Should we focus more on race or less?

Mixed message: Prince Ea’s spoken-word piece ‘These Labels Were Made Up to Divide Us’ has been widely viewed on YouTube
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Experts warn that a shift toward ‘colour blindness’ over multiculturalism perpetuates bias


Mrs Moneypenny and Carola Hoyos in the quest to find out whether artisanship is still alive
Stefan Stern
The danger in taking a superficial approach to diversity is that it may not bring about change
– Stefan Stern

Top 100 minority executives fighting workplace bias

Ranking of influential role models fighting prejudice at work

Poignant: Berlin’s Konzerthaus
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No German, no English — no job for refugees

Germany has a skills shortage but 1m asylum seekers face language barrier and tiresome red tape

Justine Roberts

Ruthless focus on positive action

White middle-class men have enjoyed positive discrimination at work for long enough

Dr Indarjit Singh, Britain’s first turbaned Sikh to sit in the House of Lords
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Interview: Indarjit Singh, crossbench life peer

First Sikh member of the House of Lords says it is human nature to want to feel superior

Mrs Moneypenny

Be careful how you play the Bame game when recruiting

You will not keep a diverse workforce unless its members feel they are fully part of the organisation

Stefan Stern

True diversity is more than skin deep

The danger in taking a superficial approach to diversity is that it may not bring about change

Sandra Kerr of BITC says that while top men may have daughters, they lack links with ethnic minorites

Minority report: companies wake up to the benefits of diversity

Businesses are increasingly willing to improve, but which tactics actually work

Pseudonym: Kayo Anosike had better luck as alter ego Kayla Benjamin when she applied for jobs
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Black and ethnic names have less chance of making shortlist

Bias means that well-qualified candidates struggle to get a foot in the door

Good journeys: Sodha’s company helped OnCall: Medicine with a Mission travel to the Philippines

Interview: Harish Sodha’s long journey to success

One time refugee and Diversity Travel founder ranks 14th on list

More honesty seen as cure to fears about migration

Academics say political leadership is weak at a time of rapid influx

Millennial v Boomer: young workers and EU

Debate: One says youthful staff want to remain in the EU, the other fears apathy

Interview: Fiona Dawson

Global president, Mars foods, wants change on healthy eating

Graphic: Inappropriate interview questions

Queries for women forbidden under the Equalities Act 2010

Azeem Azhar: ‘The company man belongs in the last century’

Understanding what is going on outside is paramount

Board Briefing: Trouble at the BBC

The governing board faces upheaval — what do our experts think?