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Eurozone economy resilient despite Brexit

PMI figures show only slight slowdown in pace of recovery

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Matteo Renzi, Italy's prime minister, left, speaks with Angela Merkel, Germany's chancellor, as they arrive to hold their joint news conference at the Chigi Palace in Rome, Italy, on Thursday, May 05, 2016. Merkel and Renzi insisted that the European Union's deal with Turkey on migrants must be implemented despite the imminent departure of the country's premier. Photographer: Alessia Pierdomenico/Bloomberg *** Local Caption *** Matteo Renzi; Angela Merkel ©Bloomberg
Investors need to reset expectations in a world where rates remain low
Map of India. Detail from the World Atlas (Rand Mc. Nally). ©iStock
The referendum has brought urgency to the globalisation question
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Banca Monte Dei Paschi Di Siena SpA Headquarters And Bank Branches...Pedestrians stand and talk outside a Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena SpA bank branch in Siena, Italy, on Tuesday, March 11, 2014. Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena SpA, the bailed out Italian bank seeking to raise 3 billion euros ($4.2 billion) in a share sale, reported a seventh straight quarterly loss on provisions and restructuring costs. Photographer: Alessia Pierdomenico/Bloomberg ©Bloomberg
A €40bn bailout of the sector would raise national debt by a little more than 2%

Draghi backs bailout of Italian banks

Shares jump on hint of backstop as ECB keeps rates on hold

ECB faces QE dilemma after Brexit vote

Post-referendum flight to safety pushes down yields, making over half of German bonds ineligible

Rome told to follow EU bank rescue rules

Dijsselbloem comments come as investors again sell off sector 

IMF downgrades eurozone growth post-Brexit

Impact depends on closeness of UK ties after leaving EU

ECB warned of Brexit shock for eurozone

Policymakers said impact on trade and markets could hit growth

ECB keeps calm and carries on

Central bank dismisses UK as ‘not a major economic area’

Italy rescues bank after EU plea snubbed

Germany vetoes request to ease rules during Brexit turmoil

US urges EU to ease austerity after Brexit

Obama administration to encourage UK to ‘raise its game’ in Nato

IMF steps up call for German bank reforms

Low rates threaten financial sector’s profitability, fund warns

Eurozone can weather storm, says ECB

Vice-president maintains upbeat stance in face of lower growth

Bank rescue has implications beyond Italy

Italian PM says €40bn plan will solve problem ducked in 2013

Italy seeks help for banks after Brexit

Rome weighs measures to prop up struggling banking sector

Eurozone PMI at lowest level since 2014

Fears rise over single currency area’s growth

ECB prepares for Brexit contingencies

Impact on eurozone ‘very difficult’ to predict, says Draghi

German court backs ECB crisis-fighting tool

Challenge to Outright Monetary Transactions programme rejected

Germany to rule on legality of ECB weapon

Outright Monetary Transactions programme has never been used

IMF warns of political risk to eurozone

Fund urges policymakers to act to counter divisions

ECB urged to lavish ‘helicopter money’ on consumers

Group of MEPs says bank should focus on supplying cheap money to consumers

Brussels lambasted on national budgets

Eurogroup president says some countries treated better than others

Draghi steps up call for eurozone reform

ECB chief warns of cost in delaying measures to boost productivity

Sovereign debt change threat to EU banks

Fitch says lenders’ capital requirements might rise by 30%

Potential euro members fall short

Some of bloc’s poorest members fail to meet legal standards

ECB plays down hopes on growth uplift

Bloc grew 0.5% from fourth quarter of 2015 to 2016’s first quarter

How the ECB’s corporate bond buying works

Programme is designed to ease financing costs