Investors must prepare for lower returns

Low valuations allow room for error but shares are no longer cheap

China share in global indices set to rise

Renminbi’s growing international stature will draw assets

German bonds measure success of ECB QE

Big swings in 10-year Bund yields of late could have wide repercussions

Do not follow the herd into Chinese stocks

Investors should look beyond banks, telecoms and energy

Why Japan is vulnerable

Foreign inflows could trigger spike in rates which would hit its banks, writes John Plender

New rules only lower bank risk in theory

True risk of financial institutions is understated, says Satyajit Das

Greek contagion still on global risk list

Reduced liquidity and crowded trades mean danger remains

Prepare for a rough ride in EM bonds

Good times are ending for corporate borrowers in emerging markets

HUAIBEI, CHINA - APRIL 08: (CHINA OUT) Investors observe stock market at a stock exchange corporation on April 8, 2015 in Huaibei, Anhui province of China. The Shanghai composite index has rises 0.84% on Wednesday in Huaibei. (Photo by ChinaFotoPress/ChinaFotoPress via Getty Images)

China takes steps to address debt problem

Borrowers and lenders likely to get help from central bank rate cuts

Investors must look beyond US assets

Global diversification should offer better risk-adjusted returns, writes BlackRock’s Russ Koesterich

A ‘flash crash’ or two gives needed jolt

Too much volatility is harmful but too little and behaviour will not change

Pain of US rate rise will push EM reform

Capital flowed to emerging markets even as fundamentals worsened

Europe’s debtor paradise will end in tears

Nasty surprises lurk for those who have embraced negative yields

How to invest for renewed dollar strength

Benign influence on global rebalancing or financial nuisance?

Corporate cash cows trim investment bulls

Concern grows at lack of corporate capital expenditure in QE era

Currency wars: is the US the new victim?

Dollar strength reflects global policy divergence, not direct intervention

Reforms needed to lift Japan’s economy

Two years of Abenomics has boosted little more than asset prices

ECB QE drives confidence for now

Not everyone in the eurozone is enjoying a smooth ride

Markets look forward to higher inflation

Three reasons why rising prices are expected despite current zero rates

Japan reforms push groups to unlock cash

Abe’s governance initiatives could prove crucial to revitalising economy

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