Illustration, The Diary: Constantine Phipps
©Luke Waller

Constantine Phipps

The novelist delights in folk music, rhyming couplets and train journeys

Food & Drink

©Open Kitchen
LVMH is betting on the fact that the world’s wine drinkers will want bubbles wherever they are – even in red wine-obsessed China
Outside the tiny Jesse Restaurant ©Algirdas Bakas
‘Best of all was bean curd topped with diced hairy crab – a Shanghainese delicacy’
Rowley Leigh's Torta Pasqualina ©Andy Sewell
‘Whether in chocolate or in paint, Easter has always celebrated that potent symbol of rebirth’
Illustration by Luis Grañena of a disabled person playing basketball
©Luis Grañena

The next big rights revolution

‘The new interest in disabled people reflects the belated discovery that there are no second-class humans’

Illustration by Andy Martin of a new media species
©Andy Martin

The birth of a new media species

‘What these non-profits are trying to do is to tap a desire by some rich people to support civic initiatives’

Tyler Brule: The Fast Lane

With a view to improvement

‘Being at 1,800 metres in the Alps helps give me a broader view of what’s going on in the world’

Harry Eyres: The Slow Lane

We’re looking for a piano

‘The musical instrument has come to be seen as bourgeois and genteel, at home in a million polite parlours’

Illustration by Lucas Varela of Queen Elizabeth
©Lucas Varela

Lift your game, House of Windsor

‘We’ve gone from “Game of Thrones” to Lame as Clones. Do you realise we haven’t even had a decent beheading since 1697?’

This lacy veil of tears

‘How quickly success can fade to failure in the engine of the unquiet mind’

The Marylebone Tech

Power in the handbag

‘A self-charging bag seemed too good to be true. Did it have solar panels concealed on the side? I decided to find out’

Illustration by Richard Allen of tutters
©Richard Allen

Meet the Tutters

‘Is it the food? The service? This audible punctuation of exasperation by a special breed of customer has a surprising explanation’

Satire that has no sting

‘The political mainstream has become expert in the co-option of its critics’