Artistic masterpizzas

‘I went back to the hotel and dreamt of a surrealist-style pizza’

Sweet dreams from humble pie

‘Sometimes some fine treatment is all it takes, a bit of gallantry, some simmered chicken chunks and spring vegetables in a handsome sauce encased in pastry’

‘Charlie Chaplin’, by Peter Ackroyd

The spirit of the great film-maker and his most famous creation are captured in a vivid short biography

Everyday story enjoys a heyday

Entertainment in your kitchen six nights a week. And yes, it has been Hardyesque

Rhubarb puts me in the pink

‘I want the occasion not just to be enjoyable; I want it to be memorable, spectacular, historic’

Imperfect harmonies

‘Connie Converse sings from the point of view of a burdened soul with a chaotic life that seems to baffle her’

Special guest appearances

‘You can import a bit of holiday feeling without having to leave your house’

In praise of our great poets

‘When the famous die, could we not just commission the best poets of the day to celebrate them?’

A swellegantly tall order

‘This morning I’ve spoken nine times with a most sympathetic florist’

I live in worrying times

‘As you may know, there is nothing so unlikely that I haven’t fretted over it’

Bleeping lizards!

‘Spike the iguana and I were rather well matched as adversaries’

A feast for the eyes

‘The whole atmosphere in the shop was very much of a party about to happen’

When being wrong feels so right

‘When you realise you have been guilty of misplaced certainty, it’s an awful feeling, an ugly sensation’

Somewhere over the rainbow ...

‘My life is going to be a musical! One of the two main characters is me, the other Judy Garland’

The scarf that made Christmas

‘That’s the best scarf I have ever seen,’ three people said to me on Charing Cross Road

Cakes, cancer and compassion

‘Perhaps the best thing I’ve done all year is a cake that resembled a dressing table’

A timeless thermal classic

‘I finally hit upon a scenario in which the phrase ‘grandad nightie’ could work’

If I were a dress

‘It took a minute for it to sink in that the outfit I was trying on was exactly the same as the one I was wearing’

Spoonfuls of ambition

‘Do our childhood play-businesses have a bearing on our later careers?’

A spot of misery and a pot of tea

‘Unwanted cheer is a dreadful social pollutant, second only to aggressive consolation’


Susie BoytSusie Boyt writes a column on shopping for the FT Weekend supplement. She is a novelist and lives in London.

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