Record outflows from Europe-focused ETFs

Nearly $3bn pulled from US-listed EU equity ETFs this month

Eurozone crisis fears re-emerge

Markets unsure if ECB bank stress test results will be positive

Investors weigh Venezuela debt default

Cost of buying insurance against default jumps to five-year highs

Job Moves: who is hiring and where

The latest job moves and coverage of people making the news in the world’s financial capitals

Markets: Into uncharted waters

After the volatility, investors face the hard reality that stocks and bonds still look expensive

Wild price swings are flashback to crisis

Backdrop was clash of views between equity and bond investors

The sound and fury in global markets

The turmoil is a reminder of the importance of fighting deflation

US equity bulls need good earnings story

It just got much harder to make the case for rising stock prices

Market turmoil fuels doubts over Europe

Greek borrowing costs surge fuels concerns over structural issues

Greek sell-off revives eurozone fears

Diverging bond spreads reflect investor unease on economy

After QE: Taking off the stabilisers

Markets are braced for increased volatility

Greece share prices tumble to 2014 low

Sell-off prompted by spike in 10-year bond yields

SABMiller bet on soft drinks pays off

Growth in non-alcoholic drinks offsets weakness in lager

Wall St slides as growth worries persist

S&P 500 at its lowest level for nearly five months

Ackman’s Pershing Square fizzles on IPO

Shares trade at a sharp discount to fund’s net asset value

Analysts positive on European earnings

Improvement in backdrop and weaker currency should boost earnings

Emerging markets enter slow growth era

Fading China and spluttering Latin America and E Europe blamed

European groups expect weak euro boost

Overseas revenue a bright spot in weak economy

Companies diary: October 13-19

JPMorgan expected to report $5.3bn in net income

SABMiller and Diageo search for growth

Drinks groups expected to report stagnant or even falling sales