'The Book of Strange New Things', by Michel Faber book cover

‘The Book of Strange New Things’, by Michel Faber

Converts flock to an intergalactic Christian missionary in this ambitious new novel. Review by Alexander Gilmour

'The Surfacing' review illustration

‘The Surfacing’, by Cormac James

An unexpected affair on an expedition to the Arctic leads to new life – and an emotional thaw. Review by Rebecca Hunt

Illustration for a review pf Richard Ford's book 'Let Me Be Frank With You'
©Nick Oliver

Richard Ford’s ‘Let Me Be Frank with You’

Frank Bascombe resumes his negotiations with the ageing process in a fine new story collection

'Fives and Twenty-Fives', by Michael Pitre book cover

‘Fives and Twenty-Fives’, by Michael Pitre

A compelling novel of bomb-clearing Marines explores the dynamics of post-invasion Iraq. Review by Robert Collins

Illustration of a boy and a girl running along a hall with Islam inspired arcs
©Kerry Hyndman

‘The Book of Gold Leaves’, by Mirza Waheed

Old, peaceable ways of life unravel in a ‘strange, compelling’ novel set amid the violence of 1990s Kashmir. Review by Alice Albinia

Mr Bones:20 Stories book cover

‘Mr Bones: 20 Stories’, by Paul Theroux

The author’s new short story collection portrays the weak and the wealthy, the eminent and the exploited. Review by Carl Wilkinson

Moriarty, by Anthony Horowitz

‘Moriarty’, by Anthony Horowitz

Coded messages, red herrings and in-jokes abound in a stylish Holmes pastiche. Review by James Lovegrove

‘The Last Lover’, by Can Xue, translated by Annelise Finegan Wasmoen

‘The Last Lover’, by Can Xue

East meets west in a phantasmagorical tale from an avant-garde Chinese author. Review by David Evans

‘Unmanned’, by Dan Fesperman

‘Unmanned’, by Dan Fesperman

A first-class thriller that explores how drones may spell the end of privacy. Review by Raymond Bonner

Illustration of Clive James by Luke Waller
©Luke Waller

‘Poetry Notebook: 2006-2014’, by Clive James

The author looks back at the poets who have resonated with him over the years, from Walt Whitman to Sylvia Plath. Review by Elaine Feinstein