Fed’s game of pretend must end soon

Rate rise delay will make deleveraging more painful

No point betting against a strong dollar

Look to US Treasuries instead for a contrarian opportunity

Instability risk on rise despite G20 hope

Regulatory-driven reduction in market liquidity is risk for real economy

No need for radical asset mix adjustment

US pullback was a correction, not a harbinger of recession and bear market

ECB inflation target lacks credibility

Japan shows costs of acting too late on deflation risk

China on debt watch as property values hit

Chinese property accounts for a third of Asian high yield issuance

Don’t fear the dollar’s ‘orderly rise’

Major trends tend to linger and the US currency has further headroom

Hopes for eurozone bank lending misguided

Austerity policies have been administered in unprecedented doses

Japan actions risk igniting currency war

Devaluation is becoming a habit in an economy that has lost its edge

Eurozone stagnation is inevitable

QE to have limited potency and there is little in monetary locker

Currency wars fail to spark global growth

Policy makers have relied too much on QE rather than structural reform

Fed has built a thorny central bank divide

Lack of access to Fed’s dollar liquidity will result in further volatility

Why innovation matters to investors

Technological change is at the intersection of employment, nominal growth and inflation risk

Japan cannot rely on corporate governance

Attempt to lift return on equity for shareholders unlikely to succeed

How to read the Dow Jones ups and downs

Three possible explanations have differing market implications

Rescue measures for stagnant eurozone

Bank stress tests an unconvincing fudge and big problems remain

‘Coffin corner’ threat to stability

Post-crisis regulation makes markets more vulnerable to shocks

Corporate cash hoarding has to end

Spending must be on fixed investment not just share buybacks

EU must act now to avoid ‘lost decade’

None of the tools currently on the table will get the job done

Eurozone crisis fears re-emerge

Markets unsure if ECB bank stress test results will be positive

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