Iran ecommerce thrives despite obstacles

Country is one of world’s biggest untapped internet markets


Alison Davis-Blake
Michigan’s Alison Davis-Blake on the Ross school and women on boards
– Della Bradshaw
Dean’s column
Theodore Levitt’s intellect was both sharp and inspirational
– John Quelch, Ceibs
Should a company’s employees have a say in who manages them?
– Simon Caulkin
Tanya Reynolds For Biz Life Proportion Mannequins 29/9/14
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Mannequin makers with a head for figures

Proportion’s owner-managers see a future for skilfully made models

Lies, damned lies and running a business

So often confidence is a euphemism for ‘convincing fibber’

Female founders attract VC investment

Babson research finds start-ups thrive with a woman on the team

Big money days over for China tech

Companies such as Alibaba are crucial to rebalancing of economy

Thiel rounds on ‘slacker’ European tech

PayPal co-founder says continent is holding back progress

The roadblock to commercialisation

University technology transfer offices act as bottlenecks and focus on financial returns

Can I dismiss preaching employee?

An employee is foisting his religious beliefs on to others

Branson edges closer to final frontier

Virgin Galactic’s oft-delayed commercial flights ‘nearly there’

Hamburg: Germany’s start-up alternative

The city offers youthful technological dynamism