Exchanges warn over investor power

NYSE and Nasdaq among signatories of letter to lawmakers

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Explaining the dynamics of the modern US sharemarket
The nuclear power plant site of Areva in Tricastin, southern France, Friday, Nov 25, 2011. France's president tries to defend nuclear energy and persuade voters it's the cheapest, cleanest option for the future even as other countries abandon it after Japan's nuclear disaster in favor of safer energy sources. (AP Photo/Michel Euler, Pool) ©AP
Clearing houses have been likened to nuclear power stations – necessary, but you would not want them to fail

BATS drops support for IEX exchange push

Claim that start-up misrepresented operations of other traders

EU and US strike derivatives agreement

Transatlantic regulators set to avert market split

Europe’s market reforms set for year delay

Brussels announces pushback to overhaul of EU trading standards

Goldman combines e-trading capabilities

New market making group created amid shift in execution methods

EU probes rigging of $1.5tn debt market

Government-sponsored bond issuance under scrutiny

ICAP’s fintech plan on track as sales dip

Disposal of broking business will put focus on electronic trading

Investors buy CDS amid bank bond fears

High trading volumes come as Deutsche woes intensify

Risky bond fund leverage alarms IMF

Call for fund managers to be more transparent about derivatives

Five UK fund houses explore blockchain

Asset managers test if bitcoin technology can cut trading costs