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Range of estimates reveals markets’ inability to price political risks

Rethink needed for monetary policy role

Iceland’s reform proposals may go too far but are worth consideration

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Export route to economic growth also blocked as world trade slows

Do not bank on China QE to refuel stocks

Beijing’s local government debt swap does not create new money

Chinese share swings have wider resonance

Foreign investors may be deterred, hindering internationalisation

Crisis risk building in Italy and France

Countries seem unable to tackle structural issues

Dangers of a subnormal interest rate world

Debt and low investment returns both present problems

Time to transform world’s currency system

The IMF should expand special drawing rights inclusion beyond the renminbi

Can ECB halt damaging effects of Grexit?

Market expectations of central bank capability may be too high

ECB must resist call to smooth bond moves

A QE buying spree might push up inflation expectations further

Central banks stash cash for unwind shock

BoJ has allocated 25% of its QE profits to higher reserves

Winners and losers from share buybacks

Global economy is witnessing a redistribution of wealth and income

What bond turbulence says about inflation

Too early to say markets signal decisive move away from deflation

Reasons to fear a ‘triple taper tantrum’

Central banks have no contingency plan for a revival of growth

Why China is blowing an equity bubble

High valuations will make it easier and cheaper to recapitalise state-owned groups

Tug-of-war as central banks seek control

Starting point of ridiculously low yields has fuelled volatility

Why investors will make 100-year loans

Petrobras century bond makes more sense than first appears

EM most at risk of bond market ‘tantrums’

Any liquidity challenges in a sell-off will appear first in emerging markets

Negative bets on China shares unwise

Going short equities means taking on the central bank itself

Why optimism on Europe looks justified

There is less fear of outright deflation than at start of year, writes Stephanie Flanders

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