikely this week’s government consultation can provide the answer

Where there’s a will . . . not always a way

Baby boomers may often go to court over inheritance

The time to fret over buy-to-let?

The bubble may burst when interest rates rise

Dodgy deals, MCC tickets, China equities

You should only entrust your money to reputable intermediaries

A Budget for inheritors and not workers?

We will almost certainly get . . . more bad policy on pensions

I made £2,000 on eBay — and so could you

Top tips to convert your trash into treasure

Time to add colour to Aim market’s game of chance

Aim regulation must evolve too, particularly if it is to put its reputation as a casino behind it

German lessons in renting

Those who oppose rent controls should object to all government interference in housing

HMRC’s numbers don’t add up

The tax authority is buried under a paper mountain of its own making

What’s on the menu at the Death Cafe?

Tea, cakes and talking about wills and mortality


Claer Barrett Claer Barrett is the personal finance editor of the Financial Times. She edits the weekend Money section, co-presents the FT Money Show podcast, and writes for the weekday newspaper and FT.com. She also represents the FT at external events, and regularly appears on TV and radio.

An experienced FT news editor, she has previously reported breaking online news, retail, consumer and property stories for the FT. She was previously an associate editor at Investors Chronicle, the FT-owned magazine and website for self-directed UK investors

Jonathan Eley, a previous FT Money editor, remains an regular contributor to the Serious Money column.

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