Market fears are feeding on themselves

Cutting rates would damage banks’ profits and solvency

Bear market blindsides bank stocks

Profits will be made from this scare, but there is no harm in waiting for them

Banks’ bear market is fresh Fed challenge

Tumbling financial stocks show market concern about central banks

Why nobody is happy with the US economy

Wall Street is in line with Main Street over the outlook for growth

Risk of US recession low but rising

Mixed economic indicators have focused attention on employment

US recession risk haunts markets

Indicators show most severe US ‘growth scare’ since Great Recession in 2009

Central banks tested on easy money

Global investors await US Fed stepping back from a hawkish stance

Strong case for value investing in Japan

Tokyo stock market’s highly cyclical nature means sectors deliver great returns when the cycle turns positive

Healthy eating clue to long-term riches

Asset classes are correlated, but the performance of ‘return drivers’ appears more varied

Brent Oil field, North Sea, UK --- Image by Ocean/Corbis

Oil contagion extends its reach

How Japan helps explain this week’s volatility puzzle

The positive impact of passive investors

Research suggests funds coexist with an increase in board independence

What goes down eventually comes up

Markets have hit the abyss before, but how long will it take to climb out?

Company outlooks crucial for US stocks

Past year sees stocks on a plateau with occasional swoons overlapping blackout periods for buybacks

Dogs that didn’t bark spark markets worry

Remarkable that strong US jobs report met with such weak response

Frail world economy caught in China’s fall

There is a lack of confidence over Beijing’s data and western corporations’ health

Market mayhem a prelude to difficult year

Upcoming earnings season is a cause of great apprehension

Equities: And then there were nine

Apart from a few stocks, the US markets are in a slump with fears post-crisis rally has run its course

Alternative assets loom as best bet

Gentle shift towards cheap stocks in emerging markets has better chance of working in 2016

ETFs to play main role in the next crisis

Liquidity fears in indexed products have caused jitters this year

Highlights from Hindsight Capital’s year

How many of 2015’s best bets did you see coming?

Yellen discipline avoids market tantrums

Firm Fed chair passes parenting test but there could still be tears before bedtime

Paris summit marks watershed for investors

Companies face prospect of collective pressure from institutions

Markets make Fed decision harder

A higher interest rate expected, but it is not an easy task

Why a Fed rate rise does not matter

FX markets, Opec and China can all matter more than central banks

US pensions raise bar in low carbon funds

Efforts to reduce carbon emissions without financial pain continue

Forex shift powers US and euro equities

Latest job numbers give Fed leeway to tighten rates this month — if it so chooses

Draghi sends clear message to markets

ECB head signals that he will get what he wants — higher inflation

European stocks poised for recovery mode

Green shoots in economy and cheaper valuations add to attraction

Caution on US inflation is now warranted

Rising prices would spur Fed rate rises and lower stock earnings

Fangs and Nifty Nine power US equities

A handful of large stocks dominates the bull market

Investors psyched by the endowment effect

Tendency to overvalue assets is costly and reflects investor fear

How to read signals from emerging markets

Indicators suggest bottom could be near but watch out for a crisis first

Number-crunchers lift lid on investors

Need to fix fund management model that encourages asset gathering is clearer than ever

How disruptive technology destroys pensions

It displaces jobs, widens inequality and enables the services sector

Currency hedging buoyed by strong dollar

Hedged ETFs deliver in commercial terms and investment performance

Infrastructure: Bridging the gap

Why is there still an annual $1tn shortfall in spending for public sector projects?

Only a crisis can stop the Fed

Investors eye EM reaction as US labour market no longer gives Fed reason to stay its hand

Follow the cash to see the truth

Dwindling revenues point to a lack of vigour in the world economy

Consensus thinking risks market shocks

Greatest risk lies in a US rate rise followed by bond shock

US stocks are bet on central bank support

Fed may raise rates this year but others likely to ease further


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John has a degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics from the University of Oxford, and an MBA from Columbia University.

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