Core long-term bond yields heading lower

The process of going negative has profound implications for investors

US recession risk haunts markets

Indicators show most severe US ‘growth scare’ since Great Recession in 2009

Bank shares look oversold

Sector’s lead role in January sell-off could have been over-dramatic

Strong case for value investing in Japan

Tokyo stock market’s highly cyclical nature means sectors deliver great returns when the cycle turns positive

How human traders will beat the machines

Advancement of computer-driven trading systems may sow seeds of their eventual obsolescence

The positive impact of passive investors

Research suggests funds coexist with an increase in board independence

Why markets fear stuttering US factories

Sluggishness has ripple effects on economy and financial markets

Company outlooks crucial for US stocks

Past year sees stocks on a plateau with occasional swoons overlapping blackout periods for buybacks

Not the time for catching a falling knife

Global markets reflect sense of a new, much tougher era for asset prices

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Photo taken on: September 01st, 2014

Market mayhem a prelude to difficult year

Upcoming earnings season is a cause of great apprehension

Hedge fund stock picks underperform

The industry has disappointed pension fund and individual clients

ETFs to play main role in the next crisis

Liquidity fears in indexed products have caused jitters this year

Paris summit marks watershed for investors

Companies face prospect of big institutions applying collective pressure over environment

Junk bond fund ‘meltdown’ call overdone

Third Avenue not likely a harbinger of more mutual fund closures

US pensions raise bar in low carbon funds

Efforts to reduce carbon emissions without financial pain continue

Rate rise belies frailties in US economy

For many companies the burden of debt will become more onerous

Caution on US inflation is now warranted

Rising prices would spur Fed rate rises and lower stock earnings

US credit tightens ahead of Fed shift

Signs of impending downward spiral appear even before policy move

Investors psyched by the endowment effect

Tendency to overvalue assets is costly and reflects investor fear

Fund manager fee cap could control costs

Competition does not keep charges down in the pensions industry