Andreessen Horowitz doubles up on Tanium

Hacker; Cyber Security

Cyber security provider one of VC company’s biggest investments

Jason Gissing while still working at Ocado, the online grocer he co-founded
©Charlie Bibby

How Goldman taught me entrepreneurship

Trading floor discipline prepared me for building a business, writes Ocado co-founder Jason Gissing

Stockholm: the unicorn factory

Sweden’s capital has a disproportionate number of tech triumphs

Business pioneers in technology

The industry’s rapid cycles have been an opportunity for young outsiders to bring in a fresh perspective

Spanx founder Sara Blakely poses for a portrait in her office against a wall of LIFE magazine covers

Access to finance remains a problem for female entrepreneurs

If investment finance were made easier to come by, might more women make it big?

Lily James in Disney’s 2015 adaptation of 'Cinderella'
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Business pioneers in media and sport

Adapting to new technology and anticipating audiences have been the keys to success

Start-ups soar despite tech bubble fears

Study finds big rise in telecom, food, drug and property ventures


MBA entrepreneurs launch search funds

Business school graduates find US financial tool pays off

Jess Butcher

Phones v real world: a techie’s quandary

Balancing a love of the digital and the natural can be tricky, writes Jessica Butcher

Ryan Kohn and Cassandra Stavrou from Propercorn Photograph: Rosie Hallam Byline: David Cheal Photograph: Rosie Hallam
©Rosie Hallam

Propercorn: founders’ healthy munch hunch

Stavrou and Kohn spotted a market niche in popcorn