No need to be sniffy about drug confessions

Taking cocaine is no more illegal in the lavatories at Buckingham Palace than, say, a tiny loo in Clapham

Ridiculous Rollers and other car design ‘atrocities’

Whoever led the charge in reinventing the Ghost and Mulsanne today ought to have some elementary lessons on elegance

How to make no excuses and leave

If you want to pile it on a bit, contrive a couple of choking coughs or a distinct limp as you rise from your seat

What’s best for impatient patients

There is nothing worse in a doctor’s waiting room than being ogled at by others trying to second-guess one’s infirmities

The sadness of modern family homes

Soon babies will be born with a crooked neck and the nimblest of fingers

Cigarettes v alcohol: Part 2

The intrinsic arguments against smoking are not at all insulated from the inevitable complexities of life

Occupational joke therapy

Chairman Mao’s full name, Mao Tse-tung, is, incredibly, an anagram of ‘mangetouts’

How to greet one’s wife

Germans have a specific term for a gift presented to one’s wife as an apology for being out late – ‘dragon fodder’

Superstition and doorstep surprises

I opened the door to greet the ambassador only to realise I’d forgotten to unclip my big pink curler

Mega-rich memories

During the glorious summer evenings, we would serve plonk and Walkers crisps half an hour before the concert

What to hang over a fireplace

I have a great variety of flick knives . . . I think it suggests masculine street cred

Royal lunch takes the biscuit

At the other extreme, the least elaborate lunch I’ve ever had was at Clarence House

A bathroom standing joke

If the Queen mentions Prince William, she can hardly be accused of name-dropping

The Dalai Lama’s spiritual connections

The Dalai Lama seems to be much more of a trendy man than me as he has joined Instagram

Why men should never buy lingerie

I once sold a couple of silk boxer underpants to the gloriously beautiful Cindy Crawford

Dull questions at dinner parties

‘As far as I can judge, name cards are for champions of social pole-vaulting or failed networkers’

Snooty versus super-snobs

‘Aristocrats live in their own surreal world and the lower classes generally don’t give a toss’

Use a pen for a special Tweet

‘Who wants to drink champagne from a straw? Not only is this a common habit, it sabotages the effect’

Asian tea has Oolong history

‘The British have not been particularly romantic with naming their teas, unlike Asia’

Calling card of social pests

‘Budget airlines assume passengers should have no right to demand any services’


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