Chinese province buys up mouldy wheat

Effort to help flood-hit growers will degrade strategic stocks

Russia-China exercises in South China Sea

Move could worsen tensions after loss of court ruling by Beijing

China legalises car-hailing apps

Uber and Didi Chuxing no longer operating in grey area

China bonds are in vogue

There are attractive returns to be had for yield refugees from Europe

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Xi’s China: Smothering dissent

Critics fear the erosion of civic freedoms is denying space for grievances to be aired

Chinese default heightens creditor anger

Fate of state-owned zombie could set precedent for debt disputes

James Ferguson illustration

The world leans ever more on America

Time to forget the UK referendum effect and look at the big picture, writes Stephanie Flanders

Xi’s China: Command and control

The People’s Liberation Army has undergone a root-and-branch overhaul under the ‘commander-in-chief’

Manchester derby in Beijing hits a divot

China fans angry after patchy pitch foils United v City football match

Xi’s China: The rise of party politics

Part one: The president is wresting control of economic policy away from other parts of government

China president enforces online news ban

Clearest signal yet that President Xi Jinping is aiming at complete control of the media

China unveils world’s largest seaplane

Beijing furthers strategic reach with 4,500km-range amphibious aircraft

South Korea’s high stakes missile deployment

China and US should see rising risks of confrontation and talk

China struggles with vaccine shortage

Parents refused jabs for children as doctors ration supplies

Canberra faces test on Chinese investment

Power grid stake sale draws fire from independent politicians

World Bank urges more China health reform

Failure to toughen efficiency drive could cost annual 3% of GDP

China favours Pakistan army in $46bn link

Islamabad squabbles highlight obstacles to transport and energy corridor

Imax China: monster screens

Pikachu a sideshow to strong growth outlook

Global disorder: from Trump to China

The belligerence of domestic politics is spilling on to the world stage

Chinese fears about global economy increase

Survey shows food safety tops list of concerns once more

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