Euro swaps benchmark fixed at negative

Reference rate for swaps and mortgages turns negative

IMF Go Home" on corrugated metal fencing outside the University of Athens in Athens, Greece

Greek debt deadlock hits shares and bonds

July 2017 bond yield rises above 29%

European stocks gain as results reassure

Wall Street struggles despite M&A action

Weighing the rewards of risky Greek debt

Is the reward on offer high enough to cover the risk of not being paid back

US and European stocks bounce back

Chinese policy easing offers support

EM ETFs: liquidity problem solved?

Investors have been drawn to exchange traded funds, but do they understand the downside?

Missing bond clauses mean holdout risks

New framework for sovereign debt not adopted by all

Investors fight for greater say on boards

More than 100 companies face votes on right to nominate directors

Petrobras results clear Brazil outlook

Group’s 2014 numbers a milestone on journey away from scandal

Greek short-term bond yields hit high

Debt due in 2017 at new peak for 7th straight session

Week centres on pick-up in core eurozone

Finance ministers gathering for monthly eurogroup meeting

Bloomberg global outage paralyses investors

Failure delays £3bn UK debt sale and highlights market dependence

Equity investors reject UK election risk

Political stakes are high: so too is faith in UK stocks

Treasury market faces uncharted territory

Regulators, dealers and investors worried about liquidity

Pressure mounts on Greek debt

July 2017 debt at highest yield since restructuring

Global savings glut limits bond yields

Demographics has sting in the tail for capital markets

Bund yields hit low as Greek debt plunges

US and Europe stocks dip as Shanghai surges to fresh 7-year high

Tantrums and tears for bondholders

Fear not the first rate rise but the speed of subsequent rises

Ukraine plays hardball on debt restructuring

Country said to be prepared to let state-owned lender Ukreximbank default

Election jitters prompt gilt exodus

International investors reduce UK bond holdings