Summer in the City illustration
©Luke Waller

Jonathan Ford

The FT’s chief leader writer attends Summer in the City and gets a first-hand taste of the fervour that pervades the event

Food & Drink

Wine car boot illustration ©Ingram Pinn
I have never experienced such a cool, friendly atmosphere at a public wine tasting’
– Jancis Robinson
Open kitchen at Barrafina ©Paul Winch-Furness
The skewers of big grilled chunks of loin of Ibérico pig are the sort of bar snacks they serve in Valhalla
– Tim Hayward
Rowley Leigh's escalivada ©Andy Sewell
The smokiness imparted by the proximity to a naked flame is essential to the flavour of this dish
– Rowley Leigh
An illlustration of a wine glass by Shonagh Rae
©Shonagh Rae

Should we call time on teenage drinking?

Alcohol consumption among youth has actually declined almost everywhere in the western world

An illustration of the Statue of Liberty holding a cup of tea
©André Carrilho

America - the best place to be British

The three great omissions of American life – the BBC, football and healthcare – are now increasingly on tap

Tyler Brule: The Fast Lane

The Fast Lane: Where the hell are we?

The confectionery and T-shirt bins are now covered in what were once possible purchases

Harry Eyres: The Slow Lane

The Slow Lane: Spanish art’s northern outpost

From sweltering Seville to cool windy Bishop Auckland, it might as well be a million miles

Aindrea Emelife
©Alice Russell

Surrealism: In praise of boiled string

The movement’s most valuable contribution was that it shattered ideas of what it is reasonable for an artist to do

Spirals out of control

It’s been the summer of the ribbon – the vegetable ribbon, that is

Suits v slobs: the workwear debate

Should you wear a tie to the office?

A hen harrier
©Andy Hay/

Ecology: how harriers can live with grouse

An Aberdeen University study suggests introducing a brood management ‘quota system’ of harrier population control

mummified shopper standing in front of a shelf. Illustration by Lucas Varela
©Lucas Varela

When choice isn’t an option

‘To live,’ remarked Kofi Annan, ‘is to choose.’ But apparently some of us are living too well