Norway oil fund to double top team

Restructuring to tackle SWF’s ever-increasing size

Funds spark review of Puerto Rico economy

US territory may have miscalculated GNP for 60 years

IFC launches $2.5bn rupee bond programme

World Bank arm’s facility will finance infrastructure investment

US hedge funds seek European success

So-called activist investors look for overseas opportunities

Time to dust off euro crisis strategies

Draghi magic is wearing thin and feedback loop remains in place

M&A boom must evolve to create growth

Expansion in labour and investment must be the aim of mergers

Long-term investing

Equities have provided a better insurance than cash or bonds against the risks of unanticipated inflation

US investors cut their European exposure

Net outflows of almost $4bn in the past six weeks

Eurozone banks take a debt sale holiday

July issuance of senior unsecured bonds fall to lowest on record

An indifferent time for Japan

Investors seem bored of inaction at the BoJ

‘Tina’ stocks: There is no alternative

Dividend yields in the US and Europe return more than bonds

Risks of dining on a new derivatives menu

Japan’s warning to eurozone bond markets

Structural reform, not QE, is needed to lift European growth

Borrowing costs close to the edge in Europe

Investors buy junk bond recovery more time

Defaults low and returning investors still seek high yielding assets

Don’t fight the US Treasury bond rally

Wave of mortgage refinancing will drive yields even lower

Draghi has few legal ways to fix the euro

The ECB has signalled that it is safe to bet against the inflation target

Central bankers gather at Jackson Hole

Fed and BoE minutes also in spotlight

US Treasury bears face irresistible force

Expectations of rising bond yields keep being confounded

Leaky repo deals present new concerns

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