HFTs: bond market scourge or saviour?

Regulators undecided on proprietary trade’s impact on Treasuries

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Explaining the dynamics of the modern US sharemarket
The nuclear power plant site of Areva in Tricastin, southern France, Friday, Nov 25, 2011. France's president tries to defend nuclear energy and persuade voters it's the cheapest, cleanest option for the future even as other countries abandon it after Japan's nuclear disaster in favor of safer energy sources. (AP Photo/Michel Euler, Pool) ©AP
Clearing houses have been likened to nuclear power stations – necessary, but you would not want them to fail

Market tumult shows cracks in the armour

Participants urge more co-ordination of protections across assets

BNY close to resolving software glitch

Mutual funds examine how many customer trades need reprocessing

ETF providers question US trading limits

Pricing problems linked to post-flash crash regulations

Barclays and US exchanges win HFT case

Lawsuit claiming bank rigged ‘dark pool’ trading venue thrown out

Leverage ratio threat to the cleared derivatives ecosystem

From Timothy W Cameron and others. Sir, Regarding Thomas M Hoenig’s article: we believe there are flaws in its application to cleared derivatives

Funds scramble to assess computer glitch

Software problem at BNY Mellon may have led to inaccurate prices

Shares in LSE climb amid trading turmoil

FTSE 100 in biggest percentage gain in nearly four years

Mr Shan

Angry investors seize China exchange chief

Fanya founder Shan Jiuliang seized and handed to police

Sarao part 1: quiet man or criminal mastermind?

Modest background of UK man facing US charges over ‘flash crash’