Hold tight for a bumpy US earnings season

Stock market price digital display

Stronger dollar and lack of guidance will make for some surprises

Investors must start to question beliefs

Markets signal concern as number of assumptions called into question

Earnings to overshadow rates and payrolls

It is hard to be optimistic about the forthcoming earnings season

Carbon footprints loom large for investors

Volkswagen emission scandal brings home importance of issue

Goldman makes an ETF splash with low fees

Move suggests ETF model and smart beta have longer to run

Look to China for Fed rate moves

The world’s two largest economies are locked in a symbiotic embrace

Fed adds urgency to market’s China focus

Central bank now depends on events on the other side of the world

US rate rise harder to justify this time

Few if any precedents guide the Fed

Shiller’s Cape holds lessons for bull run

Nobel laureate’s technique for adjusting price/earnings multiples for the cycle sends warning sign

Fears grow over US stock market bubble

Nobel laureate Robert Shiller highlights risks of overvalued stocks

How assets will react to a rate rise

Credit markets may pose highest risk, with investors ill-prepared

All-powerful index transforms investing

Indices have come to lead markets — not just follow them

Rate rise would fix pension crisis

Companies cannot ignore the problem as retirement pot deficits are seen as debt

Inflows put hedge funds to the test

Increase in money from pension funds puts pressure on fees

No real fear factor in August correction

Selling was so widely anticipated that becalmed investors will not be prompted to clear excess

US approaches a true bear market

Sell-off would have a long way to go in event of US downturn

A fresh deflation scare faces the Fed

Attention must now shift from China to this week’s central bank powwow in Jackson Hole

Why investors need to know about indices

The growing power of market gauges makes understanding them important

Why New York has top share of asset pie

Tough post-crisis regulation encouraged fund managers to bulk up

Smart beta’s new kids on the index block

Fresh breed of indexers seek to demonstrate new ways to beat the market

Investing: The index factor

FT series: Indices have become one of the most potent forces in markets

Renminbi shift challenges global markets

China’s economic woes, rather than PBoC, could drive devaluation

Asset allocators must read renminbi runes

China devaluation more likely to accelerate current trends than signal market turning point

Nagging doubts keep rate-setters on edge

Dollar and commodities clearest factors in way of September Fed move

A ‘show me the money’ US equity market

S&P 500 performance led by growth stocks as value languishes

Emerging market rapids v calm US waters

Foreign fields may appeal to those floating along in Wall Street

Private equity pensions could help young

Twentysomethings can enjoy benefits of longer-term investment

Europe is the falling knife you can catch

Stocks now look cheap in Europe but China appears too risky

A performance-linked model for fund fees

Such a fee structure could help markets function better

Gap between Greek Yes or No is not great

Whatever the poll result, opportunities await investors

Better to stay out of China A-shares

Economic fundamentals and bubble psychology send strong message

Russelling sound of indices realigning

Annual recasting of listings has traders scrambling to keep up with — and game — the market

Bondification is new big investment idea

Search for income mutes great rotation into equities from bonds

Markets’ relaxed view is cause for alarm

Investors appear to ignore the risks of Grexit and Fed’s gradualism on rates

Active managers must prove their worth

Following an index and still charging fees is a terrible deal

The rise of the non-bond income producers

Reits and MLPs offer regular payments, but there are risks

Chinese whale could sink emerging markets

EM indices that include A-shares risk reinflating China bubble

Political risk sours infrastructure deals

Retroactively changing terms will not work for governments long term

As non-events go, this was a big one

China fails to convince MSCI over A-share move — for now

How to judge if stocks are at the top

There is reason to be worried but history shows, with central bank help, market can keep rising


John Authers John Authers is the Financial Times' Senior Investment Commentator, responsible for the weekly Long View and other columns on markets and investment. In a 22-year career at the FT, his previous posts have included global head of the Lex column, investment editor, US markets editor, Mexico City bureau chief and US banking correspondent. His latest book is The Fearful Rise of Markets.

John has a degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics from the University of Oxford, and an MBA from Columbia University.

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