Illustration for Jesmyn Ward's The Diary
©Luke Waller

Jesmyn Ward

The writer contemplates the weight of history and the deaths of five young black men chronicled in her memoir

Food & Drink

'Angels at the table' illustration ©Ingram Pinn
‘Naked’s pitch is that their investors fund struggling young winemakers who need capital in order to turn their talent into delicious liquids‘
Ariana II, Kilburn ©Charlie Bibby
‘The warmth generated by the naan oven made me realise that this set-up is the original “‘open kitchen”’
Fish pie ©Andy Sewell
‘I like tomatoes in my fish pie. My mother put them in and I have never seen fit to contradict her’
Illustration for Simon Kuper column, October 25
©Luis Grañena

Confessions of a white Oxbridge male

I feel very little sense of achievement. I didn’t get here on merit. I was born to be a minor establishment functionary

illustration of a man with politicall themed buttons
©Shonagh Rae

Political apathy: who cares?

Voters apparently feel considerably more positively towards cockroaches, traffic jams or colonoscopies than congressmen

Tyler Brule: The Fast Lane

The Fast Lane: Make the most of being a G20 host

Brisbane lacks a good hotel to cater for those who like a little bit of city-life to go along with their sunlounger – and vice versa

Harry Eyres: The Slow Lane

The Slow Lane: Ripeness on the tree of life

Victor Erice is one of those rare film directors who show time passing apparently at its own pace

Peter Aspden

Priceless experiences for the authentically rich

The laws of demand and supply dictate that there will be a two-tier system of cultural tourism

illus of a BT automaton
©Illustration Lucas Varela

Hello, BT automaton. Kafka here . . .

I already need fingerprint evidence just to use my own phone. What next? Retinal scans to use the toaster?

Hold your hats and hallelujah

The attraction of a childhood whose natural end is not adulthood but stardom cannot be denied

Get on the ‘grundie’ train

A full debrief on how grunge-era underwear came back into fashion

High-speed video was used to analyse the extraordinary movements of the desert sidewinder rattlesnake
©Tim Nowak

Robotics: inspirational snakes

Scientists have analysed the mesmerising movement of sidewinder snakes to improve the performance of robots