A valedictory column after eight years

There has been relentless upheaval in almost all industries in my time writing for the FT

Entrepreneurs curb ambition for happiness

Quiet industries and locations have advantages, especially compared with the madhouse of London

Catch out liars and bores in interviews

I have used specialist background checking firms but never polygraph testing

City Link shows the risk in turnrounds

The company’s problems were probably irreversible but now it must treat its staff decently

How founders can secure a ‘good exit’

We have just been through a beauty parade to select an adviser to sell a business

Thirteen traits of true innovation

Culture matters when inventing but only a minority of companies are any good at it

If small is the future we all win big

Large companies mostly depend on financial engineering

The Vinyl Factory is the old EMI vinyl works that produces limited editions of new releases, plus re-presses of classics

Corporate failure’s à la carte menu

Each sector has its recipe for disaster, such as rent in the restaurant trade and fraud at banks

The absence of trust is perilous

Putting faith in business partners is a vital first step in any enterprise

Professors and founders should unite

Business opportunities are lost when academics and entrepreneurs inhabit separate worlds

A founder’s epitaph: he was fully engaged

The late retail designer Rodney Fitch embodied the greatest qualities of an entrepreneur

Sentiment and squeamishness bloat costs

As businesses prepare their annual budgets they should not become blinded by sales growth

Virgin Galactic and need for risk-takers

Pioneers such as Sir Richard Branson can never calculate precise odds for their ventures

Agents to stars can teach motivation

Like other professional service firms, such as lawyers, they need to keep clients happy

Crowdfunding merits its hype

The sheer variety and ingenuity of schemes that are seeking backing is inspirational

Nice v nasty: which workplace is better?

Having happy staff and customers does not always guarantee a sustainable economic structure

Feedback: Fatherhood and business

Luke Johnson’s article drew a variety of reader reactions

Can you be a good dad and businessman?

Children of high achievers often long for more attention

Lies, damned lies and running a business

So often confidence is a euphemism for ‘convincing fibber’

The big gaps on Tesco’s board

General business skills are not nearly enough


Luke JohnsonLuke Johnson runs Risk Capital Partners, a private equity firm, and is chairman of the Centre for Entrepreneurs and The Institute of Cancer Research. He is the author of 'Start It Up: Why Running Your Own Business is Easier Than You Think' (Penguin)

He is an owner and chairman of Neilson Active Holidays, Patisserie Valerie and Gail’s. Previously he chaired PizzaExpress, and is the former chairman of Channel 4 Television Corporation. His weekly column on entrepreneurship appeared in the FT until January 2015.

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