illustration by Shonagh Rae for Martin Wolf's The Diary
©Shonagh Rae

Martin Wolf

The FT’s chief economics commentator looks back on the publicity circuit for his latest book and why he considers it his child

Food & Drink

An illustration by Ingram Pinn depicting wine from California ©Ingram Pinn
Prices in California have stopped heading skywards – good news if, like me, you love the sumptuousness of its top-quality wines
Donna Carmela ©Alfio Garozzo
The mozzarella was the whitest, freshest, saltiest and most delicious I have yet encountered
Fish pie ©Andy Sewell
‘I like tomatoes in my fish pie. My mother put them in and I have never seen fit to contradict her’
Illustration by Luis Grañena of a modern city
©Luis Grañena

The view ahead

The dotcom dreams are back. All the talk once again is of ‘digital disruption’

An ilustration by Jason Ford depicting Silicon Valley as a golden city
©Jason Ford

The Valley

When people look at that little bit of land just below San Francisco, they’re looking at wizardry, transmutation and borderline magic

Tyler Brule: The Fast Lane

The Fast Lane: The diode at the end of the tunnel

I get how efficient LEDs are but should it really mean a massive aesthetic step backward? Surely not

Harry Eyres: The Slow Lane

The Slow Lane: Common censorship

Three recent decisions have brought this issue into focus – and all three are lamentable and incoherent

Show us what you’ve got

There’s a long-established culture of galleries having more art than they know what to do with

illus man held by machine
©Illustration Lucas Varela

A human writes . . . 

For all the Silicon Valley gains, our world is now being shaped by people who think man is nothing more than learning machines awaiting obsolescence

The hope inside a box of delights

I have started imagining people going through my things after I am no more

A little bit of vanity is good for you

There’s nothing superficial about keeping up appearances

High-speed video was used to analyse the extraordinary movements of the desert sidewinder rattlesnake
©Tim Nowak

Robotics: inspirational snakes

Scientists have analysed the mesmerising movement of sidewinder snakes to improve the performance of robots