Green bonds: a fair weather phenomenon?

Protective factors could prevent growth stalling in a correction

Uncertainty on oil unsettles investors

Lower bond yields add to concerns that global growth may be stalling

Easy money no cure for Japan’s stagnation

Export-led growth model no longer works as China gains edge

Dollar rally only just getting started

Diverging policy pushes currency higher but tepid growth will take toll

ECB action likely to stoke currency wars

Central bank is using an important reserve currency as a policy weapon

How to solve the bond liquidity problem

Regulatory change means solutions lie in asset management sector, writes Gene Frieda

Gold rally due as central banks add risk

Incompetence and monetary dysfunction make gold look attractive

Are central banks a destabilising force?

Swiss example shows how imbalances can correct violently

ECB will watch Greece as it launches QE

Political factors are important when anticipating ECB actions

Knowledge needed to prevent Lehman repeat

Global financial language essential to close dangerous data gaps

China’s tech winners set to consolidate

Dominance of a few players means playing field is not level

Greece and Russia face high debt problem

Both countries at high risk of falling victim to fickle investors, writes Mohamed El-Erian

Risks lurk in failure to simplify finance

Regulators have not solved the problem of complex products, writes Satyajit Das

ECB QE will not make EU a good investment

Stimulus alone is not enough; government action is also needed

Deflation is a rising threat for markets

The world is prey to the growing problem of deficient demand

Step back to go forward on global growth

Regional integration can act as stimulant to refresh globalisation

Will finance find its inner lion in 2015?

Tamed by central banks, markets have lost the ability to frighten

Bet on rising renminbi still a safe one

China is becoming less reliant on a cheap currency to support its growth

Portfolio mix crucial to managing risk

True diversification is more than just holding a variety of assets

Oil fall adds to ECB’s deflation worries

Bundesbank conservatism constrains Draghi’s ability to address problem

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