©Toby Whitebread

‘The Mountain Shadow’, by Gregory David Roberts

Timeless truths and heightened experiences are the currency of the sequel to ‘Shantaram’. Review by Tim Martin

‘The Crossing’, by Andrew Miller

Like its cryptic female protagonist, this seventh novel resists classification. Review by Francesca Wade

‘Pond’, by Claire-Louise Bennett

A story collection that exults in solitude. Review by Catherine Taylor

‘Up Against the Night’, by Justin Cartwright

A returning expat is haunted by an ancestor’s bloody demise in this South Africa-set novel. Review by Alexander Gilmour

©Dan Mitchell

‘The Gap of Time’, by Jeanette Winterson

Could this retelling of Shakespeare’s play have done more to challenge the original? Review by Jan Dalley

‘Two Years Eight Months and Twenty-Eight Nights’, by Salman Rushdie

This latter-day fairytale has some witty flourishes but lacks emotional heft. Review by Alice Albinia

‘List of the Lost’, by Morrissey

Clunky wit, gibberish, bad sex: this short novel packs a lot in. Review by Ludovic Hunter-Tilney

Cover of 'The Blue Guitar'

‘Blue Guitar’, by John Banville

An Irish painter reflects on his past misdeeds in this moving, autumnal novel. Review by Randy Boyagoda

Cover of 'Democracy'

‘Democracy’, by Alecos Papadatos, Abraham Kawa and Annie Di Donna

A graphic novel that paints a surprisingly dark picture of the birth of democracy. Review by Peter Aspden

Luke Waller's illustration depicting Margaret Atwood’s tale of a near-future US
©Luke Waller

‘The Heart Goes Last’, by Margaret Atwood

A prison-cum-timeshare scheme is the subject of the author’s tale of a near-future US — but do the economics add up? Review by Lionel Shriver