An illustration by James Ferguson of a wasp and ants on a tree
©James Ferguson

Jonathan Eley

The FT’s personal finance editor on doing assault courses, trying ‘tartiflette’, and discovering free Evian mineral water

Food & Drink

illustration of a man drinking a wine glass in the shape of a lemon half ©Ingram Pinn
One of the most pernicious myths in the wine world is that a wine ‘needs’ prominent acidity in order to age well
Pork chop with peperonata ©Andy Sewell
The chops should be just cooked through but still juicy and very moist
Toto’s dining room ©Helen Cathcart
Nothing is going to get in the way of an evening that runs like a speedboat crossing the Lido
©Luis Grañena

Alice Fishburn: How not to get away from it all

Our reluctance to push our boundaries is not just a holiday habit

An illustration of a clock by Shonagh Rae
©Shonagh Rae

How to ignite the creative spark

So what inspires the ‘aha!’ moment? And can anybody set out to replicate it in other areas?

Tyler Brule: The Fast Lane

The Fast Lane: a Swedish road trip

Older Swedes are happy to go naked but younger ones are more prudish and prefer to cover up

Harry Eyres: The Slow Lane

The Slow Lane: News from nowhere and everywhere

Because our lives in lucky parts of the world go so smoothly, we have room for distant news

Antonia Quirke

Antonia Quirke: a loser’s guide to filmgoing

I don’t really want to watch movies in a heritage setting or Imaxed on the moon

A poem to learn for life

One of the Poems on the Underground posters caught my eye. It was called ‘In a Young Time’ by Gerard Benson

Maggie Gyllenhaal plays Nessa Stein in 'The Honourable Woman'

Jo Ellison: a blouse with superpowers

The honourable art of minimalism

A display as seen by people with presbyopia; corrected in the MIT/Berkeley prototype; the simulated full correction
©Fu-chung Huang

Display technology: screen break

US researchers discover how to make electronic screens display sharp images for users with defective eyesight

mummified shopper standing in front of a shelf. Illustration by Lucas Varela
©Lucas Varela

When choice isn’t an option

‘To live,’ remarked Kofi Annan, ‘is to choose.’ But apparently some of us are living too well