Shtum, by Jem Lester

‘Shtum’, by Jem Lester

The moving story of a family’s fight for their autistic child’s future. Review by Isabel Berwick

‘The Crow Girl’, by Erik Axl Sund, translated by Neil Smith

‘The Crow Girl’, by Erik Axl Sund, translated by Neil Smith

The lives of three women interweave in a sharp Scandi thriller. Review by Barry Forshaw

What is Not Yours is Not Yours, by Helen Oyeyemi

‘What is Not Yours is Not Yours’, by Helen Oyeyemi

The supernatural and the ordinary sit defiantly cheek-by-jowl in these short stories. Review by Rebecca Abrams

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‘The Bickford Fuse’, by Andrey Kurkov

A wandering seaman, a refugee monk and a truck trundling downhill feature in this surreal tale of Soviet-era Russia. Review by Sam Leith

‘Tales of Persuasion’, by Philip Hensher

‘Tales of Persuasion’, by Philip Hensher

Happiness proves elusive for the beleaguered characters who populate these fine short stories. Review by Randy Boyagoda

‘The Mandibles’, by Lionel Shriver

A once-affluent family finds itself broke after the economy collapses in a dystopian America. Review by Alex Preston

Front cover of 'Not Working', by Lisa Owens

‘Not Working’, by Lisa Owens

A sharp, funny debut novel in which a marketing employee quits her job to find her true calling. Review by Emma Jacobs

Why McEwan speaks for England

We await his judgment on Labour under Corbyn, the malaise of Europe and technology’s dark potential

Front cover of 'The Midnight Watch', by David Dyer

‘The Midnight Watch’, by David Dyer

One of the great mysteries surrounding the Titanic is explored in a gripping debut. Review by Erica Wagner

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‘The Cauliflower’, by Nicola Barker

The winding spiritual journey of a celebrated Hindu mystic is at the centre of this ambitious, energetic novel. Review by Jan Dalley