UK net migration stays near record level

Poles for the first time make up the largest part of the UK’s foreign-born population
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ONS data say 303,000 came to the UK for work last year

Fears of new crisis on Britain’s railways

After Brexit vote, some industry insiders say groups risk seeing growth fall short of forecasts

Farage’s Brexit message woos Trump fans

‘I wouldn’t vote for Clinton if she paid me,’ Ukip man tells rally

PizzaExpress hit as diners stay at home

Consumer switch to food delivery eats into revenues at restaurant chain

The big social networks all rely on their massive international communities to flag up and report extremist content
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Social media accused of terror failings

MPs urge Facebook and Twitter to curb on extremist content

ITV ends pursuit of ‘Peppa Pig’ producer

Shares in Entertainment One drop more than 10% on abandoned bid

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