It is not too late to recreate yourself

Mrs Moneypenny

One thing that almost anyone who has ever changed career direction has done is to retrain

Mrs Moneypenny

People are better than money at motivating employees

Stable, extroverted, agreeable people tend to like their jobs, irrespective of their salaries

Mrs Moneypenny

Iceland football boss — part-time dentist

Adding a sporting dimension to your career can be therapeutic

Mrs Moneypenny

Help us fix the disability employment gap

We need to do more to get the disabled into work

Mrs Moneypenny

Stick to a single page CV

While you polish your CV, go and clean up your virtual existence too

Mrs Moneypenny

Career advice for septuagenarians

Donald Trump will be 70 next week and Hillary Clinton will be 69 in October

Mrs Moneypenny

How to take down walls and build a strategic network

Why women must conquer their fear of networking and do it anyway

Mrs Moneypenny

Be careful how you play the Bame game when recruiting

You will not keep a diverse workforce unless its members feel they are fully part of the organisation

Mrs Moneypenny

Good cause to celebrate a woman in the chair

Olga Zoutendijk’s appointment as chair of ABN Amro is a landmark, and the bank is better for it

Mrs Moneypenny

Handbags to the fore in search for the ‘tailor-made’

Artisans provide antidote to today’s frenzied lifestyle

Give your gardener feedback and your nanny a bonus

Put as much effort into being a good employer at home as at work

Mrs Moneypenny’s Question Time — resist skipping post-flight shower

Everything from what you wear to your posture plays a role in how impressions are formed

How to pick the perfect global event — and shoes

Which conferences are worth your time and money? Here’s how to decide

Introducing my podcast, Irreverent Questions

Other people’s working lives are endlessly interesting — always something to learn

Wales, it is time to fire up your job creation turbo engine

Wales is getting it right on job creation if you ask me and Aston Martin

The gender question can be wrong

Many travails exist beyond being judged by your sex

We need to know what female execs are paid

Putting women on boards was just the first step

Snow and strikes are no obstacles for gritty women

Are women more committed than men when it comes to getting to the office?

The world’s big problems should not keep us awake

How much sleep do we need to get the most out of our waking hours?

To get things done, it helps to channel Jennifer Lawrence

Dreading a chore? Take a cue from the actress and her fight for equal pay

Christmas boosts gardeners, comics and financiers

Many invisible jobs and careers receive a boost at this time of the year

Take your job satisfaction into your own hands

Instead of expecting your role to deliver everything, seek the missing elements outside the office

Hiding names to end bias is a futile and lazy short-cut

‘The thing to do is to ensure they make the effort to really get to know a candidate’

Davies has gone far with equality but not far enough

Let us go out and find all the very impressive women who work in risk

In recruiting and at home, real life sometimes mirrors TV

‘The Apprentice’ imparts lessons in recruiting, whether we like Lord Sugar’s approach or not

Liverpool’s Jürgen Klopp should rally the ‘In’ vote

If we could demonstrate the value of Europe to football fans, then the right outcome might be secured

Plan well ahead to ensure a smooth succession

You never know whether your retirement will be voluntary or not

We must stem the loss of girls studying science, technology, engineering, maths

Many of the UK’s best scientists are giving up before they have even started

The unexpected careers of Lords and commoners

Varied careers can be as inspiring as castles

All is not lost when things do not go according to plan

‘Success is a great deodorant. It covers up the smell of past failure’

Outside talent is a good idea for family companies

Family firms would do well to look outside as they ponder succession

Does your digital profile show your best side?

It’s time to consider what your social media footprint says about you

Public scoring systems might be the best way to change behaviour

Uber’s mutual scoring process makes for an eerily pleasant cab ride

Millennial v Boomer: Small is beautiful but big can be better

Working at start-up companies is great experience but is it the right experience?

On giving a lead when you have many masters

The trend to appoint ever more senior people is to be applauded

Investor relations is a great place to look for independent directors

IR people understand regulations on public companies and can anticipate shareholder scorn

Adversity has spurred remarkable careers and ideas

‘Beau Biden would live a life of meaning. He would live a life for others’

Millennial v Boomer: Is it ever too early to do good?

Should entrepreneurs focus on philanthropy while they are starting their businesses?

Top appointments inspire, not only because of gender

To avoid bankers’ errors, financial services need to hire more retailers

Flatulent bed bugs and excited scientists inspire space careers

Stimulating speakers prompt children — and adults — to reach for the stars. Sometimes literally


Mrs Moneypenny is a former investment banker and has an MBA from the London Business School and a PhD from the University of Hong Kong. She is a visiting professor at Cass, City University Business School, and a trustee of a major educational charity. She is married to a wine merchant who plays a lot of golf, and has three children who she refers to as the Cost Centres.

Mrs M began writing for the Financial Times in 1999 while still based in Tokyo. Subsequently, she returned to the UK and bought into a small but profitable business in the West End of London, where she was the youngest and worst-groomed of four owner-directors. She later led a management buyout and is now the majority owner. She is the author of Mrs Moneypenny: Survival in the City (2003), and Mrs Moneypenny: Email from Tokyo, (2006).

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