Illustration of Australia
©Luke Waller

Gideon Rachman

The FT’s chief foreign affairs commentator in Australia

Food & Drink

An illustration of a bottle of Jura wine in spotlight ©Ingram Pinn
‘Jura wines have become the height of fashion with certain wine trendsetters’
– Jancis Robinson
The beach view from inside Hostal Empúries
‘The inspiration for our mains was local — succulent pieces of octopus and paella with a profusion of squid’
– Nicholas Lander
Hake with potatoes and paprika ©Andy Sewell
‘When it is fresh and the meat has an almost translucent, rosy whiteness, it is magnificent’
– Rowley Leigh
Illustration of Apple's 'Glass cube' store
©Shonagh Rae

New York’s biggest Apple

‘In years to come we may find it utterly bizarre to think that anyone ever wanted to go into a windowless basement to buy an iPhone’

Illustration by Luis Grañena of a gated compound under surveillance
©Luis Grañena

Why safety now trumps freedom

‘Western governments plead security to spy on citizens, and most citizens accept it. They have learnt to love Big Brother’

Refuse my gifts at your peril

‘I always try to make it clear a gift from me is an open-and-shut transaction. I give and you receive’

Tyler Brule

The Fast Lane: Time for Her Majesty to move up in the world?

‘Never mind that the Queen could be moving, she was now doing state visits in an aircraft made in Brazil’

David Baddiel

The freedom to sell restituted art

‘As a Jew, it is difficult to ask for your money back. Even if it is rightfully yours — and stolen with intense violence’

©Lucas Varela

Move over, manspreader

‘We are all used to this phenomenon on trains but coping with it on a long flight is surely a different matter’

Jo Ellison

Forget the sales, hit the rails

Why the pre-collections are the pearls of the fashion cycle

Joan Miró’s ‘La tige de la fleur rouge pousse vers la lune’ (1952), on sale at Christie’s

The Art Market: The price is all right

Christie’s meets expectations; Beit sale postponed; new London fair

Illustration of a supermarket aisle
©Luke Waller

Maggie Fick

The FT’s new West Africa correspondent touches down in the Ivory Coast