Fed rate mystery keeps dollar fears alive


A stronger greenback has the potential to batter EMs

Old engine of Wall Street is sputtering

Volcker rule still causing much grief within banks

Samson’s weakness is a cautionary tale

US energy sector’s rising levels of distressed debt track oil’s plunge and rising cost of capital

As the recovery has gained pace, commodities have tumbled while stocks roar ahead
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Commodity index investing debate reignites

A decade on, two resource index investing reports are revisited

Bank disrupters fail to live up to hype

Growth, ambition and stalking banks threaten sector independence

Old stock share certificates from 1950s-1970s

Calls for easier bond rules ring true

Reporting requirements can aggravate already poor trading conditions

Monetary policy the source of volatility

When QE tide recedes, distressed debt skills will be relevant again

‘Millisecond market’ can deter tech IPOs

Recently-listed companies’ shares exposed as market enters risk-off mode

Legal fight looms over Fannie and Freddie

Investors prepare for court battle with US government over stock dividend changes

High yield bonds live up to their name

Average yield of junk bonds in one index tops 7%

US equity margin debt flags market top

Echoes of the end of China’s bull run can be heard on Wall Street

Higher US bank charges look unsustainable

Firms offset profit-sapping effects of QE with higher fees

Futures markets show depth of oil woes

Contracts suggest that an era of higher prices has ended

Treasury market bogeymen are here to stay

Like Canute, high-frequency trading’s critics can’t stop the tide

Slower US bond demand may urge Fed rethink

China’s Treasury buying is likely to ease, forcing rates higher

‘Sell’ recommendations on endangered list

Concern analysts fear upsetting colleagues in other parts of bank

Share sale signals from bank executives

Wells Fargo chief leads insider sales among US banks

Bond liquidity dominates conversation

Data illustrates sharp deterioration in bond trading conditions

High time for greed to yield to fear

The dangers of a wholesale retreat from risky positions

Banks plumb lower depths of subprime auto

Credit markets heat up as lenders push into murkier areas

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