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Class divide creates career hurdles

Georgina Jones on her home turf of Peckham
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Candidates from poorer familes who are competing for professional jobs face barriers that wealthier competitors know little about

Stern Words

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Competing to the death is killing innovation
– Stefan Stern
Weekly advice from company stakeholders
Chairmen must get better at planning ahead for changes at the very top

How do I defect to my competitor without being sued?

Your Question Answered: Should I take the dream job offered by a competitor?

Annette King, CEO, Ogilvy & Mather UK
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At work with ... Annette King

A supportive boss and smoothing rough edges helped the CEO of Ogilvy & Mather UK to the top

Mrs Moneypenny Recruitment column

For opportunities’ sake, let us hope the Scots vote to stay

Young Scots should vote to stay in the union

Call for nominations: In search of the UK’s most successful part-timers

How to nominate part-timers for our Top 50 list

Richard Branson with younger sisters Lindy and Vanessa, photographed exclusively by Jack Brockway
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For higher achievers hire firstborns

Academics and business leaders believe birth order predicts career and academic success, tell us what you think by completing the poll co-founder Bertrand Bodson
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At work with ... Bertrand Bodson

Creativity draws high-tech talent to old retail

Mrs Moneypenny Recruitment column

UK parents, plan now for your 16-year old’s career success

The coming months are critical in preparing post-GCSE children for their careers

Tips for parents of post-GCSE children

Do not wait until they are eighteen to discuss your children’s career interests

man behind his office desk, looking stressed
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I worry a promotion would wreck my work/life balance

Your Question Answered: How to go after a more senior job without losing sleep, now or later


Chairman must assess risk culture

A separate risk committee is not always the answer

Focus energy on corporate reporting

A chairman should think carefully about good communication with shareholders

My wife will be furious if I keep my mobile on

Your Question Answered: Is there really any need to keep ourselves in constant contact with the office?

Tips for a healthy workplace

You could consider working standing up or maybe cycling to and from work

Stand up for yearly check-ups and stay in good health

Prevention is more cost-effective than cure

Dealing with an employee who calls in sick

Your Question Answered: How do I stop my previous employer giving me a bad reference?

Tips for high stakes board game

On boards stakes can be high and the complexities vast

Career Interviews

At work with ... Mary Curnock Cook

Leaving school at 16 and going to university after 40 was no impediment to a successful career in university admissions

Matthew Hancock

Young politician could become prime minister. For now, he is galloping to fix the workforce