Markets’ misplaced faith in central banks

ECB revives cult with €60bn a month of bond buying

High risk of crowded trade unravelling

Strands linking rising dollar, higher stocks and lower oil less resilient

Fears over oil and deflation are exaggerated

Other concerns, such as those on US growth, are underplayed

Uphill battle for data sharing on Wall St

Inventor aimed to add information to assets as they changed hands

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How (not) to break the ice at parties

Try asking: ‘What’s all the fuss about the central banks?’

Markets will win game of chicken with Fed

Forbearance and patience will continue to soothe the markets, writes Henny Sender

Bad call pain of US rate rise timing

Inflation, falling oil and stronger dollar will figure in Fed’s decision

Tense year end for distressed energy debt

Junk investors who tapped into the shale boom see their profits unravel

Grading the Federal Reserve’s readability

Central bank garrulousness has implications for the wider market, writes Tracy Alloway

Real fall tracks more than Brazil’s woes

Cheaper energy helps US compete with emerging market rivals, writes Henny Sender

Oil is an important marker on growth

Equities not yet reflecting weaker demand displayed by oil prices

US political gridlock to haunt investors

Continued lack of action from Washington a lost opportunity

QE’s break-up with markets: no regrets?

My therapist thought it would be a good idea for me to write this

Reasons to be bearish on US banks

Recent optimism on prospects is offset by fundamental changes

A marriage of convenience comes to an end

Markets reassess their relationship with the Fed as QE ends

Dollar strength starts to cause headaches

Slide in stocks echoes Fed concern about dollar impact on exports

Tech advance passes auto subprime by

Demand for bundled car loans is so strong gimmicks are superfluous

EMs will struggle to ride US recovery

Cheap energy and low wages mean US is a competitor

Bond markets ‘join the dots’ on Fed rates

Two-year Treasury yield rises to level last seen in May 2011

US rate traders dust off their playbooks

All eyes are on the Fed as Treasury bond yields rise

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