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Coffee time beats the daily grind

Chris Ward at one of his favourite coffee shops
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Ditching the office for a café can be good for your soul and even better for your productivity. You just need to persuade the boss

Stern Words

FT Staff. Stefan Stern byline.
Alternative reading to stimulate fresh thinking
– Stefan Stern
Weekly advice from company stakeholders
A chairman should think carefully about good communication with shareholders

My wife will be furious if I keep my mobile on

Your Question Answered: Is there really any need to keep ourselves in constant contact with the office?

Mary Curnock Cook, CEO of UCAS

At work with ... Mary Curnock Cook

Leaving school at 16 and going to university after 40 was no impediment to a successful career in university admissions

Mrs Moneypenny Recruitment column

Stand up for yearly check-ups and stay in good health

Prevention is more cost-effective than cure

Tips for a healthy workplace

You could consider working standing up or maybe cycling to and from work


A letter from the company secretary

Four critical aspects of board effectiveness

empty desk in an office
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Dealing with an employee who calls in sick

Your Question Answered: How do I stop my previous employer giving me a bad reference?

FT Staff. Stefan Stern byline.

Tips for high stakes board game

On boards stakes can be high and the complexities vast

Help needed in sales and marketing

Your Question Answered: I’m an introvert forced into sales. How do I push myself forward?

Career interviews
Matthew Hancock
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Matthew Hancock

Young politician could become prime minister. For now, he is galloping to fix the workforce

Chris Kermode

‘It’s about having detachment. All sport is a product at the end of the day’, says the ATP executive chairman

Rachel Trevor-Morgan

She will be the first to notice which hat the Queen is wearing on Ladies’ Day – she may have designed it


Wanted: IT expertise with a human touch

Staff with healthcare and technical skills are highly prized but are often hard to find

Forget the CV, data decide careers

The human touch of job interviews is under threat from technology but can new techniques be applied to top-level recruitment?

How Twitter killed the water cooler

Today, office gossip can wreak far more damage to careers because it reaches a much larger audience

‘Digerati’ to step into CEOs’ shoes

Chief data and digital officers are changing what even the most traditional companies do, how they do it and the preferred path of succession to the top

In or out: do millennials belong in company boardrooms?

Business logic and a simple sense of equity dictate that the gender and ethnic balance in the boardroom should alter


Control in a cockpit is usually clearer than in a corporation

The person in charge is not always the one behind the impressive-sounding name plate

Board appointments for women show virtues of self-regulation

‘Let’s fight one battle at a time. Let it be the one with greatest advantage from winning’

Poverty pay corrodes capitalism

The basic and fundamental question of fair pay has forced its way on to the boardroom agenda