Pensions and bonds: the problem explained

Bond mathematics and the scale of pension deficits

US Elections 2016

The 2016 US primaries calendar

The US primaries calendar 2016

Four key election battles

The 4 key general election battles

The constituencies likely to have a pivotal role in the outcome

Interactive: Explore diverging fortunes in UK

Explore 50 years of economic fortunes of UK’s different age groups

The challenge for Osborne

Setting the scene for the Autumn Statement

Interactive graphic: ‘Hackable’ technology

See how some ‘internet of things’ devices been attacked and how breaches of cyber security might have been covered up

Agriculture keeps pace with growing needs

Our interactive graphic shows how food production has increased

How do ETFs work?

A guide to creation and redemption of the funds

World Entrepreneur of the Year winners

How are entrepreneurs faring in this post-crisis environment?

The best – and worst – Budget moments

Success or otherwise of key historic Budget decisions

Bond market on the brink?

The bond market has never been bigger but is the bull run sustainable?

The Japanese economy and Abenomics

The FT explains Abenomics

The history of business data

The FT explains how big data and the technologies and processes to analyse it have evolved since the 19th century

The problem with education statistics

Making a case for US tax reform

Tax revenues compared with other developed countries

The US defence budget dilemma

Washington faces tough decisions on cuts

The conflict in Mali

The political background to French intervention

The rise of big data

The FT explains what big data is and how companies make use of it

What are the patent wars?

Expensive litigation rages in the smartphone sector

The state of the UK’s public finances

The economic backdrop to the Autumn Statement

Introducing the Global Fund for Children

The FT explains how the Global Fund for Children helps grassroots organisations

What is the fiscal cliff?

The FT explains the US fiscal cliff and what it means for the US economy

Who wields power in China?

Interactive: The FT explains how China is ruled and the structure of the Communist party

The scramble for Guinea’s minerals

Interactive: The FT explains why Guinea is still poor despite its mineral wealth

FT explainer: China’s slowdown