Japan nervy — without China

Dealing rooms react to European bank sell-off

Debt markets muscle in on student loans

Behind shiny new investments is an increasingly cut-throat market for international students

Brent Oil field, North Sea, UK --- Image by Ocean/Corbis

Always look on the dark side of life

Oil is proving to be a dominant negative force in markets

Asia struggles with poor margin discipline

Sales growth focus blurs hard truth about earnings

Aussie rally just a dead monkey bounce

China could prove a drag on an Australian currency recovery

Japan’s easing spurs on negative yielders

$1tn of government bonds with positive yields dropped into negative territory in a week

Investors hope for central bank life raft

All eyes on the Bank of Japan to see if it will ease policy

Sterling wilts under pressure

Looming vote on Europe has put the pound high up the worry list

Markets braced for Venezuela debt default

Ugly sell-off in credit linked to oil picks up speed once again

Leveraged ETFs too simple for own good

One fund that has attracted fearless investors could amplify volatility of Japan’s equity market

Oil contagion prompts Japan sell-off

Collapse in prices disproportionately hits Tokyo’s shares

Crude delivery — tanks for nuthin’

Shipping owners get a sinking feeling as rates for carriers fall

Breaking the Hong Kong dollar peg

After weathering many events in the past 3 decades, the system is coming under pressure

Patience needed for US small-caps

Small stocks have had terrific run over past 15 years but soured late last year

Winding up forex traders, one year on

After its shock move last January, can the Swiss franc go higher?

Middle East feels the cost of cheap oil

Lower export revenues have damaged economies of Saudi Arabia and other producer states

Riksbank battles the traders

Someone has to be wrong. This might hurt, writes Katie Martin

Abe needs to get back on track

Japan PM’s wages gaffe shows need for clear communication

US bond yields sound warning on economy

Treasury market is blowing raspberries at Federal Reserve

Hedgies need to ride a Saudi white swan

Oil fall means bets on end to riyal’s dollar peg are not so daft

Buffing up Greece’s sovereign debt

With yields on 2019 bonds at 8% there is still a long road ahead

Japan’s stock story under China’s spell

Foreigners are proving reluctant to buy back into the high quality they have sold

No end in sight for oil’s troubled waters

Rise of alternative energy sources is feeding the bears

Southern Europe survives uncertain year

But rising interest rates present new challenge

Yellen gets rate-rise timing right

Fed move well placed to counter end-of-year market fatigue