Social media is capitalism with a human face

Most and least empathetic companies

Technology tops ranking of most and least empathetic companies

Stern on Boards

Stefan Stern
Big change require much discussion to build trust and strategy
– Stefan Stern
Employees rank Peninsula Business Services and GE Capital as best workplaces in their sectors

Companies are becoming smart about charity

Businesses seeking atonement through philanthropy are seeing their efforts backfire

Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk speaks next to the company's newest Model S during the Model S Beta Event held at the Tesla factory in Fremont, California October 1, 2011
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California dreamin’ while UK companies are languishing

Media prowess helps charismatic chiefs keep staff, customers and investors happy

Unhealthy drugs: Pharma struggles with its reputation

Some of the biggest pharmaceuticals companies struggle with poor ethics, unpopular management and weak communication

Empathetic leaders please all their stakeholders

Era of the hierarchical leader is coming to an end

Apple CEO Steve Jobs speaks in London during the launch of the European iTunes online music store, June 15, 2004
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Charisma matters. But can it be taught?

The secret ingredient that swings corporate decisions

Isabelle Trowler, Chief Social Worker, Children & Families

Isabelle Trowler, chief social worker, Children & Families

Social work demands diplomacy and sensitivity with the chance to be creative

Mrs Moneypenny

Take your job satisfaction into your own hands

Instead of expecting your role to deliver everything, seek the missing elements outside the office

Career Counsel: Act early and engage year round to attract unlikely recruits

The strength of a bank is due to diverse employees who bring different experiences allowing it to serve clients better

Bye-bye boomers

In a Blink: Bye-bye boomers — companies plan for skills shortage

How companies prepare for the potential skills gap

Workplace Haiku: multitasking

‘Felicity of language’ wins this week’s theme

Build trust before a big transformation

Big transformations require much discussion to build trust and strategy

Doing well increasingly means doing good

Companies ask how far they must go to boost meritocracy

Winners help disabled people into work

Companies form partnerships with schools and have tweaked their recruitment rules

Smart recruiting and time off create diverse teams

Companies look to retain poorer students and women

In a Blink: employment rate by disability

Per cent employed, by main health impairment

LinkedIn at the centre of an ideological recruitment battle

Could data networks undermine effort to reduce bias?

Largely white and male Google learns to ‘unbias’ itself

Technology companies are less inclusive than they think

Career Counsel: Smart hiring and role models boost ethnic mix

How to increase ethnic diversity in a team without being discriminatory

Beware of complacency at the top about fairness

The winners’ success is not in itself proof that all is well. They may have got lucky or be friends of the chairman