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Cheaper oil’s effect on asset prices

Oil producers do not just sell oil; they invest proceeds into foreign assets

Markets are unfazed by Japan’s downgrade

Moody’s downgrade of Japan merely brings the rating down to match Fitch

Bargain-hunting in Russia

The plunging rouble has left Russian stocks back down at 2009 levels when measured in dollars

Europe’s QE front runners step up

Markets think it will happen but will not work

Greek yields act as eurozone ‘fear gauge’

Markets are concerned about stalled talks between Athens and its international creditors

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Beware unpleasant surprise in forecasting

Median long-run rate prediction is down from 4% last December to 3.75%

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Four of the five most popular shares were state-owned enterprises

Bargain hunting among oil producers

Investors thinking about buying oil shares after their fall should be wary

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General view is the currency is going down against dollar