Sovereign bonds: playing the long game

The bank of England, City of London.

Lengthy debt profiles do not automatically equal lower risk

BoJ edges towards new inflation measure

The bank is doing better using a ‘hardcore’ definition of CPI that strips out food and energy costs

Smartphones and China banks key to EM exposure

Active fund managers trying to navigate the bad headlines may still be torpedoed by passive funds

Australian Currency isolated on white

Aussie dollar weakness here to stay

RBA central bank describes continued currency declines as ‘likely and necessary’

No sign yet of Greece’s finishing line

To buy Greek debt is to bet on recovery, but the risks are high

EM can take only so much of a beating

The commodities story has been a horror but at some stage it must stop

Where to look in a climate of low growth?

Investment choices remain despite economic weakness

Emerging markets offer gold a glimmer

Goldbugs have been on the defensive for a few weeks

Europe’s treats not so sweet for Greece

Parents know the real value of treats is the promise of more in the future

BoE bound to follow US’s move

The Bank of England might as well be run from Washington for all the bond markets care

Reading the signs for the global economy

Investors should hope that traditional warning lights are wrong

Petulant shrug welcomes Greek climbdown

The mild market moves showed the deal allowing Athens to stay in the eurozone was mostly as expected

Chinese indices are removed from reality

The tools used to measure the country’s markets are broken

China’s scramble for cash

Obvious place to look for liquidity is commodity futures markets

No rush for havens despite signs of doom

Investors do not want risk but see little reason to pay for safety

Playing morality with Greek markets

Perception that Greece poses little danger to financial markets elsewhere makes default more likely

Playing morality with Greek markets

For now markets see little hazard, buttressed as they are by the promise of ECB support

When economists and markets diverge

US jobs figures support traders’ bets that Fed will hold rates

China’s equity bubble has echoes of Nasdaq

These tech booms, separated by 15 years, are strikingly similar

Yen is running out of wiggle room

Bets on the currency falling further could backfire

Signs of market panic over Greece are hard to spot

The euro ends the day up but its rally may not be as hopeful as it seems

Fed’s looming rate rise is bad news for bonds

Relationship between shares and fixed income to be tested

Buyback strategies could yet backfire

OECD concerned that process is being used as arbitrage

Rally resumed, or dead cat bounce?

Rebound in Chinese shares on Tuesday is surely a moment

Eurozone grants Athens another extension

History teaches the deadline will be extended again. Meantime holders of bonds and shares are upbeat