Ice skate to work if you want to be happy

Members of the public take to the ice on the Rideau Canal during the first day of Winterlude on Feb. 4th 2011 in Ottawa, Canada.
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Even congested London offers attractive bike and boat options

Stern on Boards

Stefan Stern
It is time to gain some real and honest perspective about relative pay
– Stefan Stern
illustration by Mario Wagner for Employment Global Best Practice March 2015 special report ©Mario Wagner
The best companies communicate effectively with their staff and get things done
Team mates: Deborah Brooks (left) and Susie Owen (right)

Sharing a job can work in the UK’s cabinet office and beyond

Splitting a role has benefits over going part time

Outside talent is a good idea for family companies

Family firms would do well to look outside as they ponder succession

Career Counsel: Even top executives have trouble overcoming self-doubt

Overcoming your inner critic will make you a more authentic leader

In a Blink: the reasons employees leave

Work/life balance is more of a reason for employees to quit than remuneration

Workplace Haiku: eating at one’s desk

Clever words evoke the innate sadness of a life spent on this habit

Let’s keep a sense of proportion on pay

It is time to gain some real and honest perspective about relative pay

Young woman reading book, sitting behind wooden balustrade on beach

The non-business classics that inspire

If you really want to climb the ladder, you would do well to look beyond self-help texts

Alex Shirley-Smith, Managing director, Tentsile

Alex Shirley-Smith, managing director, Tentsile

The key to saving trees is to get enough people to live in them

Does your digital profile show your best side?

It’s time to consider what your social media footprint says about you

In a Blink: employee absenteeism and lateness

Have you ever called in sick when you wanted a day off?

Workplace Haiku: office gossip

The winner of this week’s theme captures the fact that it is often the consolation of the underling

Is corporate culture holding you back?

Accept this summer’s challenge: ask if your corporate culture is harming your business

Volunteers find it hard to put skills to good use

Businesses and staff want to help non-profits but often face structural challenges

Tanni Grey-Thompson, Olympian and peer

The multiple medalwinner brings drive and stamina from the sports world to the House of Lords

Public scoring systems might be the best way to change behaviour

Uber’s mutual scoring process makes for an eerily pleasant cab ride

Career Counsel: Look to combine corporate skills with a social conscience

Some good advice for those looking to appease their social conscience

In a Blink: Work while on holiday

Better communications mean staff find it harder to get it away from it all

Workplace Haiku: socialising with the boss

Most of our poets feel it is an unpleasant or treacherous part of working life

When employees and owners unite

Employee-owned companies offer lessons in ethics and good business practice