Embrace the ‘E’ word in all its diversity

Universal approval among political parties suggests that our views matter

It is pointless to obsess over salaries

I am unimpressed by executives who earn millions but invest little in their own business

The future is freelance – and healthy

This evolution will lead to more solvent economies and more resilient populations

Help me put 3D printers in UK schools

I need one or two co-sponsors for my drive to install machines and instruct teachers this year

Freedom is not having to be sycophantic

Being phoney, a requirement for climbing the greasy pole, is corrosive and bad for one’s health

Remember to celebrate all your successes

With spring in the air and signs of the recovery firming, it’s time to throw a party

Why my alma mater Oxford will struggle

While old names often have assets and tradition on their side, they also have baggage

WhatsApp shows off California’s optimism

It may well be the most overvalued purchase of all time. But you cannot fault the audacity

We need backers who watch and wait

Lots of young founders expect lightning progress and startling pay-offs within a short timeframe

The Faustian pact of the professions

Doing something with meaning is better for the soul and the economy

Minimum wage rise is maximum idiocy

The move will hurt those it is intended to benefit

And the winner is: the awards industry

It is easy to be snobbish about business accolades – until you receive one yourself

Spotting tycoons is a holy grail

Business leaders share many characteristics but defy attempts to be categorised

The daily rituals of business builders

In my experience, very few successful founders are late risers

Insurance is bigger than the small print

Chief executives should learn the core aspects of how the market functions

Patience is key to negotiation

Executives who rush the process are likely to have a long time to dwell on their mistake

Spectre of flawed IT ought to scare us all

It is only when a system suffers a failure that the techies come into their own

Marriages can survive start-up pressures

Being married to an entrepreneur is not easy. Most are egotistical and obsessed by their company

Tips from a prolific public speaker

Keep to the point, make it memorable – and shorter than the audience is expecting

Disruption and loss can foster growth

Adversity often provides the stimulus that drives a determination to success in business


Luke JohnsonLuke Johnson runs Risk Capital Partners, a private equity firm, and is chairman of the Centre for Entrepreneurs and The Institute of Cancer Research. He is the author of 'Start It Up: Why Running Your Own Business is Easier Than You Think' (Penguin)

He is an owner and chairman of Neilson Active Holidays, Patisserie Valerie and Gail’s. Previously he chaired PizzaExpress, and is the former chairman of Channel 4 Television Corporation.

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