Outside talent is a good idea for family companies

Family firms would do well to look outside as they ponder succession

Does your digital profile show your best side?

It’s time to consider what your social media footprint says about you

Public scoring systems might be the best way to change behaviour

Uber’s mutual scoring process makes for an eerily pleasant cab ride

Millennial v Boomer: Small is beautiful but big can be better

Working at start-up companies is great experience but is it the right experience?

On giving a lead when you have many masters

The trend to appoint ever more senior people is to be applauded

Investor relations is a great place to look for independent directors

IR people understand regulations on public companies and can anticipate shareholder scorn

Adversity has spurred remarkable careers and ideas

‘Beau Biden would live a life of meaning. He would live a life for others’

Salesforce volunteers work with local schoolchildren as part of volunteering activity sponsored by Salesforce's 1-1-1 model (1% each of volunteer time, company profit and Salesforce product)

Millennial v Boomer: Is it ever too early to do good?

Should entrepreneurs focus on philanthropy while they are starting their businesses?

Alison Brittain

Top appointments inspire, not only because of gender

To avoid bankers’ errors of the past, financial services need to hire more retailers of either stripe

Flatulent bed bugs and excited scientists inspire space careers

Stimulating speakers prompt children — and adults — to reach for the stars. Sometimes literally

How to plan a succession as well as the House of Windsor

Develop leaders long before they are required

Advice for those suddenly made jobless in Westminster

MP or not, there are some concrete steps to take if you unexpectedly find yourself out of work

Finding young recruits on the cheap and in unlikely places

Where best to recruit junior staff? Advertisements in the back of newspapers? Tweeted job ads?

Long service in one place is no barrier to moving jobs

But if you stay put, make sure you gain new skills

Cloud-based HR systems sound wonderful, but are they safe?

It had always seemed a too personal and confidential area to let out of my control

Look to university leaders to fill corporate boards

There is plenty of overlooked talent in the public sector and at the helm of Britain’s universities

At board level, switching sectors should be easier

Several chief executives have moved industries recently, but it is more diffcult than it should be

The women in line to chair the big companies

Names of candidates most likely to rise to the top

Canadians move to the UK and Brits return the favour

What is it about the vast empty spaces that brings so many of them here?

It is never too late for an alternative career

We have many years to achieve things we want

Stick with languages for global success

Should the government intervene to create a more level playing field for language learning?

Did Arctic conditions drive away assistant?

The law and temperatures in the workplace

Take inspiration from new British chief of McDonald’s

Steve Easterbrook has a CV that makes him a welcome role model

Davos is a good spot to find your next job, CEO or not

The forum allows you to build relationships with career-influencing people, more quickly than any other event

Cultivate your ‘third dimension’

Gain new skills beyond your day job

I’m a convert to the value of executive education

I used to scoff at executive MBAs. But not any more

Enforced gardening leave is outdated

There are better places for finance executives in transition

There is no such thing as ‘employer brand’

Where people want to shop is also where they want to work

Closing the gender gap requires initiative

Do venture capital funds think women are only good at shopping?

Work experience: an essential socialising influence

Some of our best hires have been people who have done summer jobs with us

Public and private sectors benefit from two-way traffic

Moral hazards must be weighed against benefits

Inquire about your candidates’ passions, not career paths

Find out what motivates people applying to your company, writes Mrs Moneypenny

Never have so few worked so hard for boardroom equality

Headhunters do their bit to get women to the table

Make yourself interesting, learn about wine

An impressive qualification can boost your appeal, writes Mrs Moneypenny

Recruiting outside London? Follow the US Army’s lead

When recruiting for jobs outside London, it pays to watch the US Army

Covering letters are more important than your CV

Make it quick and easy to read as people today are more time-poor than ever

For opportunities’ sake, let us hope the Scots vote to stay

Young Scots should vote to stay in the union and stay mobile

Tips for parents of post-GCSE children

Do not wait until they are eighteen to discuss your children’s career interests

UK parents, plan now for your 16-year old’s career success

The coming months are critical in preparing post-GCSE children for their careers

Tips for a healthy workplace

You could consider working standing up or maybe cycling to and from work


Mrs Moneypenny is a former investment banker and has an MBA from the London Business School and a PhD from the University of Hong Kong. She is a visiting professor at Cass, City University Business School, and a trustee of a major educational charity. She is married to a wine merchant who plays a lot of golf, and has three children who she refers to as the Cost Centres.

Mrs M began writing for the Financial Times in 1999 while still based in Tokyo. Subsequently, she returned to the UK and bought into a small but profitable business in the West End of London, where she was the youngest and worst-groomed of four owner-directors. She later led a management buyout and is now the majority owner. She is the author of Mrs Moneypenny: Survival in the City (2003), and Mrs Moneypenny: Email from Tokyo, (2006).

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