Stocks in retreat amid Yemen tensions

S&P 500 erases gains for the year

Gulf markets slide on Saudi intervention in Yemen

Oil prices jump as action sparks fears of growing regional unrest

China IPO rules lead to massive arbitrage

Cap on prices delivers risk-free profits to lottery winners

Wall Street slide after more soft data

Dollar falls as poor figures cloud rates outlook

Fed policy puzzle puts Treasuries on edge

Bond market volatility to persist while questions on rates remain

Draghi yet to shift inflation expectations

Gauge watched most closely by ECB barely risen since QE began

China’s bond market passes property test

Market absorbs Kaisa’s default rating

Moody’s warns on EM dollar finance costs

Brazil, Turkey and South Africa likely to face particular problems

US stocks slip in spite of weaker dollar

European focus turns back to Greece

Five weeks of outflows

Political uncertainty and robust eurozone stocks behind investor moves

Draghi hits back at QE hawks

ECB president denies programme delays national reforms

Bond market fears liquidity crunch repeat

Widespread concern over the structure of the fixed income markets

Euro money funds turn red

Negative yields spread across Euro money market funds

What markets are watching this week

Focus on battle between Greece and its creditors

China’s OTC board surges on tech optimism

New index shows over-the-counter market has gained 53% in 2015

US companies sell record euro debt

Lured by lower borrowing costs and weaker euro as ECB begins QE

Ukraine likely to restructure Russia debt

Ukraine government squares up to international creditors

Greek and German policy makers to meet

Greek crisis and slowdown in trade to keep German exports subdued

Global fund managers warn on bond bubble

Survey finds growing fears of a disorderly sell-off

Dollar regains poise after sharp sell-off

US stocks and Treasuries retreat