Solar ETFs feel pain after Hanergy falls

Guggenheim plans to drop group from its funds

NYSE liquidity drive pushes midday auction

Move will target thinly traded US stocks

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Full litigation risk clouded by lack of regulatory transparency

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Chinese stocks hit 7-year high as Goldin and Hanergy stun HK market

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UK inflation chart

Care needed in defeating deflation

Battle against falling prices must not become too successful

Best Buy jumps after strong product cycle

US stocks on S&P 500 poised for record high

S&P claims record as rate concerns fade

Dollar weaker while Treasuries gain

Tullow jumps on South American optimism

FTSE 100 climbs to a fourth straight gain

Stock prices of Goldin subsidiaries
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HK market under scrutiny as Goldin falls

Loss of $36bn in market cap draws attention to market rules

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FTSE 100 rose 0.2 per cent to 7,007.26, its third straight gain

Théodore, architect of Euronext, dies at 68

Frenchman combined the Paris, Amsterdam and Brussels markets

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