The Lisa loophole I’m happy to exploit

Flaming Birthday candles against dark, blue, spot background. Canon 5D MK III

Osborne’s savings account was not intended for people like me — but nevertheless I’ll open one

My husband is subsidising my free banking

Even authorised overdrafts cost more than you might think

The elephant on your smartphone

Apps provide us with bargains galore — but it’s not all good news

Leicester beat the odds — most don’t

When does fun with online betting tip over into a dangerous addiction?

Why didn’t Prince write a will?

It’s a timely reminder to us all to make our bequests known

Property problems about more than Brexit

Pessimists worry that this springtime slowdown is something deeper, more structural and troublesome

Pensions don’t add up for millennials

More saving, less Pythagoras on the school curriculum?

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Forget pensions scammers, worry about tax

Why the landline is better named the fraudline

Wealthy pensioners should donate benefits

Only 400 out of 12m claimants have opted out

Robots don’t have all the answers

Automation alone can’t bridge the ‘advice gap’

Will this be Osborne’s most boring Budget?

Pensions reform has been sidelined — for now

Thank heavens older women are in vogue

Get used to seeing older people working

Lessons of Kanye West’s $53m debts

Boasting about debts on Twitter is one of the few socially acceptable ways of talking about money

Help to Buy? More like Help to Cry

This is one of the most perversely named government policies ever

Lifetime allowance won’t just hit richest

New tax rules in April will have wider impact than claimed

Reckless caution of women investors

Female investors seem allergic to risk — to their own detriment

Is there still a point to a pension?

The flat rate is not about encouraging saving — it’s about upping the tax take

Why retailers had a Black Christmas

Shoppers have more cash in their pockets. But where will they spend it?

Banks can atone by bridging advice gap

High street names are working on systems — but will consumers listen?

Ups and downs of a rollercoaster year

Miners were devastated, but the housebuilders soared


Claer Barrett Claer Barrett is the personal finance editor of the Financial Times. She edits the weekend Money section, co-presents the FT Money Show podcast, and writes for the weekday newspaper and She also represents the FT at external events, and regularly appears on TV and radio.

An experienced FT news editor, she has previously reported breaking online news, retail, consumer and property stories for the FT. She was previously an associate editor at Investors Chronicle, the FT-owned magazine and website for self-directed UK investors

Jonathan Eley, a previous FT Money editor, remains an regular contributor to the Serious Money column.

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