©James Ferguson

John Thornhill

On a trip to Israel, the FT’s deputy editor encounters high-tech, tradition and a former Soviet dissident

Food & Drink

©Ingram Pinn
‘Barolo 2010 is not being shown officially until May but many of the UK allocations have already been sold’
©Jami e Orlando Smith
‘The forecourt, home for many years to fire engines, is now an elegant garden’
Rowley Leigh's shoulder of lamb with onions and turnip gratin ©Andy Sewell
‘To compound my Old Testament proclivities, I have cooked this for a long time until it is of a melting consistency’
©Luis Grañena

How (not) to argue

‘This is an exercise in Big Anecdote rather than big data, but it seems we rarely win an argument’

©Shonagh Rae

Notes on a college scandal

‘It is around sports that questions of power, money, racism and culture crystallise particularly clearly’

Tyler Brule: The Fast Lane

Furniture movers and shakers in Milan

‘The Salone is a curious beast, bringing together companies trying to sell the exact same thing’

Harry Eyres: The Slow Lane

Why can’t we have happy poets?

‘Great poetry needs to be sprung with tension, not to sag into familiar comfort like an old sofa’

Peter Aspden

Satire that has no sting

‘The political mainstream has become expert in the co-option of its critics’

©Lucas Varela

Re-evaluating my goals

‘We are part of a social underclass, too tribal or emotionally stunted to break free from loser soccer teams’

Artistic masterpizzas

‘I went back to the hotel and dreamt of a surrealist-style pizza’

Bestsellers’ jackets

‘Having a great book idea is one thing, and writing a great book another, but having a great image helps’

From left: Canto, the 27-year-old monkey and Owen, 29
©University of Wisconsin-Madison University Co

Science: leaner diet, longer life?

Two studies give conflicting results on how stringent calorific restriction affects human longevity