The Diary illustration: listening to a bagpipe
©Luke Waller

John McDermott

The FT commentator on bagpipes, golf and yellow plastic ducks

Food & Drink

An illustration of a wine from Gredo Mountains ©Ingram Pinn
‘Even today, the limpid reds and rich, textured whites of Spain’s Gredos Mountains are known mostly to insiders’
The table settings at Restaurant Christophe Bacquié
‘Every dish consisted of too many bowls and side dishes that required the waiters to return too often’
Moroccan chicken salad ©Andy Sewell
Till discovering this dish, I had not found a chicken salad I really liked
An illustration on education
©Shonagh Rae

What students should really be learning

‘By using the wisdom of cyber crowds, the hope is that we can all shape education in a way that reflects economic change’

An illustration on climate change
©Luis Grañena

Green lessons from gay marriage

‘Don’t be liberal. There’s nothing inherently leftie about keeping the earth habitable’

Tyler Brule: The Fast Lane

The Fast Lane: a quiz to banish your travel blues

‘Tell the manager that he or she must take up the fight for thousands of guests fed up with sickly scents’

Randy Boyagoda

Existential truths at the summer movieplex

‘When have moviemakers ever been deferential to the intentions and efforts of literature?’

Communication breakdown

‘It was a standard letter but it had a nasty tone, as if addressed to a notorious troublemaker’

An illustration on social media assets
©Lucas Varela

Heir to eternity

‘Your digital brand is a valuable asset. I may have little further use for it myself but I need to make sure it is in good hands.’

Best feet forward

Beauty’s great leveller — feet sort the 360-degree groomers from the rest of us

Tim Hayward and his DIY duck press
©David Loftus

The à la car menu

Research for his new book ‘The DIY Cook’ involved deconstructing all kinds of classic dishes

Illustration of a French bulldog by Dan Mitchel
©Dan Mitchel

Nicola Barker

The novelist on her French bulldog’s diet, wedding shows on TV and ‘Go Set a Watchman’