Front cover of ‘Girl at War’, by Sara Nović

‘Girl at War’, by Sara Nović

A potent debut novel that explores the experiences of a child caught up in Yugoslavia’s civil war. Review by Rebecca Abrams

©Toby Whitebread

‘All Involved’, by Ryan Gattis

Novel set during the 1992 LA riots thrills and unsettles with its portrait of gang life

‘Orient’, by Christopher Bollen

Friction between locals and incomers drives an absorbing thriller set in a Long Island town. Review by Josh de la Mare

Front cover of 'The Scarlet Gospels', by Clive Barker

‘The Scarlet Gospels’, by Clive Barker

The return of one of the most recognisable characters in modern horror fiction. Review by James Lovegrove

Front cover of 'Pleasantville', by Attica Locke

‘Pleasantville’, by Attica Locke

Power struggles in a Houston neighbourhood acquire wider resonance in this murder mystery. Review by Isabel Berwick

©Dan Mitchell

‘Flood of Fire’, by Amitav Ghosh

The third part of the Ibis trilogy blends high drama and history to potent effect. Review by Alice Albinia

Front cover of ‘The Field of the Cloth of Gold’, by Magnus Mills

‘The Field of the Cloth of Gold’, by Magnus Mills

A campsite becomes a symbol of the inescapability of society in the author’s eighth novel. Review by Alice Fishburn

©Simon Pemberton

‘Seiobo There Below’, by László Krasznahorkai

A Hungarian writer reflects on experiences of great art, and on the hard and complex work that goes into its creation. Review by Jon Day

‘Thrown’, by Kerry Howley

A novel-cum-memoir that finds moments of transcendence on the mixed martial arts circuit. Review by John Sunyer

Front cover of ‘Gorsky’, by Vesna Goldsworthy

‘Gorsky’, by Vesna Goldsworthy

‘The Great Gatsby’ reworked into a fable of Russian plutocrats in modern-day London. Review by Peter Carty