Emerging market rapids v calm US waters

Foreign fields may appeal to those floating along in Wall Street

Private equity pensions could help young

Twentysomethings can enjoy benefits of longer-term investment

Europe is the falling knife you can catch

Stocks now look cheap in Europe but China appears too risky

A trader looks at his screen as he works on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange shortly after the opening bell, in the Manhattan borough of New York January 24, 2014
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A performance-linked model for fund fees

Such a fee structure could help markets function better

Gap between Greek Yes or No is not great

Whatever the poll result, opportunities await investors

Better to stay out of China A-shares

Economic fundamentals and bubble psychology send strong message

Russelling sound of indices realigning

Annual recasting of listings has traders scrambling to keep up with — and game — the market

Old stock share certificates from 1950s-1970s

Bondification is new big investment idea

Search for income mutes great rotation into equities from bonds

Markets’ relaxed view is cause for alarm

Investors appear to ignore the risks of Grexit and Fed’s gradualism on rates

Stock index cubes

Active managers must prove their worth

Following an index and still charging fees is a terrible deal

The rise of the non-bond income producers

Reits and MLPs offer regular payments, but there are risks

Chinese whale could sink emerging markets

EM indices that include A-shares risk reinflating China bubble

Political risk sours infrastructure deals

Retroactively changing terms will not work for governments long term

As non-events go, this was a big one

China fails to convince MSCI over A-share move — for now

How to judge if stocks are at the top

There is reason to be worried but history shows, with central bank help, market can keep rising

Investment: Revaluing commodities

After investors became disillusioned with commodity index futures, two academics make a renewed case for the sector

Waiting for smoke on MSCI China A shares

Restrictions on trade and weightings must be considered carefully

Washing one’s hands of the stain of coal

Grand gestures by big investors are unlikely to hit bottom lines

Banks offer little investment attraction

Financials are no better play on growth than other cyclical stocks

Smart beta risks becoming crowded

Benefit of active tilt to passive investing will be lost as more investors join in

Growth stalls as oil dividend remains unspent

Markets puzzled by weak consumer spending given crude price drop

ETF model puts active managers to test

NextShares offers a way to trade an active fund on an exchange

Have bonds reached a tipping point?

Only if market liquidity proves poorer than many fear or the Fed forces the issue

Why multi-factor funds are smarter beta

A fascinating new take on an old strategy tries to beat the market for longer

Diversity drives Indian Ocean region

Next decade will see rise of India and east Africa as mature economies stagnate

Case for indexing is weaker for bonds

Active managers often underperform but ‘smart beta’ could help investors stay ahead

Passive index investing triumphs in bonds

US investors lose confidence in fund managers

China stocks are high but can go higher

History shows markets can rally a long time, particularly once foreign money enters

Stock valuations no help in timing trades

When it comes to short-term predictions earnings multiples are useless

Records leave markets stuck in time warp

Highs reinforce disconnect between valuations and indices

The Nasdaq — going nowhere for 15 years

Almost any other equity investment would have been a smarter bet

Investor returns are all about the timing

Knowing when to choose the right moment to move is not easy

Equity investors reject UK election risk

Political stakes are high: so too is faith in UK stocks

The case for active management weakens

High active share strategies can outperform but risks increase

Momentum to stall as profits talked down

Earnings forecasts have taken a stunning dive

Poor active managers have no excuse

Ample opportunity to pick winners even when stock dispersion is low

A June rate rise can surely be ruled out

April’s jobs data have profound implications for the Federal Reserve

Four financial questions for foamy markets

John Authers on negative yields, US and Chinese stocks and EM reserves

Value investors suffer during QE rally

The strategy works best when things look terrific — or terrifying

Business pioneers in finance

History shows there is nothing like a crisis to focus financiers’ minds


John Authers John Authers is the Financial Times' Senior Investment Commentator, responsible for the weekly Long View and other columns on markets and investment. In a 22-year career at the FT, his previous posts have included global head of the Lex column, investment editor, US markets editor, Mexico City bureau chief and US banking correspondent. His latest book is The Fearful Rise of Markets.

John has a degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics from the University of Oxford, and an MBA from Columbia University.

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