Miners and banks spark euro equity rally

Investors shrug off weak US jobs data

Emerging Asia: The ill wind of deflation

Falling prices hurt profits and spark job losses while fears mount over their effect elsewhere

Italy seeks to prosecute S&P and Fitch

Agencies accused of inflicting unjustified damage with ratings

Company share listings set to accelerate

Growing pipeline of IPOs despite elevated equity volatility

Bit late to start playing defence

Danger is that those switching into supposedly safer stocks will find they have paid over the odds

European stocks make upbeat start to Q4

Volkswagen and Glencore lead recovery at start of final quarter

Torrid quarter ends in broad stock rebound

Bargain hunters pick through mining stocks as indices recover

Job Moves: who is hiring and where

The latest job moves and coverage of people making the news in the world’s financial capitals

Fed’s rate hold adds to the uncertainty

Wait and see policy and VW scandal combine to shift sentiment

VW losses exacerbated by short selling

Some hedge funds were already betting against the carmaker

Platinum prices hit by Volkswagen scandal

Precious metal is used in diesel catalysts

Carmakers drive European indices lower

Auto and parts sub-index falls 13 per cent over two days

Telecoms trade alphabet soup for humble pie

Competition concerns dull the shine of O2-3 and BT-EE pairings

ECB outweighs Fed as fund flow influence

Prospect of more eurozone easing boosts equities while bonds oddly becalmed

Spanish bond spreads widen as polls loom

Rising risk premium over Italian debt gathers pace

Fight breaks out over high-yield ETFs

A look at the recent scrap between Carl Icahn and Larry Fink

Citadel pushes into European swaps

Hedge fund group poaches JPMorgan executive to lead charge

Ex-Merrill banker hails bitcoin potential

Wigley joins executives exploring ways to apply the technology

Jobs growth exposes US market anxieties

Wall Street prepares to wave goodbye to its ‘great liquidity friend’

Eurozone IPO window opens after turmoil

Volumes have fallen as sales by private equity funds decline

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