US corporate bond traders go electronic

Secondary bond market adopts more transparency in trading

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Singapore lion ©Dreamstime
Futures look rosy as Asian banks fill gaps in the derivatives market
Deirdre Somers, chief executive of the Irish Stock Exchange ©Bloomberg
Independence crucial to future of the Irish Stock Exchange

LME opens its first clearing house

Cements London’s position as one of world’s main clearing centres

Bats to launch ETF reporting service

Exchange to create tape of record for OTC instruments

High frequency trading

Finra shines light into dark pools

Agency seeks higher levels of transparency and disclosure

Mexico’s oil hedging deal exposed

Public disclosure of large options trade sets oil traders talking

Move to tackle derivatives data impasse

Plan to create central repository for fragmented OTC trading data

Beware European market data smokescreen

Regulators must address the de facto monopoly regime

Traders stay wide awake for Scotland vote

Rush of forex orders expected as poll results trickle in

ASX plans A$65m investment in Yieldbroker 

Australian exchange seeks first foray into OTC derivatives trading

Latour to pay record capital violations fine

SEC alleged high-frequency trader held insufficient reserves