Singapore mobilises against Zika cluster

City-state confirms 41 cases in area around building site

Cornerstone investors surge for HK IPOs

Bankers fear high level of lock-ins undermines credibility

Emerging markets rally masks frailties

Investors should be wary of Chinese debt lurking in a jumble of assets

China policy U-turn boosts local state bonds

Chengtou bonds are back and likely to prove resilient

Splitscreen photo of the Singapore Esplanade Bay Theatre blanketed with haze (left) and on a normal day

Singapore haze hits ‘unhealthy’ levels

Acrid smoke from Indonesia sends smog over the SE Asian financial centre

Iran a no-go for banks without US backing

This tale is a sad example of how uncoordinated Washington’s policy can be

Antoine Griezmann of Atlético Madrid, Mauro Emanuel Icardi of Inter Milan and Kevin De Bruyne
©EPA; Reuters

China $2bn football spree stirs fans’ fears

Clubs in Europe question whether new owners have the commitment needed to seek long-term success

Shenzhen-HK trade link news pokes the bears

Chinese stocks listed in Hong Kong have gained more than 10% in the past 2 months

US demands Kurdish fighters leave Manbij

Washington threatens to remove air cover for ground operations


Pirate attacks fall to 21-year low

Focus turns to violent kidnappings off Nigerian coast

Dilma Rousseff faces impeachment in Brazil

Senate poised to vote on final phase of installing Michel Temer as president

Iran oil minister to attend Algeria Opec meeting

Bijan Zanganeh will attend gathering of ministers in Algeria in September

Mongolia tightens belt to tackle deficit

Cost-cutting measures launched as dire state of finances revealed

Dutch flash trader IMC hit by China probe

Latest fallout from last summer's stock market meltdown

Monsanto steps up India cotton dispute

US group pulls new seeds from country in protest over royalties

Thai visa fee jump hits Chinese tourists

Some costs double despite China driving visitor surge

Colombia agrees peace deal with Farc

Accord to end long civil war depends on ‘yes’ vote in plebiscite

As China slows, investors look elsewhere

EMs are flattered by the view that they are the least bad option

Foreign stores face challenge in China

Though market is surging, foreign operators will struggle to replicate first-tier dominance

Chinese tech FDI: the great awakening

Tech giants tend to focus on home market but this is changing

Aberdeen Street Social, Hong Kong

When you tire of steel and glass high-rises, come for a slice of old-school Hong Kong

Rand to August low on finance minister news

Currency falls on reports Pravin Gordhan summoned by police

Money wanes for EM-focused private funds

Sector on track to raise least money since 2009 despite bounce

Biden sent on charm offensive to Ankara

Gulen top of agenda as US vice-president aims to ease tensions

Russia and Iran join hands on Syria

Moscow and Tehran take advantage of US mis-steps

Oil industry dynamics spur crude optimism

Energy prices could be heading to a higher and more sustainable trading range

China poised for credit default swap market

People’s Bank of China looks set to give the hedging scheme the go-ahead

SGX and Baltic Exchange agree terms

London-based bourse compiles the Baltic Dry Index

Terror fears take toll on Egypt’s tourism

Visitor numbers fall in Turkey, but return of Russians could spur rebound

Russian court ruling could hit Google

Yandex hopes to increase market share in online search as US group loses appeal against watchdog


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