Economic Outlook

Eurozone data should show prices moving up to 0.3% year on year

India’s ‘mini bang’ to boost corporate bonds

Reforms will allow banks to issue offshore rupee-denominated masala bonds

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US pensions walk trillion-dollar tightrope

How public pensions calculate their liabilities comes under sharp scrutiny amid fears of a black hole

New York city skyline. Manhattan buildings

Manhattan’s high-end property prices fall

Prices for high-end property are down 7% from September peak

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Pensions and demographics: a Q&A

Pension promises challenged by unhelpful demographics

Expressing a preference

Preferred shares offer better yields, but do they offer enough?

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Pru warns on negative rates ‘systemic risk’

American economy seen as strong enough to cope with rate rise

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Pension megadeals lose their allure

Lower-for-longer rates lift cost of taking schemes off balance sheets

Insurance costs fail to match bond rally

Credit default swaps lag falling yields on corporate bonds

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Canada quietly treads radical path on pensions

Retirement funds push beyond bonds and stocks

Money wanes for EM-focused private funds

Sector on track to raise least money since 2009 despite bounce

Pensions and bonds: the problem explained

Bond mathematics and the scale of pension deficits

Pensions crunch drives desire for gilts

Policies to keep economy growing are adding to schemes’ deficits

Markets: don’t follow the money

It is a mistake to imagine the market as a hydraulic system

BoE’s corporate QE faces challenges

After an initial galvanising effect, the BoE’s corporate bond-buying now needs to sustain the impact

Battle for gilts looms as low yields bite

Pensions funds and insurers will require £300bn more gilts over next decade, consultancy estimates

Politics to set pace for Brazil’s markets

Race for yield draws money in, but is the rally looking tired?

Fed’s thoughts run deeper than rates

Investors tune their strategies for potential return of inflation

Markets Diary

Economists do not think Janet Yellen is ready to show her hand

Emerging markets back in vogue

Inflows at 58-week high as yield-hungry investors feel the squeeze