SGX posts solid debut in renminbi futures

Singapore exchange at the forefront as China opens up its markets

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Singapore lion ©Dreamstime
Futures look rosy as Asian banks fill gaps in the derivatives market
Deirdre Somers, chief executive of the Irish Stock Exchange ©Bloomberg
Independence crucial to future of the Irish Stock Exchange

LME plans to launch HK-based contracts

Exchange seeks to attract direct investment from mainland China

Turquoise lures block trades to dark pool

Trading platform signs up seven banks and brokers to use service

ICE unveils plans for Libor reform

US exchange calls for lending benchmark to be backed by more data

Disaster plans from clearing house geeks

Central banks prepare to deal with a crisis, as long as it is like the last one, says John Dizard

Markets are thirsting for liquidity

This week’s price gyrations show that the degree to which assets can be traded matters hugely

Record day for derivatives exchanges

CME, ICE and CBOE report high contract volumes

Banks blame bond volatility on regulation

Liquidity rules said to limit ability to act as shock absorbers

Clearing house recovery plan urged

Regulators’ report says clearing houses continuity ‘essential’

Quick View: CME faces up to painful reality

Chicago exchange faces up to change with job cuts