©Shonagh Rae

John Paul Rathbone

The FT’s Latin American editor on endearing Spanish nicknames, and the Hispanic voters’ view on the US elections

Food & Drink

©Graham Roumieu
‘Now is the time to take advantage of Italy’s best wines, whose prices seem highly likely to rise’
The Pitt Boss Plate at Hang Fire Southern Kitchen ©Huw John
‘The barbecue food they’re turning out in Wales is some of the best I’ve encountered outside the Deep South’
©Andy Sewell
‘They are made with excellent little packets of white and brown meat, freshly caught in my local supermarket’
Illustration by Shonagh Rae of a female squash player
©Shonagh Rae

The Taliban v the squash champion

‘When the tournament organisers saw her birth certificate she was exposed as a girl — and the Taliban threatened to kill her for the crime of wearing shorts’

Illustration by Luis Grañena of a pig using a computer
©Luis Grañena

The simple truths of language

‘Impenetrable language thrives best in zones where people have an incentive to bore the public away’

Tyler Brule: The Fast Lane

The Fast Lane: where’s the safest haven?

I pictured myself living on Hokkaido, maybe running a ‘ryokan’ with a nice collection of goats

Congolese music star Papa Wemba performs during the Femua music festival in Abidjan on April 24, 2016 before collapsing on stage.
©AFP/Getty Images

Openings: Papa Wemba, the fresh prince of Zaire

He may have sold fewer records than Prince, but he probably swung more hips

What lies in store

Department stores are like novels about growing up, each floor exposing you to expectations about living

political animals
©Lucas Varela

Political animals: a guide

‘The Jester — a Johnsonicus Boris to use the correct Latin term — uses amiable clownery to mask his ruthlessness’

Myrna Ayad, the newly appointed director of Art Dubai
©Honeybun, Art Dubai

The Art Market: Turkey takes a breather

Istanbul fair called off; French home for Pinault collection; auction aggregator Barnebys grows

Illustration of a shadow banking workshop
©Luke Waller

Izabella Kaminska

The FT Alphaville reporter on attending a shadow banking workshop and speculation on the Bitcoin inventor’s identity

©Shonagh Rae

Can China turn green?

‘If China could be persuaded to construct energy-efficient new buildings, we might have an effective way of reducing global warming’


Martin Sandbu

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