Must we pay to move to the cloud?

Software supplier demands compensation


Alison Davis-Blake
Michigan’s Alison Davis-Blake on the Ross school and women on boards
– Della Bradshaw
Dean’s column
Theodore Levitt’s intellect was both sharp and inspirational
– John Quelch, Ceibs
Should a company’s employees have a say in who manages them?
– Simon Caulkin

Techs would be weaker without banks

Bankers are more important than the tech chieftains realise

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Banks bypassed by intellectual capital

Silicon Valley deals are not based on factors that bankers can model, writes Felix Salmon

Self employment climbs to 4.6m Britons

‘Fired on Friday, hired on Monday’ approach drives rise

Cyber security group vArmour raises $35m

Citibank’s VC arm and Menlo Ventures lead fundraising

Review: The Customer-Funded Business by John Mullins

A guide to funding a start-up with no outside backing

Arm chief laments lack of capital for start-ups

UK’s lack of big tech groups is due to scant later-stage funding

Apps: Growing pains

Once a thriving cottage industry, bigger players are now dominant and profits are squeezed

Photo by Bryce Vickmark for FT 7/23/14 - William Agush, Founder and chief executive of Shuttersong, an app that allows users to combine sound with their JPG photos, at Find & Form in Boston, MA, USA.
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In praise of the late arrivals

Three founders well over 50 describe being older but wiser when starting a new venture

Is our word our bond on notice periods?

Changes to terms of employment should be in writing