Rate increases will test the market mood

Once the Fed raises rates in earnest it could be painful

Fund deal flurry could be broader omen

Consolidation is driven by the burning need for survival

Animal spirits bring a welcome jolt

More deals could keep the stock market humming

Fund managers linked to systemic risk

If they amplify market cycles they contribute to broad-based risk

John Authers

The Long View: Stocks correction better than comeuppance

Fears over Fed making hawkish or dovish ‘mistake’

BoE’s biggest test yet to come

UK’s housing market must still face rising interest rates

John Authers

Who is responsible for teaching responsibility?

Both regulations and the structure of capital markets foster a culture of ‘passing the buck’

Role of banks recedes in wake of crisis

Banks’ centrality to the economy is being nibbled away

Seas calm as US stocks sail serenely on

Conditions are benign, but is a correction over the horizon?

Investor distrust drives cash pile rise

Retail investors raised cash allocations to 40% in 2014

Growing silver economy signals big winners

Greater longevity and declining birth rates are with us

ECB has travelled far, but not far enough

Reaction to Draghi’s historic move implies QE lies ahead

New rules and unintended consequences

Rules stamping out abuses can create fresh dangers

Death of US dollar is greatly exaggerated

There is simply nothing that is better and safer

Let’s make the capex fit to ensure a stronger economy

Buybacks reduce the amount of stock in issue

Fine wine value is not a matter of taste

Its price tends to rise past maturity

Hard sell: why fund managers underperform

Effects of poor selling decisions outweigh good buying ideas

Disquiet grows over private equity

As an asset class, it has had a great run

US revival warrants EM strategy rethink

The global advantage is shifting back to American shores

The hard facts about momentum investing

You can rely on it, but it makes many people uncomfortable

Managers wake up and smell the coffee

Meeting in Starbucks’ home the sector adapts to its 2008 humbling

Active management industry in bafflingly good health

Index funds have forced active funds to become more active

Little joy at slow pace of jobs recovery

There is room for far more improvement

Financial crises are the cost of progress

Crises portrayed as an inevitable part of the desire to innovate

Betting that eurozone crisis is over has risks

The market verdict is unambiguous and to an extent self-fulfilling


John Authers John Authers is the Financial Times' Senior Investment Columnist, responsible for the weekly Long View and other columns on markets and investment. In a 22-year career at the FT, his previous posts have included global head of the Lex column, investment editor, US markets editor, Mexico City bureau chief and US banking correspondent. His latest book is The Fearful Rise of Markets.

John has a degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics from the University of Oxford, and an MBA from Columbia University.

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