Fossil fuel warning surprises investors

If Paris conference seals deal that halves money to oil producers it will be a triumph for green lobby

Austrian precedent for bank bondholders

The result should be a higher cost of capital for banks

Fed pulls a Jedi mind trick on bonds

If the Fed proves willing to ignore an oil-driven decline in prices, rates could rise by June

China is no longer a bargain

Reform brings risks, A-shares are a bet not only on this but on available leverage to buy shares

Reading between the lines of Fed speak

When it comes to data interpretation, it’s all in the language

Footsie’s rise should ring warning bells

Benchmark is touching highs last seen in the dotcom boom of 1999, writes James Mackintosh

The central bank minutes guessing game

Dangerous to read too much into pages from the Fed or ECB

The dangers in rising bond yields

No accompanying rise in economic hopes could be bad news for shares, writes James Mackintosh

Tough talks rarely end until deadline due

Markets seem to be ignoring the risk that Greece exits the euro

Pity Japan after its third recession

Investors expect better-run companies but remain doubtful about Abenomics

Forget Grexit, time to worry about Brexit

Pre-election jitters are starting to show in option prices

Brazil waxes and wanes

In the past 10 days alone, the Real has lost a tenth of its value against the dollar

Cheapest way to make money in the long run

Investors should avoid being sucked into hype on new technologies

Hard work reading US jobs data

Investors should pay attention to some other figures, too

Game theory: Greece’s defence looks weak

Investors must work out whether the Greeks or Germans might sacrifice position

Negative yields: accentuate the positive

As a place to park cash safely, there are worse places than bonds

Oil is back in a bull market

Brent crude is up almost 21 per cent from its closing low of January 13

Spain feels nervous ripples over Greece

Political uncertainty accompanies the Podemos anti-austerity campaign

Eurozone QE weighs on German bond yields

Bond purchases may weaken the euro and bring a bout of imported inflation

Apple rises to top of earnings tree

Global slowdown and strong dollar has hit outlook for US stocks

Beware of Greeks remitting cash overseas

Shares in all four of the big Greek banks lost more than 10 per cent for a second day running

Carney needs to learn that less is more

Jilted investors are beginning to ignore the Bank of England governor’s verbal interventions

Draghi pumps up everything with QE

Banks are the biggest winners, while single currency plunges

Markets map out well-trodden QE path

Trading patterns point to lack of confidence in Europe’s strategy

ECB has a favourable wind for QE launch

Corporate borrowing for fixed investment is picking up