©Shonagh Rae

The Diary: John Kampfner

Night after night, the champagne flows as corporates vie for the glitziest party on the beach or, better still, on the yacht

Food & Drink

©Graham Roumieu
‘Not before time, there is a growing realisation that to survive, co-ops need to make wines people actively want to drink’
– Jancis Robinson
Jura's dining room
Small independent suppliers are enabling restaurateurs to satisfy their customers’ thirst for novelty
– Natalie Whittle
The dining room at The Ninth
‘The cubes of feta were creamy, smooth, ambrosial curd from celestial goats’
– Tim Hayward
©Shonagh Rae

Resilience in a time of crises

‘The modern world is such a tightly connected system that it is a fantasy to think we can ever abolish all threats’

©Luis Grañena

The fan who came in from the cold

‘Klopfleisch spent match days standing beside the Wall, listening to the sounds from the stadium in West Berlin’

Tyler Brule: The Fast Lane

The Fast Lane: It’s about freedom at the edges

Thanks to the EU, in Germany you can go naked in a park; in Madrid you can stay out late and drink

Good knowing you, Mrs Florrick

Part of the appeal of ‘The Good Wife’ was that almost everything took place beneath her immaculate surfaces

Nilanjana Roy

Nilanjana Roy: between artistry and insanity

Not everyone who is creative is insane, nor is it necessary to embrace madness to be creative

illustration by Luke Waller for The Diary, Robin Lane Fox
©Luke Waller

The Diary: Robin Lane Fox

My 44-year-old eider duck sleeping bag is my long-stop in life, even if the pound collapses next week

Illustration by Shonagh Rae
©Shonagh Rae

Selling Donald Trump

‘Not only is it unclear whether the Republican elders can ever control Trump, it is less clear whether Trump can control himself’

Tyler Brule: The Fast Lane

The Fast Lane: A cautionary referendum tale

The issue is also about the hundreds of thousands of talented, clever people who will leave the UK

The sunny side of Bing

Watching ‘White Christmas’ with a flourishing rose bed visible from my window — well, it was a first


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