Fed hands financial stocks a break

Talk of a possible rate rise gives banks a tailwind

VW needs to be shamed into action on pay

Complex governance model gives investors little room to protest

‘Bunny’ market bounces shift in behaviour

Often coming at end of bull market or onset of bear market, it means indiscriminate falls and rises

Disdain for Abe narrative near and far

Even harsher appraisal may be building in the bond market

Investors fear a summer of discontent

Many of the factors that spooked shareholders earlier this year remain present

Commodities indebted to the past

Energy groups and miners need some balance sheet repair

Vodafone joins select club on dividends

UK telecoms group raises its annual payout for ten years in a row

Markets shrug off gloomy Japan Inc results

Why Monday’s modest reaction may not be a good thing

Gloomy US equities prediction has the edge

Unusual imbalance found in the costs of insuring against extreme moves by the S&P 500

Macro funds miss out on trade of lifetime

In Moby-Dick, Capt Ahab obsessed over a whale. For fund managers that whale is quantitative easing

Alarm bells for EM currency investors

Respectable rally is underpinned by some flaky fundamentals

Renminbi trade is not a numbers game

Trade what China does with its currency, not its import claims

Don’t bet on Treasury yields climbing

Global backdrop still exerts powerful force, subduing US borrowing costs

UK finance sector’s shrinkage has limits

Sector has its challenges but the slice it takes as assets grow will keep pace

Buying the dollar has not gone to plan

Greenback at lowest since early 2015 as Fed holds off on rate rises

Is it time for the BoJ to fold?

Strong yen and falling stocks. Problems are growing for Japan’s central bank

‘Dot plot’ can help anticipate Fed’s move

Market might be mistaken for thinking Fed’s Janet Yellen will do nothing for many months

Unexpected consequences of oil slump

Aircraft ‘bubble’ may take toll on leasing companies

BoJ risks doing more to achieve less

Action is needed from the rate setters as markets smell blood at the prospect of negative lending rates

China’s bond market is on edge

Fund managers facing redemptions could be forced to dump what they can

Keep faith in Super Mario

ECB president has strong record of coming good

Regulated utilities enjoy winning streak

Companies have outperformed peers over the past few years

The riddle of the rising euro

Monetary policy gives reason to think the single currency could strengthen further

Abenomics needs more than viral lolly ad

Akagi Nyugyo’s pantomime defines the problem investors have rebuilding belief in Abe’s doctrine

Subdued expectations for US earnings

The question is whether companies will be able to jump over the lowered hurdles

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