Manhattan’s high-end property prices fall

New York city skyline. Manhattan buildings

Prices for high-end property are down 7% from September peak

Retailers’ insight into weak US earnings

Consumer spending supports wider economy but outlook is complex

Time looks ripe for ultra-long US bonds

Debt maturing over more than 30 years is no longer a novelty

A simple way to reform executive pay

The current scrutiny of executive pay in the US needs improving

Fears grow over securities-based loans

Prolonged downturn could cause grief after huge growth in SBLs

Oil’s zigzag recovery poses questions

High stock market values and discounted bond prices offer opportunities to investors

Claws out in Wall Street pay fight

Banks push back as regulators take aim at pay practices ahead of election

Stress tests cloud future for bank stocks

Regulators’ efforts to control banks’ behaviour deter investors

When the world intrudes on Silicon Valley

Different economic signals matter after changes in the make-up of the list of biggest tech companies

The forces working against a Fed rate rise

Weak inflation and low growth mean a Fed rate rise is not on the horizon

There’s profit in bond documentation

Wall Street hedge funds likely to read the small print of Venezuelan’s bond documents

Tech risks losing shine for Wall St

Competition for hiring talent between Wall St and tech hub shifts

Data terminal anxiety as banks cut costs

Bloomberg and Thomson Reuters look vulnerable as Wall Street focuses on the bottom line

Don’t place all bets on a stronger dollar

Dollar at crossroads after two-year rally

Money managers seek AI’s ‘deep learning’

As artificial intelligence techniques advance, the investment industry pays more attention

GAAP has never been holy writ

As scrutiny of Silicon Valley accounting grows, the gap between adjusted and GAAP may shift

Gold leads charge as inflation fears stir

Inflation trades such as gold enjoyed a stellar start to the year

Credit cards brighten US banks’ earnings

Credit card picture better for US banks as borrowers improve

US junk bond train picks up speed

Risks build for investors as junk bond market recovers

Pot company faces tough road after US IPO

MassRoots, a social media site for marijuana, seeks Nasdaq listing