Is the UK destroying its immigration advantage?

Millennial v Boomer series: Mrs Moneypenny and Brynne Herbert discuss Britain’s immigration visa rules

Stern on Boards

FT Staff. Stefan Stern byline.
Why setting targets for diversity is unlikely to have the desired effect
– Stefan Stern
Illustration shows financial buildings with tinted glass making the colours of the LGBT form across them in a rainbow ©
Companies chase a ‘return on equality’ as LGBT-friendly policies blossom
William Lauder, Executive chairman of Estée Lauder

At Work with ... William Lauder

Role change has been good for the family businessman

Career Counsel: Look beyond the CV to hire the right freelancer

The cost of a ‘cultural misfit’ can be high in terms of productivity, efficiency and team morale

Latest audit rules make recruiting tougher

Upheaval and burnout could scare off professional and financial services talent

Karen Blackett, chief executive of MediaCom

At Work with . . . Karen Blackett

MediaCom CEO on working hard and learning to listen

Mrs Moneypenny Recruitment column

There is no such thing as ‘employer brand’

People want to work at the places they shop

Career Counsel: How can I rekindle stalled hopes of promotion?

You need to position yourself in terms of worth and how your role can develop

Workers bring mental wellbeing into open

Employers are encouraging frank discussion

Career Counsel: How can I best increase workplace diversity?

You need to answer three questions for your key audience, the decision makers

Jacqueline Novogratz, founder of Acumen

At Work with ... Jacqueline Novogratz

Philanthropy calls on diverse skills and experiences, reveals the founder of Acumen

Closing the gender gap requires initiative

Do venture capital funds think women are only good at shopping?

Inspiration for this week’s Haiku Contest

Judge Jim Kacian gives modern and traditional examples of haiku dealing with this week’s topic: work travel

Pool of grey talent could transform the world

Older executives seeking a second career have the chance to make a difference

Career Counsel: What must I do to help my team thrive abroad?

Set your team up for personal success and help them understand the cultural differences

At Work with ... Imran Amed

The latest venture of The Business of Fashion founder is to source global talent

Work experience: an essential socialising influence

Some of our best hires have been people who have done summer jobs with us

In a blink: Millennials’ views

Their attitudes to citizenship and the role of business

Baby boom generation just refuses to quit

Companies still need to learn how to make the best of their ageing workforce

At Work with . . . Vicky Featherstone

The Royal Court Theatre’s artistic director on pushing back the boundaries in drama