Coal’s woes could spark investors’ return

Institutional selling could be creating a buying opportunity

China’s sherbet lemon economy

Both bulls and bears can be right with the landing looking hard on the outside, soft on the inside

Butter shows Japan’s uneven food policies

Prolonged yen weakness has boosted price inflation

Reasons to worry as Fed rate rise looms

Sales growth is slowing while debt levels and defaults rise

Final chapter for capitalism’s fairy tale

Investors in the land of Affluentia should worry about a new problem

Market rally is amorality tale

French defence stocks outperformed in wake of Paris attacks

Tilt piles the pressure on Japanese Reits

Action can be expected after a scandal that has shaken the market to its foundations

Themes tell story in forecasting markets

If US rates rise, a bet on value stocks could make a nice Christmas gift

Investors unfazed by turn in politics

Calm greets rise of populists and a shift leftward though affect on inflation is a concern

Canada’s neighbour drowns out good news

Economic good news overshadowed by even better data from the US

Japan Post float shows appetite for risk

Japanese are beginning to embrace shift to riskier assets

Treat central bank forecasts with caution

Investors should try to avoid tendency to be anchored by what happens in recent past

S&P 500 has climbed a long way very fast

Relative strength index casts doubt on longevity of rally

Even great investors can suffer bad luck

Gross has been unlucky with the odds since leaving Pimco

Can Turkish strongman show healing powers?

Investors would prefer Erdogan to be magnanimous in victory

Market reaction dulls impact of Fed hints

Traders torn between economic outlook and higher rate risk

Sweden’s bazooka fails to impress

Krona rises despite expansion of quantitative easing programme

The long and the short of forecasts

Demographics and the effects of debt are not so easy to predict

Investors prefer the tale of easing

Hopes for EM rest on incantations from the People’s Bank of China instead

The US debt ceiling is no party

A frisson of uncertainty hangs over latest instalment of drama

Draghi should consider element of surprise

ECB president faces difficult time with the euro on the rise

Corporate code has not changed Japan Inc

No one held to account for ROE failure in a market bloated with cash-rich companies

Markets and central banks forever linked

The volatility caused by markets watching central banks watching markets is not over yet

There may be trouble ahead

Convergence of forecasts has preceded problems in the past

US consumer finally losing will to shop

Overall sales growth below forecasts and sales excluding cars and petrol flat

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