Brexit adds to the roar of equity bears

Britain’s vote to leave is destabilising as uncertainties deepen

Central banks won’t fix Brexit

Not enough tools in the box to deal with the repercussions of UK leaving EU

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Spurious accuracy and Brexit doom-mongery

Precise City analysis on what the EU vote might mean underlines need to appear clever

India needs to avoid politics over Rajan

Investors won’t want further scares over successor at RBI

China must overcome the politics of debt

Beijing is making regulators adopt a joined-up approach to debt

Historic day beckons for sterling

Foreign exchange market will be in spotlight as votes are counted on referendum night

Resist gold’s superficial charms

Cash and short-term government bonds are better retreats in this particular storm

‘Risk-free’ rate isn’t what it was

Quantitative easing programmes are changing the role of government bonds in financial markets

Stop big M&A to kick-start the economy

A rule change could make companies invest in growth rather than mergers

Bond investors in clover - for now

Maximum danger for bonds investors will come when European growth strengthens and US inflation rises

Earnings will surprise as headwinds ease

Calmer dollar and stronger commodity prices should spur US earnings growth

US corporate bonds hold trump cards

Appeal of US corporate bonds to foreign investors will rise

Fed tightening cycle leaves big questions

A second US rate rise would be welcome, but markets remain overly dependent on central banks

Mood sours as MSCI’s China verdict nears

Index provider MSCI will decide whether to include China’s A shares against a different backdrop

A new monetary order will emerge

As monetary policy struggles, a new plan will have to emerge

Banks’ research: disclaimers don’t do it

Banks and brokers’ efforts disclose potential conflicts of interest

China should employ debt equity swaps

Allowing banks to swap debt for equity is crucial for addressing non-performing loan problem

India’s banks face long clean-up job

Sobering Q1 results are not happy reading for short-term investors

Investors wake up: Brazil is no quick fix

Brazil’s structural problems will take steam out of rally in assets

Bankruptcy experts bet on Asia boom

Debt piles raise hope of restructuring work, but the script is different