Reorg Research: Bankruptcy bulletins

‘I just love this stuff, I could talk about bankruptcy and distressed debt all day long’: Kent Collier of Reorg Research
©Pascal Perich

Clunky US court filings inspired a distressed debt new service


Rotterdam, Netherlands

The port city’s history fostered a spirit of getting things done

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Breastfeeding by mail

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A new generation of entrepreneurs is making its mark

Paddy Cosgrave, Web Summit’s Irish founder
©Con O'Donoghue

Web Summit moves to Lisbon

Dublin ousted as venue for global technology event

João Pedro Ribeiro, chief executive of PeekMed

Hub of invention fights off recession blues

Innovative start-ups are securing funds from businesses at home and abroad

‘No silver medals in social networking’: Bret Taylor’s FriendFeed lost the audience race to Twitter
©Thor Swift

‘Like’ button creator bids to remake work

The founder of Quip says technology will end the hell of email and its myriad replacements

Podcast series: Start-up stories

Entrepreneurs reveal how they set up their enterprises