Millennial v Boomer: young generation wants radical feedback

Kim Scott
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Newer employees like their appraisals upfront and often

Stern on Boards

Stefan Stern
Chief risk officers are key. But they need the confidence and humility to influence others
– Stefan Stern
Employees rank Peninsula Business Services and GE Capital as best workplaces in their sectors
Azeem Azhar

Job-stealing robots should not scare us

They are Laputian idiot-geniuses, able to factorise thousand-digit numbers but unable to open doors

Minerva Tantoco, New York City, chief technology officer

Minerva Tantoco, New York City’s chief technology officer

Her success stems from excitement of science

Career Counsel: Speak your mind about Europe and business

Engage your chairman when you speak out for Europe, advises IoD’s Lady Barbara Judge

work/family balance

In a Blink: unbalanced

Most of our lives are skewed towards work, not family


Workplace Haiku: miscommunication

The theme garnered more pith than poetry this week

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Glassdoor takes clear aim at LinkedIn

Expanding job review site could spark a battle of two internet titans

Colin Evans, Collinson Group, chairman
©Anna Gordon

Colin Evans, Collinson Group, chairman

To spark ideas embrace disruption, says the travel firm chief

Mrs Moneypenny

Snow and strikes are no obstacles for gritty women

Are women more committed than men when it comes to getting to the office?

Justine Roberts

Trust more people to tell you the truth

Seek out criticism from all sides. It stings, but bear traps hurt more

Workplace Haiku: the praise of peers

The theme often sounds hollow, especially in a downturn

The rise of the humble chief risk officer

They need the confidence and humility to influence others

‘Big Four’ look beyond academics

Firms want to make offers based on potential, rather than personal circumstance

Accountants play the recruitment game

Tech skills are becoming increasingly important

Naomi Climer, engineering advocate

UK needs injection of Californian optimism

The world’s big problems should not keep us awake

How much sleep do we need to get the most out of our waking hours?

Beware of the ‘blitzscalers’

Scale-ups, not start-ups are changing the world, argues technology entrepreneur Azeem Azhar

Workplace Haiku: new boss

Poems of ambiguity and simplicity

Boeing and the decline of the middle class

Study provides view of the unwinding of the postwar social contract

Cato Syversen, chief executive, Creditsafe

Tattoos of the company logo and holidays engage staff