China interest rates rise despite PBoC

Expectations of more easing propelling stock market

US companies increasingly borrow in euros

Verizon and AT&T among the top 10 eurobond issuers this year

‘Largesse’ assets may be on borrowed time

Withdrawal of central bank support will be big theme

Brokers back new boost to bond liquidity

Electronic credit trading venues aim to address market bottlenecks

Drought looms for EU bank bond investors

Lenders more concerned with paying back ECB loans

Oil plunge sparks US credit market fears

Crude turmoil spreads into more esoteric financial corners

Lower inflation expected as oil drops

Puts pressure on monetary policy makers who will miss targets

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Risks of Europe’s ‘protest’ parties

Low bond yields, except in Greece, show markets not worried yet

Vix index suggests year-end anxiety

‘Fear gauge’ indicates more nerves over immediate market wobbles than about the coming months

US energy junk debt sell-off spreads

Average yields on junk debt pushed to nearly 7 per cent

ECB fails to woo Europe’s banks

Failure of TLTROs may make ECB more likely to bypass banks

Banks face ‘carrot or stick’ rule on ABS

Lower capital rules may apply to simplified loan packages, global financial regulators proposes

Greek stocks and bonds in sharp sell-off

Shares fall 7% while bond yields climb to near 9%

Wall St rallies after retail sales boost

European stocks weak as oil revisits 5-year lows

Economy healthy, inflation weak, Fed stymied

Officials may ignore prices as unemployment falls

Cheap energy bonds fail to tempt rally

Debt investors err on side of caution as oil prices drop

Eurozone banks: horsing around

Extra liquidity is going nowhere. Time for firmer action

Eurozone spreads widen on ‘Grexit’ fears

If Draghi disappoints on QE further widening is likely

Early Argentina ‘holdouts’ deal in doubt

Debt sale and swap offer to bond investors could give flexibility to avoid rushed settlement

Sting in tail of UK’s low borrowing costs

Record low yield on 30-year gilt could flag up growth concerns