Illustration of a newt by Toby Whitebread
©Toby Whitebread

Jane Owen

The editor of FT House & Home visits Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies

Food & Drink

Blending wine ©Ingram Pinn
‘As far as we neophyte blenders were concerned, it was just a question of getting the proportions right’
Jago’s stylish, Spanish-designed premises ©Steve Joyce
‘Solley’s menus get the attention they deserve at night; by day, Jago is mainly a staff canteen’
White asparagus with carrot purée and sorrel ©Andy Sewell
‘I do not particularly want to see Twitter pictures of blueberry muffins or eggs Benedict that somebody is about to enjoy’
©Shonagh Rae

What Detroit can teach us all

‘Politicians, bureaucrats and business leaders are pulling together in an unusually collaborative manner’

André Carrilho

Stop these WW2 comparisons

‘Memories of the war have shaped our responses to everything from the Viet Cong to today’s jihadis’

Tyler Brule

The Fast Lane: Uninvited guests

Is it acceptable to walk into a company and steal ideas, so long as you come clean and say you’re hacking?

Peter Aspden

Processed politics

Most people I meet cannot quite believe that there is a general election campaign under way at all

Flights of fancy dress

The outfits occupied that tiny overlap where seaside landlady and convent girl collide

©Lucas Varela

The right to worktops: an election issue

‘Sometimes you need that degree of detachment to be able to focus on the big picture’

Jennifer Lopez at the 2015 MTV Movie Awards

Contouring? Turn the other cheek

If it’s naturally enhanced cheekbones you’re after, learn to love blushing and bronzing

Mansion tax illustration
©James Fryer

Ed Mead on pre-election nerves

Uncertainty over taxes is rattling the UK market but further investment in its top end seems inevitable

Marc Newson’s ‘Lockheed Lounge’

The Art Market: Lockheed lounger record

Brussels sprouts art; Independent extends its fair; Fine Art Fund disappoints