Draghi must choose right type of QE

One type works for liquidity crunch, the other when problem is solvency

High drama looms for high-yield bonds

Next move in market could test central banks’ grip on markets

Why Opec is increasingly irrelevant

Saudis have sent message that market not Opec should decide oil prices

Angst over China online lenders overdone

But some peer-to-peer platforms are causing concern

Time to leave the German Bund party

Balance of risk and reward has shifted as expectations rise of ECB QE

Global volatility has ‘ouch’ potential

Spikes so far are relatively harmless as central banks restore calm

Look, no gilts: why ECB should ape BoE

Setting up an asset purchase facility is best way to implement QE

Follow the Swiss to reserve policy success

Carefully controlled diversification of central bank assets makes sense

Why this equity investor is backing Japan

In contrast to the UK, Tokyo is at least trying to boost nominal growth

Unwelcome return of political risk to UK

Volatility set to increase as uncertainty over May election rises

How QE can jam the financial plumbing

Central bank asset purchases absorb ‘good’ collateral like Treasury bonds

Japan QE is cheap yen policy in disguise

Sad choice of tool as it drives up asset prices but is no help to real economy

Equity investors should heed bond message

Hard to find reasons for divergence between asset class prices

Central banks not equals in investor love

QE by ECB and BoJ may not win heart of financial markets

Fed’s game of pretend must end soon

Rate rise delay will make deleveraging more painful

No point betting against a strong dollar

Look to US Treasuries instead for a contrarian opportunity

Instability risk on rise despite G20 hope

Regulatory-driven reduction in market liquidity is risk for real economy

No need for radical asset mix adjustment

US pullback was a correction, not a harbinger of recession and bear market

ECB inflation target lacks credibility

Japan shows costs of acting too late on deflation risk

China on debt watch as property values hit

Chinese property accounts for a third of Asian high yield issuance

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