©Luke Waller

Kent Russell

‘Has a pigeon ever alighted on your desk? It is a cause for concern’

Food & Drink

©Ingram Pinn
‘I’m aware wine tourism can get out of hand. It took me hours to inch, bumper to bumper, into Napa Valley one sunny Sunday last month’
– Jancis Robinson
Dining room: The Restaurant at Meadowood
‘Without a menu, the diner is flying blind, placing all his trust in the chef’
– Nicholas Lander
Pappardelle with artichokes ©Andy Sewell
‘Many home cooks do not understand the fact that pasta must be rolled and re-rolled to get a really silky result’
– Rowley Leigh
©Shonagh Rae

A degree of creativity

‘Vocational degrees provide skills that can become outdated or be replaced by robots’

©Luis Grañena

A very cosmopolitan spy

‘Philby and Burgess couldn’t cope. Philby wallowed in drink; Burgess died of it. But for Blake, Moscow wasn’t exile. He embraced it as his fate’

Tyler Brule: The Fast Lane

The Fast Lane: Ready for udon bolognese?

When was the last time you tucked into a dish and found you haven’t been able to stop thinking about it?

Harry Eyres: The Slow Lane

The Slow Lane: Inspiration v perspiration

Perhaps a lot of rugby has always been prosaic but I struggle to recall such a dearth of poetry

Being offered a self-helping hand

While talking to one of the greatest actors of our times, he recommended a book that might benefit me

©Lucas Varela

The beans that count

‘Coffee snobbery is a pastime all can play, but it requires commitment’

I’m having intimacy issues

Negotiating fashion invitations is a scientific art — which party will ensure the most exclusive access? And which will lend itself to the best ‘selfie’?

An artist's impression of Enceladus

Could there be life under Jupiter and Saturn’s lunar oceans?

Three recent discoveries keep up the drumbeat of excitement about extraterrestrial biology

Peter Aspden

It’s not time to write off our debt to Greece

What has taken me aback has been the level of sarcasm, condescension and outright hostility that pervades much of the discussion