The Brexit divorce begins

UK talks with EU may enter a ‘legal and political no man’s land’

Merkel pushes back on calls for fast Brexit

Plea for caution after foreign ministers push for speedy action

Britain turns its back on Europe

Cameron quits and sterling plunges after roar of rage from alienated voters

Brexit visual explainer

What the vote means for trade, immigration and growth has yet to be determined

Hollande meets Le Pen to discuss Brexit vote

President gathers France’s most prominent political party leaders for talks

Britain’s EU commissioner Lord Hill resigns

Country’s role in Brussels bureaucracy already begins to shrink

EU’s Article 50 could be first stand-off

So-called exit clause establishes the balance of power for divorce talks

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How Brexit ended Cameron’s career

Forced into the referendum, the PM’s worst fears came true

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What happens now on immigration?

Control over UK’s borders will be big issue in EU divorce talks

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EU faces huge geopolitical challenge

Biggest jolt since the fall of the Berlin Wall

How will the City fare after Brexit?

UK exit from the EU will have big consequences for international banks

The options for the Bank of England

Governor Mark Carney has one overriding objective: stability

What next for businesses after Brexit

Companies will put contingency plans into action — or scramble to make them

The post-Brexit economic calendar

Impact of exit from the EU will start to emerge in coming months

Bank shares slammed by Brexit blow

UK lenders among hardest hit after referendum result

Comment & Analysis

Leaving will reconfigure the UK economy

Britain has prospered inside the EU but it will not do as well outside

Leave vote deals blow to international order

The repercussions in Europe will be incalculable, writes Tony Barber

Brexit spells disaster for France

Hollande’s room for manoeuvre in Europe will now be limited, writes François Heisbourg

Britain left EU long before the exit vote

I am torn between fear of disintegration and hope that Brexit will force the bloc to fix its faults

Brexit: A Long View of a new Black Friday

Central banks cannot take market moves like this lying down

Reasons to rejoice about the breach

A flaw in the Thatcherite programme meant a democratic accident was inevitable, writes Iain Martin

UK voters may soon come to miss Cameron

He must prepare to be remembered for presiding over the end of 43 years in the European project

Economic shock of Brexit is just start

The damage beyond the UK may be manageable but political problems loom, writes Stephanie Flanders

How the Outers won the EU referendum

Vote leave ran the better campaign and have shaken up the establishment, writes Sebastian Payne

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I believe Britain belongs in Europe

The democratic EU of today owes immeasurably to British politics, values and courage