French tourism falls victim to terror

Air passenger traffic falls nearly 6% in June

Shock in eastern Europe

Some states fear that Brexit may leave much of the ex-communist half of Europe in the cold
european banking authority

Europe’s bank sector survives stress tests

Monte dei Paschi, RBS and AIB the losers in positive appraisal

Joe Cummings Michel Barnier

Michel Barnier: Fighting Brussels’ corner

Brexit negotiator defies the UK view of him as a panto villain, write Alex Barker and Jim Brunsden

Germany: Welcome wears thin

A string of terror attacks has shaken country and renewed criticism of government’s refugee policy

‘Revolving door’ trend takes hold

Former politicians and central bankers seeking high paid work in financial services has a long pedigree

Eurozone recovery loses momentum

Data cast doubt on strength of revival as French economy grinds to halt

ECB official allays cash hoarding fears

Cœuré says negative rates will not spark customer withdrawals

Russia-China exercises in South China Sea

Move could worsen tension after loss of court ruling by Beijing

Internal probe hits at IMF Greece failings

Fund criticises rule breaking, improvisation and lack of debate

Campaign against Clinton moves to Moscow

Russian rightwinger’s stunt adds to suspicions of Kremlin meddling

Jihadi detail policy sparks debate in France

Change in terror reporting policy prompts questions over media’s role

UK-Ireland relations need special care

May recognises that Brexit cannot put a hard-won peace at risk

Concerns over political influence at IMF

The fund must continue to reduce the undue dominance of Europe

Erdogan’s purge extends to stock analyst

Providers of analysis lacking state’s stamp of approval swept up in wave of repression

Today’s politics do not mirror the 1930s

Countries that have suffered most are not electing populists

Bank stress tests highlight lending fears

EU policymakers are concerned that poor results could damp credit revival and hit growth

IMF swayed by eurozone politics, says report

Damning evaluation of debt-crisis bailouts fuels debate on Greece

Merkel vows to keep door open to refugees

Chancellor resists pressure to change policy and tightens security

Trump strikes particular fear in Baltics

Republican nominee refuses to guarantee defence of region

Spanish tourist season brings jobless down

Almost two-thirds of new jobs are temporary contracts

The danger of eurozone banking fudges

Stress test results will put the focus on weaknesses

Brexit threatens east Africa trade deal

Tanzania’s refusal to sign EU agreement puts Kenyan livelihoods at risk

Terror attacks hit Thomas Cook sales

Losses widen due to continued instability across Europe

Brexit brings old foes back into battle

Lead negotiators Davis and Barnier first clashed 20 years ago


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