Mood sours as MSCI’s China verdict nears

MSCI’s China decision comes against a change in sentiment

A new monetary order will emerge

As monetary policy runs out of bite, it will take a fresh crisis to force new thinking to emerge

Banks’ research: disclaimers don’t do it

Banks and brokers’ efforts disclose potential conflicts of interest

China should employ debt equity swaps

Allowing banks to swap debt for equity is crucial for addressing non-performing loan problem

India’s banks face long clean-up job

Sobering Q1 results are not happy reading for short-term investors

Investors wake up: Brazil is no quick fix

Brazil’s structural problems will take steam out of rally in assets

Bankruptcy experts bet on Asia boom

Bankruptcy experts may find Asia follows different rules

Buffett has better tech fits than Apple

Amazon, Facebook and Alphabet are better for the billionaire

No escape yet from ‘double debt bind’

Austerity nations are among the least successful in preventing debt from rising, especially the UK

‘Closet benchmarkers’ set for extinction

Active asset managers must change radically to win back investors’ inflows

Listen out for changes in market chatter

Wall Street’s sharper scrutiny of tech stocks coincides with a lull in listing activity

Helicopter money is taboo — for now

Stimulus may yet happen in the next downturn

China banks follow the national interest

Defaults loom as lenders ratchet up credit to support growth

US stocks need better earnings to rally

US stocks can rebound further as long as earnings improve

Areva’s €7bn shortfall and state-aid limits

Bondholders need to think about their role in France’s problem

Markets sidestep short-term volatility

With volatility low, it is a time to turn to quality

Spotlight shines on Chinese valuations

Mainland shares still valued far more highly than Hong Kong’s

Get used to edgier markets

Renewed volatility is likely this year

BoJ’s negative struggle is a worry for US

Speculation rife over whether BoJ will loosen further

Eurozone assets are biggest Brexit loser

UK-denominated assets may not be the biggest loser

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