Bond markets ‘join the dots’ on Fed rates

Two-year Treasury yield rises to level last seen in May 2011

US rate traders dust off their playbooks

All eyes are on the Fed as Treasury bond yields rise

Main St’s subprime lenders hit headwinds

Zero-interest retailers feel pinch of overloaded credit market

Stocks at records yet recovery is elusive

Record asset prices belie many startling economic inconsistencies

Equity bulls face slowing share buybacks

Hopes rise that spare cash is now being spent on organic growth

US Treasury bears face irresistible force

Expectations of rising bond yields keep being confounded

Junk bond investors face Matrix moment

Liquidity and pricing have become disconnected from reality

US recovery rouses inflation concerns

Investors must decide whether rising prices are better than deflation

US looks at ‘ultra-long’ Treasury bonds

Low yields spark call to consider maturities over 30 years

Market Bubbles

Inflation is needed to calm asset bubbles

Only a genuine inflation scare can alter investors’ mindsets

BlackRock’s Aladdin: genie not included

Risk management technology is no substitute for investor instinct

Airlines bounce back after profit warning

Fed must not linger too long on QE exit

The end of easy money will hit bond markets hard if not timed right

Bond traders bet Fed is wrong on rates

Debt markets fall short of US central bank’s rate forecasts

Traders dance to tune of the Fed’s polka

Credit indices tighten as investors price in lower default risk

Equity bulls rest case on low inflation

Risks to watch for are higher oil prices and lower euro

Fed money disconnects market from economy

Junk bond spreads near all-time lows and stocks at record highs

Supply and demand drive down bond yields

Treasury issuance has dropped even as investors flock to bond funds

Checking out of ETF hotel could be costly

Worry is that market-making dance may come to abrupt halt

US stocks treacherous despite new highs

S&P 500’s record 1,900 level lacks momentum or conviction

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