Junk-rated Chicago to test bond market

Yields on long-term bonds have risen to similar levels to Rwanda

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Record fundraisings ploughed back into loans to invest in market

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Solid infrastructure is built on monopoly

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Europe’s weak support for Ukraine is a strange form of economics, says John Dizard

China opens to Hong Kong-registered funds

Recognition scheme will allow direct sales to Chinese investors

ECB battles to keep euro under control

Central bank gets vocal to push single currency back down

UK inflation chart

Care needed in defeating deflation

Battle against falling prices must not become too successful

S&P claims record as rate concerns fade

Dollar weaker while Treasuries gain

Eurozone companies to boost cash returns

Shareholder friendly behaviour to close gap with US companies

Demand for infrastructure raises risks

Returns are falling as pension funds seek long-term cash flows

Hurdles remain for single-name CDS

Solution touted by banks and investors is central clearing

Bond price swings loom on summer lull

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Stocks and bonds choppy after Fed minutes

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Global state investors shift into property

Fears over whether public sector is helping to inflate bubbles

Bond ‘tantrum’ stops bank euro debt sales

Higher ECB bond-buying in May and June may help end drought

Slim looks set to reduce KPN stake

América Móvil to sell $3bn in convertible bonds

Traders seek clear signal for weaker yen

Period of stability shows signs of ending as Y125 beckons

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Parameters transformed by Chicago and Detroit rulings

US corporate debt sales top $100bn in May

Issuance running at record pace in 2015 ahead of Fed rate rise