Funds braced for real estate falls

Henderson warns of downward pressure on values

Brexit vote and your money

EU rules underpin our financial lives, from buying flights to funds to a place in the sun
How to position your portfolio for an ‘in’ or ‘out’ vote
– See FT Money’s full EU referendum coverage at

How credit card borrowing has climbed

Fifty years on, our flexible friend is a primary cause of debt

British expats scramble to secure life in EU

Rush for European passports and citizenship begins

Winners and losers from the pound’s fall

UK exporters receive boost; banks and small business at risk

UK’s pension funding hole hits £900bn

Deficits jumped after Britain’s surprise vote to leave the EU

Property buyers put purchases on hold

Market experts expect price falls — and fewer transactions

Time to trim your hedge funds exposure?

Fund closures outnumber launches

Air miles — fly at a fraction of the cost

Travel in luxury on the cheap with frequent flyer programmes

An elderly woman takes a photograph on Brighton beach

Brexit — how will pensions be affected?

Market volatility could shrink value of retirement funds

Investors seek bargains after EU vote

Banks among the big FTSE losers with housebuilders


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