QE effect on shares offsets Greek worries

Enthusiasm for ECB programme sends record flows into equity funds

IC — January 31 highlights

Companies analysis from our sister publication

Greek banks find support after fall

Share prices bounce back but solvency worries remain

Hopes rise for success of ECB’s stimulus

Analysts warn monetary easing is difficult drug to withdraw from

Greek bank shares hit as deposits flee

Lenders set to tap emergency central bank lending facility

From the chocolate board at Wild Honey, Mayfair
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Chocolate trade seeks lift as prices fall

High charges for cocoa have dented demand for confection

UK utilities: populist power

SSE is appealing, if you can hack the politics

Job Moves: who is hiring and where

The latest job moves and coverage of people making the news in the world’s financial capitals

Comment: Shenzhen next stop on ‘through train’

Shenzhen will add excitement to Stock Connect

Small can be beautiful but quality is key

Avoid the urge to punt the riskiest small-cap stocks

Week in Review, January 24

Retail forex brokers, Microsoft, Total and Swedish jet scandal featured

Greek banks lead eurozone equities rally

Stronger economic data add to improving mood

Should you hedge European exposure?

QE will boost shares but weaken the euro

Draghi’s QE boldness lifts markets

Size and scale of ECB action exceeds expectations to spur rally across asset classes

Eurozone’s periphery stock indices shine

Spain, Italy and Greece markets outperform after of ECB announcement

John Authers: ECB lacks shock and awe

Transparency has robbed QE of valuable element of surprise

Week in Review, January 17

Car party in Detroit; MetLife, oil projects, and drug deals also in the news

Europe’s stocks await ECB’s QE boost

Measures unlikely to have same impact as US easing

Swiss franc jolts currency trading

Investors scramble to cut losses after shock decision

Copper slumps on Chinese selling

Price hits 5½-year low after sell-off in Shanghai