Pool of grey talent could transform the world

Older executives seeking a second career have the chance to make a difference

Stern on Boards

FT Staff. Stefan Stern byline.
Be prepared for the very worst: succession planning for every occasion
– Stefan Stern
Illustration shows financial buildings with tinted glass making the colours of the LGBT form across them in a rainbow ©www.hitandrunmedia.com
Companies chase a ‘return on equality’ as LGBT-friendly policies blossom

Career Counsel: What must I do to help my team thrive abroad?

Set your team up for personal success and help them understand the cultural differences

Imrad Amed

At Work with ... Imran Amed

The latest venture of The Business of Fashion founder is to source global talent

Mrs Moneypenny Recruitment column

Work experience: an essential socialising influence

Some of our best hires have been people who have done summer jobs with us

In a blink: Millennials’ views

Their attitudes to citizenship and the role of business

An office man looking out the window

Baby boom generation just refuses to quit

Companies still need to learn how to make the best of their ageing workforce

Vicky Featherstone
©Mark Hamilton

At Work with . . . Vicky Featherstone

The Royal Court Theatre’s artistic director on pushing back the boundaries in drama

Mrs Moneypenny Recruitment column

Public and private sectors benefit from two-way traffic

Moral hazards must be weighed against benefits

Career Counsel: Recruiting digital minds

What companies need to do to attract and retain the young digerati they need to develop

Be ready to reinvent yourself at any time

As the job market changes, employees must prepare for career detours during their lives

Career Counsel: Do I have what it takes to start a business?

Things you need to know before deciding whether or not to launch a start-up

At Work with ... Jayne Bryant, engineer and director, BAE Systems

‘Your industry needs you’ is key message for women

Inquire about your candidates’ passions, not career paths

Find out what motivates people applying to your company, writes Mrs Moneypenny

Time to value skills of the next generation

Do young people lack employable qualities, or do older bosses need to look deeper?

At work with . . . Henry Marsh, neurosurgeon

Disappointment with the NHS inspired a bestseller

Never have so few worked so hard for boardroom equality

Headhunters do their bit to get women to the table

Career Counsel: How to better manage time and win that promotion

Suss out which tasks add value to the company and prioritise them, then do some strategic thinking

Talking about mental health

Top executives open up about battling depression

At work with. . . Saatchi chief Kevin Roberts

‘We live in the age of the idea, not the age of the ad’

Make yourself interesting, learn about wine

An impressive qualification can boost your appeal, writes Mrs Moneypenny