Pledging allegiance to the US

US shares are expensive, but there are good reasons why

Should you rent out a pension?

Buy-to-let may not be the answer for retirement savers

The name is bond — retail bond

Better than many income-generating alternatives

New Year resolutions for money

Much to do for the industry in 2015

Fighting fires in pensions

Dispute over fire brigade pensions is a taste of things to come

We’ve lost the savings habit

Corporate taxation and housing are neglected issues

Rabbits for chancellor’s hat

Osborne could reform stamp duty and scrap inheritance tax without forfeiting any revenue

Lesson of galloping heffalumps

Very large companies should stick to their knitting

The debt crisis in perspective

Too much debt is a problem. But investors have overcome much worse things

The joyride of pension reform

Does the government have plans to mobilise pension savings for other purposes?

Great inheritance tax myths

It’s the tax that many hate, but few pay

Political poverty of ambition

All parties proposed making tax more complex

The estate agency revolution

The sector has long defied technological disruption

The end of banks’ heyday

Margins, profits and dividends will never fully recover

Best of 2014 - Dangers of risk avoidance

Most people would rather stay in cash than take risk

Finance lessons are just the beginning

Now children are taught about personal finance will they remember the lessons when they need them?

Rail fares, a third payroll tax

The current system serves taxpayers and passengers poorly

Gold’s grim false dawns

Turmoil and bloodshed hasn’t boosted gold

Horse-trading over pensions

Making savers take advice will be key

Tax avoidance – it’s a muddle

First the government encouraged film schemes, then cracked down on them


Serious MoneyJonathan Eley is personal finance editor of the Financial Times. He edits the weekend Money section, co-presents the FT Money Show podcast, and writes for the weekday newspaper and He also represents the newspaper at external events and on television and radio.

He was previously editor of Investors Chronicle, the FT-owned magazine and website for self-directed UK investors. Before that, he worked for AFX News (now part of Thomson Reuters) in the UK and in Hong Kong, and started his career at Metal Bulletin (now part of Euromoney) where he wrote about base and precious metals from London and New York. He is co-author of a book about European equity culture.

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