fighting global warming

An internationally-agreed goal to keep global temperature rises to less than 2C - a level scientists believe is necessary to avoid risky changes in the climate - has been agreed after post-industrial revolution temperatures have risen by nearly 1C, mostly from burning fossil fuels

Singapore haze hits ‘unhealthy’ levels

Splitscreen photo of the Singapore Esplanade Bay Theatre blanketed with haze (left) and on a normal day

Acrid smoke from Indonesia sends smog over the SE Asian financial centre

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Road to the Paris climate change summit
Delegates from 196 countries met in Paris in December 2015 to negotiate a global agreement on climate change

Record heat fans commodity markets

Extra cooling demand in summer shrinks a gas market winter glut

US pension fund calls for climate action

Calpers urges ratification of Paris climate change agreement

A worker is seen working at Cairn Energy Plc's Mangala processing terminal in Rajasthan, India, in this undated handout photograph, released to the media on Thursday, Aug. 12, 2010. Vedanta Resources Plc is in talks to purchase assets or take a multibillion-dollar equity stake in Cairn Energy Plc, a U.K. oil and gas exploration company, according to people with knowledge of the matter. Source: Cairn Energy via Bloomberg EDITOR'S NOTE: EDITORIAL USE ONLY NO SALES.

Soco, Cairn reported over climate complaint

ClientEarth says financial risks of climate change not fully disclosed

Analysts say the price surges raise fundamental questions about South Australia's energy security
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S Australia power crisis hits green energy

Reliance on renewables blamed for spike in prices

Local lessons for tackling global diseases

Low-cost steps and policies could help save lives, writes Michael Bloomberg

Coal sector seeks carbon capture rethink

World Coal Association lobbies business secretary for support

Rockefeller fund backs Africa renewables

Fund pivots away from oil with green power investment

Relax about robots, fear for the climate

Technology doesn’t advance quickly and that is why new ideas are vital, writes Robin Harding

Polluting car illustration
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Fossil fuels have had an aeon’s head start

‘Fossil fuels have a formidable head start as our entire existing energy system revolves around them’

Cleantech investors need patience after losses

The Silicon Valley model did not work for clean energy, but world leaders promise more money

Brussels embarks on stricter CO2 targets

Electric and alternative fuel sources feature in low-emissions transport strategy

Swedish pension fund avoids fossil fuels

Swedish pension fund AP4 in biggest low carbon commitment

Climate change ministry scrapped

Decision ‘sends terrible signal at worst possible time’

Singapore airport guards against sea rise

Changi terminal to be built on land raised 5.5m

Climate change chief joins race to head UN

Costa Rican diplomat has been credited with sealing Paris accord

Brexit doubt weighs on green energy groups

EU renewables producers downplay fears over UK policy changes

Let’s save the planet again

Global action is healing the ozone hole and can tackle climate change

Scientists claim ozone layer is healing

More than half the change attributed to ban on CFCs

UK move to set CO2 target faces challenge

Lawson think-tank says Brexit may render binding cuts illegal

Statoil warns of threats to green energy

UK’s Brexit vote highlighted as example of risk to co-operation

Browne warns oil groups on climate change

Former BP chief calls for more investment in renewable

Climate change prompts insurance pledge

High-risk countries are banding together to pool risk

Financial engineering helps fight cancer

Academics are reviving the discipline’s tarnished reputation

Cambridge blacklists coal and tar sands

University keeps investments in oil and gas industries for now