Chinese markets are a speculative heaven — they all are

Gambling in shares is nothing new

US shares ride high on a reluctant rally

Equities look the least unappealing of assets right now

Transatlantic divergence makes a comeback

Market participants want to believe US growth will start bull market for dollar

Junk bonds remain calm

The recent weakness in the US economy and the lack of liquidity is supportive of junk

China’s perfect Storm breaks

Little sign of the bubble in China’s domestic flotations popping

Yen’s zen moment

The yen has been comatose since the end of March

Double top patterns see trend chasing

Momentum can run only so far, writes James Mackintosh

Chinese shares look decidedly frothy

Easier money means more leverage for punters, which means higher prices only as long as the froth lasts

Sign of bond bulls’ capitulation?

Japan’s bond bear market in 2003 offers clues on what is to come

Inflation expectations spur bond sell-off

Momentum shifts back to betting on rising yields again

Election uncertainty takes toll on traders

It is the economic outcome that matters to gilts and the pound

Tokyo has potential to grab centre stage

AGM season could spark flurry of dealmaking and rising returns

China’s IPO froth bubbles over

Investors urged to pay attention to risk amid wild valuations

QE in Europe shows signs of life

German 10-year bond yields rose only 12bp but price fall equalled seven years’ worth of yield

Apple a convert to the buyback craze

Problem is groups borrow more in booms and forget about busts

Share rally continues, but risk remains

The status quo can go on a long time — but not indefinitely

European groups have no forex excuse

Scant evidence that the cheap euro will see a jump in profits

Flash crash hunt homes in on Hounslow

Accused handled only a fraction of the futures contracts traded, writes James Mackintosh

Weighing the rewards of risky Greek debt

Is the reward on offer high enough to cover the risk of not being paid back?

Sharks circle China’s stock markets

Investors worry that the current rally could stall

Tantrums and tears for bondholders

Fear not the first rate rise but the speed of subsequent rises

HK in no rush to switch dollar peg

32-year-old currency link has market credibility that territory should be loath to lose

Low bond yields show no sign of abating

Fresh concerns over Greece send investors to seek security of eurozone’s core bond markets

Dangers of buying into China’s froth

Timing the exit from stock market bubble is almost impossible, writes James Mackintosh

Dimon’s bank rules and liquidity qualms

JPMorgan chairman flags up October’s bond swing. It was big, but not unprecedented