US fighter jets keep watch over Santa

Some organisations shun him for diversity’s sake, others track Father Christmas by radar

Stern on Boards

FT Staff. Stefan Stern byline.
Watch out for signs your chief executive may be suffering from a surfeit of hubris
Illustration shows financial buildings with tinted glass making the colours of the LGBT form across them in a rainbow ©
Companies chase a ‘return on equality’ as LGBT-friendly policies blossom

Haiku to mark the season of goodwill

Winner has cruel but kind warning for those sending work emails over the festive period

A businesswoman holding a baby
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Part-time salaries catching up, but slowly

More women and (some) men are shunning full-time jobs

Graham Poole

UK’s 50 most powerful part-timers

Executives with flexible attitude

Maggie van’t Hoff

Workers on wisdom of part-time roles

Two senior executives discuss work-life balance

Rob & Paul Forkan, Founders of Gandys

Rob & Paul Forkan, founders, Gandys

Brothers spurred by tragedy to build flip-flop empire that gives something back

Career Counsel: EU data protection fines

Where should I begin to ensure staff avoid incurring penalties?

Mrs Moneypenny Recruitment column

I’m a convert to the value of executive education

I used to scoff at executive MBAs. But not any more


Workplace Haiku winner: David Dayson

A rather wistful modern take on the office flirt wins this week

In a Blink: employers fail to equip staff with skills they want

Employers are not offering the training their staff say they need

Curb your narcissistic chief executives

Watch out for signs your chief executive may be suffering from a surfeit of hubris

Stay mentally fit, even in a risky job

Some employers begin to foster the psychiatric wellbeing of their staff

Wendy Kopp, founder, Teach For America

Refusal to heed hurdles has served social entrepreneur

Career Counsel: Support abuse victims

I fear a member of my staff is suffering domestic violence, what should I do?

Enforced gardening leave is outdated

There are better places for finance executives in transition

Haiku winner contrasts a boss and a leader

The guest judge this week likes its spare irony

In a Blink: mind the UK pay gap between men and women

There are two areas in which UK women are out-earning men

With great power comes great responsibility

Falling on your sword is not enough – a chairman must spot and tackle trouble much earlier

Is the UK destroying its immigration advantage?

Millennial v Boomer series: A look at Britain’s immigration rules

William Lauder, executive chairman, Estée Lauder

Role change has been good for the family businessman