Economic soufflé at risk of implosion

Europe is stagnating and global demand remains inadequate

Markets exposed by faith in central banks

Belief in monetary policy has downgraded concerns of disruption

Fed should raise rates sooner than later

US economy is improving and risk is of waiting too long

Referendum poses threat to EU integration

A ‘Yes’ outcome could bring wider push for regional independence

Europe’s bank bail-in rules change game

Uncertainties remain, though, on how they will work in practice

Change needed for China shares to shine

Reasons for optimism include Shanghai-Hong Kong connect scheme

Post-QE wave to break over fund managers

Challenge is to move on from distortions created by central banks

Draghi brings out ABS rocket boosters

ECB president opts for purchase plan to boost real economy instead of QE

Scotland vote threatens to trip up gilts

Prospect of EU referendum more profound challenge for UK markets

QE would end EU financial fragmentation

Bond purchases by ECB would eliminate yield differences, writes Gene Frieda

Fed ignores likelihood of weaker growth

US GDP expansion likely to average 2% a year in future

ECB QE: will it happen and what next?

Mario Draghi’s Jackson Hole speech may presage announcement

Watch stress tests for rate rise timing

Regulatory concern for bank health is a constraining factor

Rising risk of currency market volatility

FX instability will spread as policy divergence widens

No need to panic about high-yield bonds

Market stayed orderly through a recent intensive sell-off

Dramas to match scenery at Jackson Hole

Labour market dynamics to play central role for monetary policy

Time to dust off euro crisis strategies

Draghi magic is wearing thin and feedback loop remains in place

Japan’s warning to eurozone bond markets

Structural reform, not QE, is needed to lift European growth

Don’t fight the US Treasury bond rally

Wave of mortgage refinancing will drive yields even lower

A beachgoer’s guide to August’s upsets

Geopolitical dangers and EU stagnation are main concerns

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