Do not bet on calm markets lasting

Investors should not expect calm to help improve fundamentals

TH Milk Dairy farm in Nghe An Province, Vietnam.
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An old market tale or a new short story?

Stock markets are defined by narratives that should be questioned, not just repeated

Fallout of a Trump win needs exploring

If the Republican wins, turbulence may visit the hitherto stable market

Web industry leads China consolidation

Merger of Tencent’s music unit with China Music sets an example

European banks face fixable profit crisis

Investors need to reset expectations in a world where rates remain low

Bull market milestone built on yield grab

Push by US stocks reflects lower-for-longer interest rates outlook

May needs to quieten the Brexit squall

Challenge for UK’s new PM is to give businesses and consumers confidence

Investors will conclude the pound is cheap

Chance to buy property at a steep discount and in sterling terms will be compelling

Brexit — what next at the Bank of England?

Broader question marks remain over effectiveness of monetary policy


Back to the future for the pound

Sterling at 31-year low after Brexit but well above its nadir of $1.052

Brexit anxiety can be an opportunity

Market turmoil can turn out to be a source of value for investors

Shareholder activism arrives in China

Indus Capital Partners seeks bigger payouts for investors in China Mobile, an idea with merit

Seeking a win-win for the City and Europe

Brexit does not end the UK’s dominance of trading and efforts to dismantle it may hurt Europe more

Explaining Asia’s brutal Brexit reaction

Extent and range of region’s sell-off reveals deeper links between markets

UK’s ERM crisis a template after Brexit

Weaker pound acts as safety valve that eurozone countries lack

Brexit adds to the roar of equity bears

Britain’s vote to leave the EU is destabilising but faith in central banks would have to evaporate

Central banks won’t fix Brexit

Not enough tools in box to deal with repercussions of UK leaving EU

Spurious accuracy and Brexit doom-mongery

Precise City analysis on what the EU vote might mean underlines need to appear clever

India needs to avoid politics over Rajan

The Indian government needs to be careful to keep investors’ faith after exit of RBI governor

China must overcome the politics of debt

Beijing needs to orchestrate a joined-up approach to bad debts