Illustration - meditating woman
©Luke Waller

Elizabeth Spiers

The writer and digital media consultant discovers a product called ALARMclock and signs up for a meditation workshop

Food & Drink

Soil samples at a southern Rhône vineyard ©James Reeve
For recent graduates wondering what to do with their hard-won degrees, the world of wine needs many of their skills
A dish of roast duck with cherries as prepared by Rowley Leigh ©Andy Sewell
It is the sweet and sour element that gives these cherries their special affinity with the richness of roast duck
La Ruota dining room view
The restaurant overlooks Moneglia far below, its beach, the calm sea … The vista only improves when the stars come out
Illustration of a man deluged with letters from a mailbox
©Luis Grañena

From my inbox: the hot topics

Thanks to social media, I get more responses to my columns every year. Most are smart and friendly. Some aren’t

Illustration of digital chess
©Shonagh Rae

Chess in cyber space: a smart move?

Parents are tapping the most brilliant chess brains in India, Bulgaria and Moscow to deliver online tutorials for their offspring via Skype

Tyler Brule: The Fast Lane

The Fast Lane: Closed for the summer holidays

From Bristol to Vienna, there is a hardworking ‘middle band’ that keeps Europe ticking over

Harry Eyres: The Slow Lane

The Slow Lane: The cruel cost of the crisis

Making life more difficult for mentally distressed people, in tough economic times, strikes me as both cruel and stupid

Peter Aspden

Instant icons of dissent

Today, going viral is more important than going to the barricades

An illustration of a mawkish parent
©Lucas Varela

Warning! Mawkish parents ahead

This week marked the last time I shall walk one of my children to school. I envisaged a wistful, maybe even elegiac, affair

All in the tidy mind

The difficult thing about sorting through several thousand pieces of paper is having to decide what the definition of precious is

Simon Doonan: The truth about trends

Do your shopping trips end with hideous oaths à la ‘The Exorcist’?

Seismology: Oklahoma quakes linked to drilling

A team of geophysicists has shown that the tremors are due to wastewater from oil and gas extraction being pumped into disposal wells