Spotlight shines on Chinese valuations

Mainland shares still valued far more highly than Hong Kong’s

Get used to edgier markets

Renewed volatility is likely this year

BoJ’s negative struggle is a worry for US

Speculation rife over whether BoJ will loosen further

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Eurozone assets are biggest Brexit loser

UK-denominated assets may not be the biggest loser

Investors’ hopes rest on resilient oil

Strong oil and weak dollar influence shares, EM, junk debt and FX

China cannot delay on its bad debts

Taking tough decisions will help spur growth, writes Bill Rhodes

Low interest rates neuter oil windfall

Headwinds too strong for transfer of resources for consumers

Oil bulls ignore shifting demand dynamics

Opec production cartel has proved to be complacent over demand

Negative rates shake core assumptions

Dread may have usurped greed as investors’ motivating force

QE hurts investment as rewards change

Central bankers should listen to equity markets

India aims to tackle bad loans

Cleaner balance sheets may help ignite lending

Default cycle will be tougher this time

The dynamics of debt investing have changed in this cycle

On the ground in China beats data crunching

Country is becoming a staple input for the worldwide market mood

Negative rates deepening liquidity trap

The adoption of negative interest rates will do little to stimulate growth

Currency wars get complicated

The BOJ and ECB discover that weakening a currency is tougher than it used to be

Fed flip-flops reflect global uncertainty

Markets engaged in unhealthy codependency with central bank policy

Markets and the limits of superpowers

Mario Draghi saved the euro, but the comic book crash shows hero-worship does not last

EM credit binge will exact painful price

Markets are underestimating the danger in corporate credit

Capital cycle matters for investing

Investors transfixed by growth prospects while ignoring supply side

Securitisation does not deserve toxic tag

Sector must be revived to help the European economy