Demand grows for eurozone equity exposure

$19.3bn pours into European ETFs this year

Valeant set for $9.6bn jumbo junk sale

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Eurozone’s march to QE enters its final stages

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The result should be a higher cost of capital for banks.

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ECB and BoE not expected to change rates

European Central Bank’s forecast likely to revise GDP upwards

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There are positives to negative yields

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Asset class is tax efficient with little impact on credit ratings

World equity index hovers near record

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Germany sells debt at negative yield

Once a rare phenomenon, such securities are becoming more common

Markets play chicken with Fed over rates

Volatility to rise if Fed acts sooner than assumed by bond markets

Brazil hit by Petrobras downgrade

Bonds, equities and currency rocked after Moody’s cuts oil group’s ratings

Ivory Coast sells $1bn bond in Africa test

Deal yields 6.625% with staggered repayment schedule

US corporate borrowers flock to Europe

Higher yielding debt sought by European bond investors