Yen weakens on back of rising wages

Japanese currency falls 0.7% against the dollar

Japan stocks extend rally to 7-month high

Hong Kong equities surge the most in 10 months on China services rebound

Venezuela reshuffle dashes pragmatist hopes

Maduro hands economy role to Chávez comrade, oil ministry to late president’s cousin

US manufacturing strength boosts dollar

Treasury bond yields rise and gold sinks

Scots poll has investors rushing for cover

Bookies pull in odds on Yes vote and markets look for hedges

Eurozone: Draghi’s new deal

The ECB president’s call for a fiscal and monetary compact has won a mixed reaction from observers

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Hedging against a Scottish Yes vote

There is an alternative to simply selling sterling

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Draghi approaches his Abenomics moment

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S&P 500 ends week at record high

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How can I avoid bank charges abroad?

Debit and credit card charges can vary significantly

Scottish ‘Yes’ could be costly

Independence over policy will amount to a little fiscal fiddling

Rouble tumbles as Ukraine tension grows

Currency hits record low against dollar

Eurozone inflation hits five-year low

Pressure mounts on European Central Bank to ease monetary policy

Rouble hits record low against the dollar

Deepening crisis between Russia and Ukraine hits FX markets

Ukraine worries rekindle risk aversion

Wall St losses curbed by economic optimism