FTCR China Business Activity index at 4-month low

Drag from freight and export conditions and housing market

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Xi has changed China’s winning formula

The country’s most important policies have been overturned by its strongman leader

Iran boycotts Hajj in row with Saudis

Annual pilgrimage falls victim to regional rivalries

Dalian Wanda offers $4.4bn to delist unit

Wang’s offer would be the largest Chinese take-private in HK

Asia may offer food for hawks

There is still a moderately bullish case for emerging markets

Collusion keeps debt problems at bay in China’s private sector heartland

Extend and pretend is merely delaying the inevitable and making its impact that much more severe

China – FTCR Real Estate Index falls again in May as sales growth cools

Aston Martin’s £2.5m cars snapped up

Wealthy customers were shown ‘hypercar’ at secret showings

India business: Defensive mode

Billionaire Anil Ambani is betting that defence spending will save his business

Sibanye Gold pins hopes on platinum

South Africa’s largest gold miner plans more acquisitions

Emerging markets should shift into gold

John Plender analyses the case for the yellow metal in official reserves

Apple sets sights on bigger target in India

Fast-growing market draws interest as millions upgrade to smartphones

China companies borrow to repay debts

Credit deluge fails to boost growth in saturated economy

Asian equities: both dead and alive

Data disagree on whether foreign investors are piling into Far East stocks or running for the hills

Ukraine tries ‘you invaded us’ debt defence

Conflict with Russia condensed into $3bn court fight

Chinese football: love or money

Investors in the beautiful game must be in for the long haul

Calm over weaker renminbi will not last

Investors’ immunity to be tested by symptoms of greater malady

Argentina to plunge in global wealth list

Revision of figures from Fernández administration suggests 40% chasm in GDP per head

Chinese firms’ financial outlook worsens

Credit ratings suffer record deterioration, says Moody’s

China – FTCR Exports Index falls in May

Export activity falls in May as increasing export volumes and easing cost pressures failed to offset falling prices and profits

IMF economists re-examine ‘neoliberalism’

Is the fund throwing darts at wider area of economic orthodoxy? 

China takes long view on LatAm investment

Infrastructure spending to proceed despite upheaval, survey shows

Russia: money notes

Perversely, economic sanctions work both for and against Russia

China – FTCR Labour Market Index ticks up but outlook dims

Labour Market Index records its weakest ever May reading, despite an improvement in manufacturing hiring

Brazil: a lack of Temer-ity

New government shows few signs of implementing bold solutions

Venezuela sells gold reserves to repay debt

State’s stock of precious metal at record low

South Korea equities: we won more

Lloyd’s of London: Future risks

With profits dented and clients seeking lower costs, can the famous insurance market adapt?

Africans press India after student murder

Killing of young Congolese in Delhi sets back Modi’s attempts to forge closer ties

Foreigners boost Russia’s bond comeback

First post-sanctions sale attracts buyers from US, EU and Asia


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