Asian FX lead emerging markets rebound

Malaysian ringgit gains 6% over week and Korean won rises 3%

Chart: On a roll (US Barclays Aggregate bond vields v Fed Funds target rate)

Central bank policy divergence to widen

As Fed prepares for lift-off the ECB may yet extend QE


Fed rate mystery keeps dollar fears alive

A stronger greenback has the potential to batter EMs

US stocks move higher after Fed minutes

S&P 500 breaks back above 2,000 level

Sterling factors in UK rate rise timing

Pound falls 0.25% after the market detects more dovish tone

EM currencies ‘have further to fall’

Most currencies far from lows in inflation-adjusted terms

EM impacted by global US dollar recession

IMF forecasts largest annual shrinkage in world growth, measured in US dollars, since records began


Dollar strength only part of earnings hit

Impact across S&P 500 depends on how much companies sell abroad

Renminbi scheme reflects Swift spy fears

China launches system to streamline cross-border payments

Renminbi outlook a puzzle for investors

Global investors look beyond China’s desire for reserve currency status

Wall Street resumes upward momentum

Oil prices retreat after recent rally

When capitulation makes way for rebound

Hardest-hit prices have rebounded fast, from commodities to EMs

Australia thermal coal price at 8-year low

Fall comes as producers conclude quarterly supply discussions with customers in Japan

Third-quarter EM pain for dollar earners

Earnings hit to be felt most by US exporters to emerging markets

Forex traders score victory against IG

Spread betting firm compensates some clients over Swiss franc losses

Hold tight for a bumpy US earnings season

Stronger dollar and lack of guidance will make for some surprises

China FX reserves fall amid PBoC support

Monthly decline of $43bn as Beijing continues to intervene to prop up renminbi

Asset managers drive dollar’s strength

Norwegian and Swedish krone have also been favoured

Wall Street retreats after five-day rally

Brent oil climbs back above $50 a barrel

US deficit widens as exports slow

Analysts shave Q3 growth estimates on weakening global demand