David Austin and the new English roses

David Austin’s Renaissance Garden of English roses at Albrighton
©David Austin Roses

A visit to the master English rose breeder is an education in the principles of producing healthy and vigorous plants

Crab apple, wisteria, Chinese lilac and tulips at Hermannshof Gardens
©Hermannshof Gardens

A German garden planted firmly in science

Hermannshof near Heidelberg is a rigorously planned site that doesn’t follow trends — it creates them

Robin Lane Fox near his home in Oxfordshire
©Howard Sooley

A love affair with . . . the countryside

After decades of migration into the cities, technological improvements mean people are now heading back the other way

Place your beds: what flowers to plant now

It’s Derby Day and time to decide on soft-leaved decoration that will stay the course this year

Hepaticas floating in a water bowl in Ashwood Nurseries’ display at Chelsea
©Andrea Jones

Inside story on Chelsea Flower Show

While the designers’ show gardens attract all the headlines, the real floral highlights can be found indoors

The M&G Garden by CleveWest at this year’s RHS Chelsea Flower Show

Is Chelsea Flower Show too . . .  showy?

This year’s headline-grabbing gardens feature anti-slavery messages, oak ‘metaphors’ and motorised hedges

Russell Page’s Rose Garden at Villar Perosa

Russell Page’s garden at Villar Perosa

The landscape gardener’s classic near Turin continues to thrive thanks to an assistant who also worked with Roberto Burle Marx

The Golf Course Allotments in Muswell Hill

London’s hidden green spaces

Open days at gardens in and near the capital offer the chance to pick up horticultural tips and enjoy the hospitality too

Enid A Haupt Conservatory at New York Botanical Garden

New York Botanical Garden turns 125

Rather than look back to its past, the Bronx garden remains focused on the future with new shows and education projects

From left: Niobe; Perle d’Azur; Durandii
©RBflora/Alamy, Robert Mabic/Gap Photos, Rosal

Clematis keeps on spreading

Old favourites, newcomers, climbers or sprawlers? With so many to choose from, here is a guide to my favourites

Alternative homes for alpine plants

Years of experience has shown me that alpines can do just as well in containers and everyday environments

Lovely shrubberies give life to gardens

Mahonias from China, magnolias from New Zealand and mock orange from Mexico offer colourful new ideas

Sydney’s Royal Botanic Garden 200 years on

The garden is preparing to celebrate its bicentenary, having had to overcome many challenges, both budgetary and biological

The night the badgers came for my tulips

As an entire crop falls victim to uninvited guests, the search begins for a new anti-brock strategy

Two flowers that are picture-perfect

Chrysanthemums and dahlias are well represented at the Royal Academy’s latest show and are also the stars of garden borders

Gardeners on top of the world

A gathering of enthusiasts celebrated Vietnamese wonders in the wilds of Washington and an unusual garden in northern Norway

The luck of the iris

Newer varieties of this superb flower were the stars of the RHS’s early spring show this year

A lily goes a long way

The flowers are easily grown in pots that can be transplanted, tubs and all, into bare patches to brighten late-summer gardens

Chanticleer Garden gets into the grooves

Blending the best of British and US styles, its gardeners have novel ideas about gravel, grass meadows and asparagus hedges

A Sri Lankan relic worthy of worship

The colonial-era Royal Botanic Gardens near Kandy’s Temple of the Tooth was created as a ‘second Kew’


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