Target-dated funds need an overhaul


TDFs help pension plans but face challenges of fees, asset allocation and benchmarks

Fed’s thoughts run deeper than rates

Investors tune their strategies for potential return of inflation

History holds gloomy lesson for US stocks

Resting hopes for US stocks on higher earnings growth is a bet against recent history

World watches as China’s deflation wanes

Move toward inflation will help lighten debt burden in real terms

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Dividend yield on Topix stock index has risen above that of the S&P 500

Trump, Clinton and the $15bn tweet

Healthcare stocks show candidates’ rhetoric is hotter than their ability to achieve real change

Not a time for switching to emerging markets

EM assets are vulnerable both to a rise in bond yields and perceived geopolitical risk

Bond buyers beware oil’s bonus rules

Even after the price crash, oil companies reward production rather than capital preservation

Brexit casts long shadow over UK stocks

Range of outcomes suggests political uncertainty will play dominant role

Central banks store up pain for investors

Deeper push into unconventional policies is a growing global risk

‘Nifty Fifty’ dents US stock bubble fear

The history of the ‘Nifty Fifty’ tempers fears that US stocks at record highs are in a bubble

European stocks can salvage 2016

The current gloom on equities could quickly turn

Strong performance suggests real estate top

Reits like other conservative and income-producing assets look over-extended

Riding high on the yen and the dollar

Macro hedge funds get some relief, but search for yield is going to get tougher

Case for minimum volatility looks robust

Equity markets’ post-Brexit round trip provides test for smart beta

Bond vigilantes expect eurozone fireworks

US hedge funds look ready to bet that without ever-closer union, the eurozone will break up

How Brexit caused a Wall Street sell-off

Reminder of political risk coincides with markets looking ready for a fall

Yields may lure investors to bank stocks

Looming events could give sector’s shares a boost

The star ratings that hurt investors

A star rating system for funds is in need of further reform as investors question active managers

MSCI was right to hold firm on China

Index decision is justifiable even if it puts pressure on markets