‘End-of-life’ chiefs hone their skills

Growth has brought moves to professionalise leadership and develop boardroom strengths

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Bullying boss is giving staff member sleepless nights

Your Questions Answered: What to do when a boss is stressing out your colleague

Mozilla firestorm highlights influence of social media

Boardroom decisions are often made in lofty isolation, but people’s reactions to them can be instant and forceful, especially on social media

Anne Richards

Anne Richards: from haggis and science to funds and finance

An early switch in career path has paid dividends for the chief investment officer at Aberdeen Asset Management

If I was ... recruiting for a remote location

DataGravity president John Joseph gives tips for recruiting talent to an HQ in the boondocks

Banx cartoon. An elderly couple talking about psychometric test

How to cheat a psychometric test

Gaming the system is more difficult than it appears unless you know how the scoring works

‘Can I have work meetings without a business visa?’

Your Questions Answered: A reader asks what restrictions apply for a colleague from the US who is on holiday in London

Woman in a boardroom

‘Men in skirts’ do not enhance diversity

Little will change in boardrooms until more women take up senior executive roles

Jo Malone’s Belgravia shop

Interview: How perfumer Jo Malone has risen above adversity

The entrepreneur talks about overcoming dyslexia and how her mother’s stroke and her own battle with cancer moulded her career

Andrew Shapiro

If I was ... working remotely

Sales chief Andrew Shapiro advises on managing a team from afar

Feedback can be catalyst to change

Some react defensively to the review process, but to get the most out of it you need to accept criticism, say coaching and other experts

‘Do I have to give dads parental leave?

Your Questions Answered: A reader asks about new rules

Outsider brings fresh perspective to Freudenberg

Success in manufacturing is about combining different national strengths, says the Iranian-born head of the German family firm

If I was ... being interviewed on video

Vidyo’s Ofer Shapiro has advice for applicants

Gut instinct beats psychometric testing

News from the employment market and recruitment sector

Smart questions root out CV liars

Thorough scrutiny of a candidate’s skills and experience can reveal hidden truths

Should you become your boss’s Facebook friend?

Your Questions Answered: Dilemma for employees as social media barriers fall away

From wheels to deals for software sales chief

Access co-owner Jon Jorgensen’s background in competitive sport has helped give him the edge in his business career

If I was ... on the move due to M&A

Ken Steers of Cordant Group advises workers on how to cope with a transfer – and TUPE

Relationships at heart of good practice

Some directors discover themselves to be ill-equipped on their arrival in the boardroom