Company calendars full of fibs

Many still disguise dentist visits and school plays as meetings. As part of our Millennial v Boomer series, Brynne Herbert and Mrs Moneypenny discuss what needs to change

Stern on Boards

Stefan Stern
Codes of conduct are of no use if the local boss fails to receive the right signals
– Stefan Stern
illustration by Mario Wagner for Employment Global Best Practice March 2015 special report ©Mario Wagner
The best companies communicate effectively with their staff and get things done
Dr. Ewan Birney, Co-director, EBI

Ewan Birney, co-director, EBI

Analysis of genetics data ushers in an era of personalised medicine to tackle stubborn diseases

Founder of Mumsnet advises how to avoid the mummy track

If you want to go part-time, present your boss with a solution to the complexity you are creating, writes Justine Roberts

The motherhood penalty

In a Blink: the motherhood penalty

Almost every parent believes mothers are penalised at work and the vast majority of them want employers and the government to take action

Workplace Haiku: first day at a new job

The winning poem is by a master of imagery

Ethical policies must work in the field

Codes of conduct are of no use if the local boss fails to receive the right signals

South Kensington Club

Employees flock to private clubs

Even in the age of networking via social media, changing working patterns and new wealth have led to a surge in membership

Julie Bentley, Chief executive, Girlguiding
©Amy Smirk

Julie Bentley, chief executive, Girlguiding

Injecting feminism into the 105-year-old group has led to long waiting lists as volunteers are hard to find

Advice for those suddenly made jobless in Westminster

MP or not, there are some concrete steps to take if you unexpectedly find yourself out of work

In a Blink: time to negotiate for a better salary

Employers say they are feeling generous

Haiku: bring your child to work day

The winning poem serves up an unexpected twist

Effective conversation is vital to success

To encourage a good governance conversation, consider with care those sitting around the table

Readers’ reaction

Closing the skills gap will take more than choosing between classics and computer science, say our readers in their top comments to the piece

Will a classics or computer science education close the skills gap?

The former chief of MI5, Jonathan Evans and Kathryn Parsons, a technology entrepreneur, discuss

‘Wikipedia generation’ is reinventing the global workplace

Millennials will redefine the basic structure of companies and how they are managed

Finding young recruits on the cheap and in unlikely places

Where best to recruit? Advertisements in the back of newspapers? tweeted job ads

Haiku at Work: ‘the personal performance review’ and ‘the man from IT’

Winners on the subjects will be read at next week’s Poet in the City event in London

‘Fintech’ threatens to eat banks’ lunch

Imagine a world where salaries are paid into a Google account

Good chiefs look after family and spouse

Company leaders rarely get unconditional support — except at home

Adam Weinberg, museum director

The Whitney Museum of American Art’s chief discusses new spaces and curating modern works