Europe lags behind US in non-executives with digital knowledge

Companies without expert directors struggle

Stern on Boards

Stefan Stern
Foregoing female directors means foregoing serious profit
– Stefan Stern
Businesswoman hurrying through office building lobby ©Alamy
Men play a crucial role in helping women achieve their full career potential

Plan well ahead to ensure a smooth succession

You never know whether your retirement will be voluntary or not

Kailen Rosenberg, Founder, The Love Architects

Kailen Rosenberg, finding love for the rich and misguided

Match making is rather similar to headhunting

In a Blink: time wasters

In a Blink: time wasters

Half suffer through useless meetings


Workplace Haiku: burn out

Poetically depressing haiku wins

Readers respond to ‘The Exit Interview’

Many warn those leaving to hold their tongues

All-male boards come with $655bn cost

Foregoing female directors means foregoing serious profit

A worker carries a box out of the U.S. investment bank Lehman Brothers offices in the Canary Wharf district of London September 15, 2008.

Useless exit interviews carry a heavy cost

Many companies deal with resignations badly

Ronald Wackrow, EVP, Related Companies

Ronald Wackrow on managing New York’s biggest building site

It is like conducting an orchestra, he says

We must stem the loss of girls studying science, technology, engineering, maths

Many of the UK’s best scientists are giving up before they have even started

Resources on stem subjects

Resources for studying science, technology, engineering, maths and code

Career Counsel: Even at Google collaboration takes more than technology

The right workplace culture and habits are crucial

In a Blink: ‘I’d rather be . . .’

At the gym, with family or napping. How would you spend a free hour?

Workplace Haiku: how to deal with failure

Our winning poets use prayers and begging bowls

VW has myopic view of stakeholders

VW lost its way because it ignored all its stakeholders bar one — the investor

Digital fails to kill off the business card . . . just yet

Its simplicity and practicality allow the humble pasteboard rectangle to survive

Peter Horrocks, Open University, vice-chancellor

BBC longtimer takes on reform of UK’s most inclusive university

The unexpected careers of Lords and commoners

Unexpected and varied careers can be as inspiring as castles

Career Counsel: Use your intern wisely

Get the best out of their motivated, fresh young minds

In a Blink: the many hours we work

Many white-collar workers put in 50-plus hours a week