Markets remain aloof to UK election risk

Investors are more concerned about global factors for now

QE will lower living standards long term

Prospect of improvement in growth is largely a monetary illusion

Foreign Currency including Euros, Yen, Dollars

Low yields make patience best strategy

Investors sit on sidelines as carry trade risks outweigh rewards

Fed ‘lift-off’ is to destination unknown

US rate rise journey likely to be turbulent

Yellen fights back in euro-dollar drama

Euro fall shows disruptive potential of central banks

Positive buzz about Europe hard to defend

‘Outperformance’ of EU shares due to weak euro and strong dollar

Draghi QE is stoking bond bubble risk

Eurozone bond prices losing touch with fundamentals

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Wimp label sticks to emerging nations

They suffer from lacking international monetary power

Yankees ride to rescue of EU credit

Big US companies turn to euro debt markets for low borrowing costs

EU needs more equity finance, less debt

Lack of growth capital for mid-cap companies is a market failure

Tech gets set for take-off in India

Internet companies at last are becoming interesting for investors

Policy tug of war outcome hard to predict

Competing forces in Europe and US have big effect on bond yields

Shades of grey still colour equity trading

Renewed risk-on, risk-off approach to markets could be a warning sign

Why ECB risks running out of ammunition

Constraints lie in 25% issue and 33% issuer limits on bond purchases

Who’s fooling whom in haven asset hunt?

A global savings glut is confronting a shortage of safe holdings

Who will bear losses when banks go wrong?

‘Bail-in’ framework will put investors at risk but much remains unclear

Russia trades will not follow Greek logic

Athens’ interests were easy to see; Putin’s motives are unclear

Big investors need to take more risk

Funds fail to invest long term, reducing finance for industry

Meet India’s old-style central banker

Recent refusal by Rajan to cut rates sends message to government

Do eerie parallels presage new crisis?

Falling oil, rising dollar and fears over US rate increase present in 1997-98

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