Eurozone QE weighs on German bond yields

Bond purchases may weaken the euro and bring a bout of imported inflation

Apple rises to top of earnings tree

Global slowdown and strong dollar has hit outlook for US stocks

Beware of Greeks remitting cash overseas

Shares in all four of the big Greek banks lost more than 10 per cent for a second day running

Carney needs to learn that less is more

Jilted investors are beginning to ignore the Bank of England governor’s verbal interventions

Draghi pumps up everything with QE

Banks are the biggest winners, while single currency plunges

Markets map out well-trodden QE path

Trading patterns point to lack of confidence in Europe’s strategy

ECB has a favourable wind for QE launch

Corporate borrowing for fixed investment is picking up

BoJ under inflation forecast pressure

Core of central bank’s stimulus policy could soon hit trouble

Dramatic response to Swiss franc move

Currency’s spike raises questions about market pressure on the Swiss National Bank

QE credibility is starting to wane

Investors are losing faith in central banks to lift inflation

Bonds, inflation and flash crashes

Investors must decide whether to hold bonds at some of the lowest yields ever

Copper price sheds light on crude’s fall

Metal’s slump suggests weakening global demand also a factor

US growth story remains unconvincing

Investors seem to be battening down the hatches

Other dramas may follow oil’s plot change

Key global commodity’s dramatic price falls mean analysts could miss big changes in other markets

Spectre of sovereign bond defaults looms

A rift is forming between the havens and the exposed

Why first trading day of new year matters

Decent evidence that it provides a guide to performance for the year

Iron ore proves 2014’s commodity turkey

The reason for the meltdown is primarily supply, which has emerged more broadly as key narrative

Oil’s fall may prompt BoJ easing

Central bank is aiming for a 2% rate of inflation

The January effect after the Santa rally

Low-quality shares may do well in January, but tend to underperform the rest of the year

Bets against long duration bonds can hurt

Wellcome Trust rides high on three big trends of the year

Will cheap oil stop Fed’s wheels turning?

Volatility is not reassuring for financial stability

Oil: a tale of two outcomes

The division looks neat: sell oil exporters, buy oil importers, but it isn’t so easy

ECB fails to woo Europe’s banks

Apparent failure of TLTROs should make ECB more likely to bypass banks and buy government bonds

Double whammy in dollar’s growth story

US currency performs switcheroo as it slips despite investors seeking safety

China fall barely begins to correct rally

If China’s punters prove as anxious as they were complacent, tough times await in Shanghai