Nippon Steel tests investors’ mettle

Japanese stocks face not only a slowing global economy, but increasing problems at home

EMs must curb enthusiasm for bonds

Record-breaking run of debt issuance in emerging markets appears to be finally petering out

Bit late to start playing defence

Danger is that those switching into supposedly safer stocks will find they have paid over the odds

Worried markets brace for volatile October

History tells investors to be wary but a few more bounces like Tuesday’s could change all that

Time for bond markets to feel Japanese

Eight years on from Lehman, inflation expectations are plummeting

Shares to climb after fears have peaked

Stocks may be catching up with the worries already baked into the corporate bond markets

Commodity price inflation nears its end

The collapse of raw materials prices is incomplete

Suppliers in EM nervous over China’s woes

Manufacturing shrinks at fastest since the aftermath of Lehman’s collapse, survey shows

VW scandal is a wake-up call for investors

Stockpicking must take heed of corporate fundamentals

China close up does not look so dire

Consumer-related statistics back up 7% growth claims

Janet Yellen: central banker to the world

The Fed is responding to EM turmoil much earlier than it usually does, writes James Mackintosh

Rate moves not such a threat to shares

Valuations as good a guide to returns as anyone can expect to get

Waiting game for European bond investors

Creeping US Fed influence affecting appetite for continent’s government debt

Market patterns just got harder to read

Asset classes are becoming increasingly unpredictable

Fed decision: on the wings of doves

Many observers think that even if rates go up, it will be a ‘dovish hike’, or ‘one and done’

India and Brazil offer a tale of two EMs

The real has been worst-hit currency in the past month

Investors focus on bright side of news

Short sellers in Japan hurt as Nikkei 225 bounces almost 8%

Blame short-sellers for Japan’s rally

Covering of trading positions might have spurred share gains

The Queen’s investment portfolio

Britannia no longer rules the waves, and one must hold foreign assets to diversify risk

Miners have dug themselves into a hole

Supply reductions could support prices, but lower output means less money left over for shareholders

The Greenspan conundrum in reverse

Reserve selling means yields rise more than Fed expects

Oil plays low-key role in market turmoil

It may be time to start drilling for bargains in crude

Don’t discount an autumn rate rise

Reading between the lines of Jackson Hole speeches, an interest-rate increase rise in September is still a possibility

Market rebound makes it tougher for bears

Equities remain overpriced but may be least worst option

Market nerves throw damper on rate rise

Equities may cause a Fed delay — and benefit from it

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