Banks bypassed by intellectual capital

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Silicon Valley deals are not based on factors that bankers can model, writes Felix Salmon


Alison Davis-Blake
Michigan’s Alison Davis-Blake on the Ross school and women on boards
– Della Bradshaw
Dean’s column
Theodore Levitt’s intellect was both sharp and inspirational
– John Quelch, Ceibs
Should a company’s employees have a say in who manages them?
– Simon Caulkin

Self employment climbs to 4.6m Britons

‘Fired on Friday, hired on Monday’ approach drives rise

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Review: The Customer-Funded Business by John Mullins

A guide to funding a start-up with no outside backing

Arm chief laments lack of capital for start-ups

UK’s lack of big tech groups is due to scant later-stage funding

Apps: Growing pains

Once a thriving cottage industry, bigger players are now dominant and profits are squeezed

Photo by Bryce Vickmark for FT 7/23/14 - William Agush, Founder and chief executive of Shuttersong, an app that allows users to combine sound with their JPG photos, at Find & Form in Boston, MA, USA.
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In praise of the late arrivals

Three founders well over 50 describe being older but wiser when starting a new venture

Is our word our bond on notice periods?

Changes to terms of employment should be in writing

GetTaxi secures $150m funding

Swedish fund leads investment in Uber rival popular outside US

FT | Biz Life Author Margaret Heffernan photographed at her home in Farrington Gurney, Somerset with her cat 'Braveheart'.. 25th June 2014 Pic Gareth Iwan Jones
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Margaret Heffernan: collaboration at work

The executive and writer warns of the dangers of competition