European group offers post-Brexit plan

Move would see UK budget payments but immigration controls

Calais ‘Jungle’ camp prompts French anger

Rudd and Cazeneuve meet as French pressure grows on border

Challenges facing British housing market

A crash may be avoided but serious structural problems remain

Weak EU champions hasten a hard Brexit

The pro-Europe crowd should have moved on to argue the case for the closest possible relationship

Brexit means ‘deep break’ in EU history

German chancellor to meet 15 leaders across 5 countries

Prinsengracht canal in Amsterdam
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Marathon makes Brexit property gamble

Debt specialist seeks opportunities away from the UK

Economists warn on post-Brexit vote surveys

Many think PMIs can overstate impact on the UK economy

Whitehall woes: Europhile mandarins were reported to be 'miffed' about having to make Brexit happen
©Charlie Bibby

Tory MPs accused of Brexit ‘paranoia’

Head of union for top civil servants says they are not trying to block the process

Brexit costs will be felt soon enough

Britons will get poorer through prices rising more than wages, writes Rupert Pennant-Rea


Brexit: A risky experiment for science

Can the UK craft new policies to keep its lead in research and development?

Brexit business tracker

Latest update: World’s biggest pension fund blames loss on Brexit

UK housing market steady after Brexit vote

Pressures and uncertainty mean outlook remains difficult

The FT visits Hinkley Point Nuclear Powerstation in Somerset for UK News.Generic power pictures for Guy Chazan, big page.

Big project spending slumps after Brexit vote

PM pressed to use low rates to boost road and rail schemes

Farming’s fate lies with the Treasury

Few industries are more affected by the vote to exit the EU than agriculture, writes Edward Barker

Italy warns Brexit delay will hamper EU

Sandro Gozi fears hold-up will stymie reforms sought by Rome amid growing Italian euroscepticism

Comment & Analysis

Brexit and a badly designed choice

The more complicated a decision, the less desirable a referendum, writes Richard Thaler

Brexit Britain will miss cheap EU funds

An extraordinary case of a nation depriving itself of investment finance, writes Brian Unwin

Brexit: Three men and a country estate

The foreign secretary is forced to share his retreat with fellow leading Leavers

Trump’s success is not the same as Brexit

Notebook: The populist GOP candidate is far worse than his UK counterpart, writes Sebastian Payne 

Europe could have flexible forms of union

In a world of nearly 200 states, regional orders will be more important, writes Anne-Marie Slaughter

How to make Brexit manageable

The master plan was as clear on the general direction as it was naive about the technical details

Brexit uncertainty justifies a lower rate

There should be an immediate cut and extra measures, writes Gertjan Vlieghe

Brexit forces Ireland to make new friends fast

Dublin’s diplomatic and political clout in parts of the EU is not what it should be

May must now define ‘Brexit means Brexit’

The irony in her list of policy goals is that no item requires leaving the EU

Will Brexit be the end of the City?

FT commentators discuss whether the UK’s financial powerhouse will be fatally weakened