“Hard day” poses question for US in space

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Two fatal rocket crashes may bring demise of small space companies


Alison Davis-Blake
Michigan’s Alison Davis-Blake on the Ross school and women on boards
– Della Bradshaw
Dean’s column
Theodore Levitt’s intellect was both sharp and inspirational
– John Quelch, Ceibs
Should a company’s employees have a say in who manages them?
– Simon Caulkin
I get the impression the administrators are in no hurry

Can we force administrators to go?

Previous tenants’ administrators won’t get out or tell us when they’re leaving

Co-working spaces form creative groups

Freelancers and entrepreneurs share workspaces and expertise

Karim Seghir, Dean, The Business School American University of Cairo

Karim Seghir, American University, Cairo

The Arab Spring has brought challenges for the Egyptian school


Vertical dimensions to social networking

Start-ups take on LinkedIn by giving users walled gardens to swap sensitive information

‘Future Fifty’ start-ups enjoy bumper year

Tech City success but some high-profile companies struggle

Agents to stars can teach motivation

Like other professional service firms, such as lawyers, they need to keep clients happy

Picture By Jim Wileman 17/10/2014 Chris Dawson, founder of The Range, pictured at the HQ in Plymouth, Devon.
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Range thrives as ‘poor man’s John Lewis’

Plymouth’s Del Boy sees discount chain boom through slowdown

Lorenzo Zonin

A taste for wider horizons

A wine management programme helped a vintner’s marketing strategy


Big tech start-ups bypass Silicon Valley

Research into new groups shows that 60% from outside Bay Area