Illustration by Shonagh Rae of digital Isis
©Shonagh Rae

The digital war with Isis

‘What makes this so nasty is that it involves all of us, sitting in our own homes in front of our computer screens’

Food & Drink

©Graham Roumieu
‘The problem is that if no sulphur dioxide is added, then the wine has no defence against harmful bacteria’
Drunken clams (left) with two salads by chef Jowett Yu ©2015 IB Photography Ltd.
‘On the wall by the staircase leading down to the restaurant, gold-plated cats raise their right paw as though in welcome’
©Andy Sewell
‘Think of it as a kind of quiche with more vegetables, stronger flavours and no pastry’
Illustration by Luke Waller
©Luke Waller

Cleveland Diary: Demetri Sevastopulo

The FT’s Washington bureau chief on the Republican convention and the Trump campaign

Metropolitan myths that led to Brexit

‘The pressing issue for the UK has not been rising inequality but weak growth’

Illustration by Luis Grañena of people cutting up the EU flag
©Luis Grañena

Civil servants will decide what Brexit means

‘The British public is not very interested in detail, judging by the largely fact-free campaign’

Tyler Brule: The Fast Lane

The Fast Lane: The ties that bind

Take a walk with me down into the village where people still interact in the street . . .

Nilanjana Roy

The importance of reading about terror

Why novels that explore acts of terrorism are necessary — if painful — reads

Illustration for 'Accommodating Westminster’s elite'; Robert Shrimsley
©Lucas Varela

Accommodating Westminster’s elite

‘We all need to do our bit to aid the tragic human tide of refugees from Theresa May’s first government’

Matt Damon above and below, returns to play Jason Bourne in the latest instalment of the thriller series
©Universal Pictures

Jason Bourne vs James Bond

Why the pedant will always beat the poseur

A scene at a Wagner opera
©David McConochie

The joys of Wagner’s ‘Ring’

The FT’s Josh Spero waxes lyrical about his marathon viewings of the opera cycle

©Shonagh Rae

Newt’s eye view of the Trump ‘circus’

‘Trump is an erratic showman but he is also highly skilled at catching the popular protest vote’


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