Air crash to spur debate on mental health

Anonymous stand near a stela commemorating the victims of the March 24 Germanwings Airbus A320 crash in the village of Le Vernet, southeastern France, on April 6, 2015 after a ceremony with victims' relatives.
©Jean Christophe Magnenet/AFP

Experts believe Germanwings tragedy will push the issue up the agenda, but also fear it could lead to ill-informed employer reactions

Stern on Boards

Stefan Stern
To do the job properly, directors need to focus and spend their time more effectively
– Stefan Stern
illustration by Mario Wagner for Employment Global Best Practice March 2015 special report ©Mario Wagner
The best companies communicate effectively with their staff and get things done
Steve Holliday, Chief executive, National Grid

Steve Holliday, National Grid chief executive

‘There’s no reason a day job shouldn’t have a social purpose,’ he says, espousing a project that helps young offenders find work and avoid trouble

Workplace Haiku

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It had always seemed a too personal and confidential area to let out of my control

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To be effective, directors need to devote more quality time to their companies

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Man on a beach, using his laptop
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Limitless work divides generations

Mrs Moneypenny and Brynne Herbert debate whether companies should stop counting holiday allowances?

Laszlo Bock, Head of people operations, Google

Laszlo Bock, ‘head of people’ at Google

On how mathematics can help companies make better hiring decisions and create a happier workforce

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Being pushed to do something outside your comfort zone is often counter-productive

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Employers know within the first five minutes whether a candidate is fit for the job

Haiku at Work

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Shared values secure family businesses

Successful family businesses boast a cohesion and sense of purpose that no external consultant could engender

Is it time for quotas for women?

Voices in favour of mandatory targets are emerging, challenging the current voluntary system for UK boards

Amanda Mackenzie: Advisor, Project Everyone

The Aviva executive’s latest role is to foster support for the UN’s global development targets

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Chairmen should search for non-executive directors at educational institutions

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Learn to spot the moment of truth

Companies fail when the unavoidable truth is not discussed early enough

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