NY’s attorney-general subpoenas HFT firms

Schneiderman targets six traders as investigation widens

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Flash Boys
Michael Lewis’s exposé of high-frequency computerised trading is a narrative tour de force but passes over the case for defence
DCNAHM Michael Lewis, of Berkeley, California, is the author of Boomerang: Travels in the New Third World, (W.W. Norton, $25.95). (Jose Carlose Fajardo/Contra Costa Times/MCT)
Michael Lewis has kicked off a storm with his new book, ‘Flash Boys’, which argues that the US equity market is rigged by high frequency traders

Deutsche Börse hopes that its philosophy has global appeal

Exchange’s breadth of operations is unrivalled

Rivalry builds in battle for a share of China’s currency trades

Work needs to be done by Frankfurt to pull ahead of the competition

11/2/10 2:57:38 PM Intercontinental Exchange President and CEO Jeff Sprecher photographed in Chicago, IL during an interview with Hal Weitzman © Todd Rosenberg Photography 2010

ICE on the cutting edge of Asia pivot

Singapore clearing house plan marks shift in emphasis

ICE in Asia: Jeff Sprecher in his own words

ICE chief explains why Singapore is key to Asia

Six ways to mend Europe’s financial sector

A legislative ‘Super Tuesday’ passes seven files of regulation

European markets are not being rigged

Technology has changed region’s equity trading structure, but exchanges are not being manipulated

Forex rule confusion risk to UK traders

London’s forex industry may have to hold more capital

Former ICAP brokers in court over Libor case

SFO alleges the men conspired to rig the London inter bank offered rate

ICE set to name Schmeddes as Asia chief

US group prepares for regional expansion from Singapore