Quixotic quest to unearth literary great

The final resting place of Cervantes has long been shrouded in mystery

‘The Faint-hearted Bolshevik’, by Lorenzo Silva

A disturbing modern classic from Spain is finally available in English. Review by Julius Purcell

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‘Satin Island’, by Tom McCarthy

Randy Boyagoda wrestles with the author’s attempt to disrupt conventional understandings of what matters in a work of fiction

‘The Way Things Were’, by Aatish Taseer

A Sanskrit scholar delves into his parents’ past in an engrossing state of the nation novel. Review by Michael Prodger

‘The First Bad Man’, by Miranda July

A poignant character study emerges from quirky comedy in this debut novel. Review by Sophie Elmhirst

Front cover of 'The Laughing Monsters', by Denis Johnson

‘The Laughing Monsters’, by Denis Johnson

A complex and disquieting novel about a secret agent’s haphazard odyssey across Africa. Review by John Sunyer

‘Malice’, by Keigo Higashino

A teasing detective story is more of a whydunnit than a whodunnit. Review by David Pilling

Illustration showing a spool of blue thread and people around a family house
©Shonagh Rae

‘A Spool of Blue Thread’, by Anne Tyler

The author returns once more to family life in Baltimore for her 20th novel. Review by Erica Wagner

The Winter War cover

‘The Winter War’, by Philip Teir

A middle-class marriage falls apart in this slow-burn debut novel by a Finnish writer. Review by Josh de la Mare

Front cover of 'Over Our Heads', by Andrew Fox

‘Over Our Heads’, by Andrew Fox

A young Irish writer’s deft snapshots of a rootless generation. Review by Alice Fishburn