Farewell print – why I’ve decided to move online

An illustration by James Ferguson depicting Mrs Moneypenny's move from print to online
©James Ferguson

‘Technological change has moved the human race forward, not backward, in terms of what we can achieve’

Scottish independence and the CV problem

‘When it comes to recruiting beyond our national borders, small companies suffer’

Illustration depicting pay inequality
©James Ferguson

Why equal pay still isn’t in the bag

‘It is largely because we don’t ask. We are so grateful for our jobs, and we value flexibility sufficiently highly to give it a monetary value’

Illustration by James Ferguson of an alarm sytem
©James Ferguson

How much can you burgle in 11 minutes?

‘I returned from Davos to find our office had been ransacked’

Illustration by James Ferguson of a hand holding sterling notes
©James Ferguson

The incredible shrinking pay packet

‘It seems to me that the one thing rising faster than the rate of inflation is the growth in inflation measures’

Illustration by James Ferguson of Mrs Moneypenny walking through the snow
©James Ferguson

How to dress for Davos

‘My guidance to other female delegates has always been to pack that staple of every working woman’s wardrobe: the black trouser suit’

Illustration: Australia landing strip
©James Ferguson

Blue skies thinking

‘Why is so much money spent on amazing tarmac strips and airport lighting in places where the population is so small?’

Illustration of a cessna plane by James Ferguson
©James Ferguson

A flight of fancy in the lucky country

‘I feel very lucky, not least because at the age of 51 I have fallen in love again’

Illustration of a 2014 plane by James Ferguson
©James Ferguson

A flying start to the New Year

‘I always find the New Year very cathartic; a reminder to reset my objectives for the year, more so than, say, my birthday’

Illustration of a couple in bed
©James Ferguson

Dear Mr M – my very own sporting hero

‘He keeps me firmly in my place should I try to exert any influence over matters about which I know nothing’

Following in Gertrude’s footsteps

I frequently tell women to get out and build stronger networks to support their careers

Part of the union

‘Far from simply knowing my own show inside out, I had to be ready for anything that was fired at me’

I’m no cook ... get me out of here!

‘When I agreed to do ‘Come Dine with Me’, I had never seen it ... How difficult could it be?’

Shooting pains – and gains

‘I am inconsistent in how I mount and hold my gun, and so I should not be surprised that I am inconsistent in my shooting’

How to ask for help (with bells on)

‘I wonder why it is that I find making a direct charitable appeal so challenging’

One hour that could launch a lifetime

‘Raising aspiration was part of what we were supposed to achieve that day for the girls we met but it raised mine too’

Half-term meltdowns and breakdowns

‘Who invented the two-week half-term? Surely I cannot be the only parent who does not view this as a positive development’

A farewell to LSL

‘I shall miss LSL greatly. She knows the best places to get things fixed, all of which I shall make her write down before she goes’

Standing next to the queen of shoes

‘I realised I would have to start with a confession. I have never, ever, bought a pair of Jimmy Choos’

Hard times for a lightweight

‘I often tell the Cost Centres that developing the habit of sensible bedtimes will stand them in good stead for the rest of their lives’


Mrs Moneypenny is a former investment banker and has an MBA from the London Business School and a PhD from the University of Hong Kong. She is a visiting professor at Cass, City University Business School, and a trustee of a major educational charity. She is married to a wine merchant who plays a lot of golf, and has three children who she refers to as the Cost Centres.

Mrs M began writing for the Financial Times in 1999 while still based in Tokyo. Subsequently, she returned to the UK and bought into a small but profitable business in the West End of London, where she was the youngest and worst-groomed of four owner-directors. She later led a management buyout and is now the majority owner. She is the author of Mrs Moneypenny: Survival in the City (2003), and Mrs Moneypenny: Email from Tokyo, (2006). Her column appears every week in the FT Weekend Magazine.

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