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An exterior view of the Bank of Japan in central Tokyo, Tuesday, 16 March 2004.

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Renminbi or redback?

Would China’s faltering currency fare better with a snappier name?

Record-breaking Bank of England

Benchmark rate cut to lowest level in central bank’s 322-year history and QE restarted

US Treasuries might have hit the wall

Yield pick-up for European investors has disappeared in past few days

Strange days in the JGB market

Yield on benchmark 10-year debt has risen 23 basis points in the past four days

All eyes on Stevens’ farewell bundle

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Infrastructure: Wall Street’s new buzzword

Whether Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton wins the White House, spending looks set to rise

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Brexit’s impact on the UK economy is about to be road-tested

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Call it not so much a sign of ‘risk on’ as ‘nothing else on’

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Prices are marching higher and show no signs of stopping