Is it time for quotas for women?

Lord Davies and Vicky Pryce, chief economic adviser at Centre for Economics and Business Research
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FT Debate: Lord Davies argues in favour of continuing the voluntary approach he spearheads while economist Vicky Pryce says it’s time for quotas to boost female executives

Stern on Boards

Companies fail when the unavoidable truth is not discussed early enough
– Stefan Stern
illustration by Mario Wagner for Employment Global Best Practice March 2015 special report ©Mario Wagner
The best companies communicate effectively with their staff and get things done
Amanda Mackenzie, Advisor, Project Everyone

Amanda Mackenzie: Advisor, Project Everyone

The Aviva executive’s latest role is to foster support for the UN’s global development targets

Essay competition: Is it possible for women to bring their authentic selves to work?

Send us an opinion piece to enter the FT and 30% Club’s Henley EMBA scholarship competition

Look to university leaders to fill corporate boards

There is plenty of overlooked talent in the public sector and at the helm of Britain’s universities

In a Blink: board positions held by women

A look at the percentage of women on boards around Europe

winning haiku for 03262015 Executive Appointments SR

Haiku: the expat

The winning poem evokes soldiers in their foreign graves

Learn to spot the moment of truth

Companies fail when the unavoidable truth is not discussed early enough

Boards fail to alter their mix

FT Investigation: Data on the experience of FTSE 100 directors show no true gains in diversity have been achieved despite rise in number of female non executives

William Zabel, Founding Partner, Schulte Roth & Zabel

William Zabel, Founding Partner, Schulte Roth & Zabel

A lawyer best known for helping the divorcing rich divide their fortunes has a civil rights past

Mrs Moneypenny Recruitment column

At board level, switching sectors should be easier

Several chief executives have moved industries recently, but it is more diffcult than it should be

In a Blink: skirting the issue

Do female non-executive directors really bring a different point of view to the table?

Women face a maze, not a glass ceiling

Some barriers — of prejudice, or of lack of opportunity — still stand

Opaque path that leads to the boardroom

In the first of a series exposing the true nature of UK boards, a study finds that women are encouraged, but men are appointed

Haruno Yoshida is redefining women’s roles in Japan

To succeed, you must open your own path, says the president of BT Japan

The women in line to chair the big companies

This year, it is time to focus on chairwomen, not just NEDs

Career counsel: hiring a data analyst

The best may well have a PhD in black holes

In a Blink: National Apprenticeship Week

Misconceptions about apprenticeships

Haiku: the team meeting

This week’s winner shows desolation of working late

Sometimes a clean sweep is required

Does it ever make sense to get rid of all your directors in one fell swoop?

Apprentices: a new name for shelf stackers?

There are concerns that emphasis on numbers has come at the expense of quality

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