Bright fuchsia

The RHS’s Hampton Court flower show is a good place to pick up some autumn flowers

Rosa hugonis
©David Austen

Great haul of China

The legacy of French Catholic missionaries to the country is the deluge of beautiful flowers they brought back

Iris Gypsy Beauty
©Annette Lepple/GAP Photos

Heavenly year starts to bed in

English gardeners are enjoying a wonderful 2015 with ideal conditions for azaleas, magnolias, irises, deutzias and honeysuckles

©David Austin Roses

Time for tea?

David Austin’s heavily petalled roses have led the pack since the 1970s, but hybrid teas still have a place

Iris Benton Nigel
©Marcus Harpur/ Gap Photos

Flowers as works of art? Iris my case

Two exhibits at Chelsea showcased the legacy of an English painter and the expertise of a French nursery

Cypripedium reginae album, by Jacques Amand

Stand-outs from the crowd at Chelsea 2015

This year’s exhibits offered plenty of inspiration for urban gardeners, from cypripediums to martagons and violas

The Sentebale ‘Hope in Vulnerability’ garden by Matt Keightley
©Neil Hepworth/RHS

Show garden highlights at Chelsea 2015

Matthew Keightley’s Lesotho-inspired garden, Matthew Wilson’s curvy creation, and an excess of hard surfacing

‘Thinking of Peace’ garden by Tatyana Shynkarenko
©Tatyana Shynkarenko

Hot tickets at Chelsea Flower Show

Gardens and plants to look out for, from pineapple guava hedges to a ‘kaleidoscope’ of dahlias

Gardeners who grew their own expertise

There are many renowned naturalists and plant breeders who succeeded without any formal training

Magnolia x soulangeana Alba Superba
©S&O/Gap Gardens

The shrub of the matter

A round-up of the best varieties of magnolia, camellia, prunus, forsythia, daphne and viburnum

The small veg with a big taste

Mini-carrots, dwarf runner beans and micro cherry tomatoes are perfect for container gardens — and discerning chefs

The art of painting paradise

New exhibition in London explores how gardens have been represented by artists since the 16th century

Easter is the time to go to ground

This weekend is a good moment to repair lawns, nurture roots and plant bulbs for summer

How to fund the Botanic Gardens at Kew

With the garden under pressure, new ways are being sought to make use of its unrivalled assets

Flower gardening has perennial possibilities

‘Natural’ plantings in Germany and the Czech Republic show how new ideas can blossom

Summer-flowering bulbs for containers

Many gardeners now have to rent their homes but these plants can move with you when the tenancy ends

The insular seduction of island gardens

From the legendary Greek isle of Phaeacia to the modern-day Isles of Scilly, gardeners are drawn to sanctuaries surrounded by water

Wild flowers of the Silk Road

A new book about the colourful flora found along the ancient route from Turkey to China offers ‘a glimpse of paradise’

The 160-year-old camellia collection

The collection at Chiswick House is one of the most important in the world, with rare specimens dating back to the 1850s

Thanks a bunch: flowers with a hidden message

Valentine’s Day is a good time to reawaken the ancient art of saying it with flowers — but choose carefully


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