Zenica. Arcelor Mittal.
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Audio slideshow: Zenica partnership helps banish ghosts of Omarska

Can this all-too-rare example of inter-ethnic co-operation and foreign investment in the region point the way to a brighter future?

The ‘Yakult Ladies’ of Indonesia

Probiotic drinks maker expands its footprint in emerging markets

High-stakes election in Kenya

The country is holding its most complicated and ambitious election on March 4, the first to take place under the new constitution

FT explainer: China’s slowdown

What the slowing pace of China’s economic growth can tell us

Audio slideshow: A fan’s-eye view of an F1 Grand Prix

F1 has long been synonymous with speed, glamour and money. But for the spectators who pay to watch on race weekends, the sport has a rather different appeal

The coffee journey

Audio slideshow: from berry to bean to your cup

Audio slideshow: A history of the German Grand Prix

The links between Germany and motorsport is strong, stretching back almost a century

China audio slideshow

China’s rural population left behind

The growth of China’s economy has yet to filter through to rural areas like landlocked Guizhou, China’s poorest province.

Detroit Motor Show 2012

Audio slideshow: Detroit auto show 2012

Glamour masks a mood of uncertainty among carmakers

Robin Totterman: from city to spectacles

Robin Totterman: from city to spectacles

Robin Totterman on how he got involved with Algha works

Algha works: makers of the ‘roundeye’ spectacle

In this audio slideshow, Algha works employees talk about their work at the factory

Recovery driven by exploitation of untapped energy resources

State-owned national generator plans to double its energy output

California dreaming of a green future

Consolidation expected in the clean tech sector

Investment slows on China’s high-speed railways

Audio slideshow: Dungeness’ nuclear supporters

Dungeness hopes for a new nuclear power station

Audio slideshow: Kenya’s middle class squeeze

Aspiration drives Nairobi’s middle classes

Audio slideshow: African art in limbo

The sour aftermath of January’s World Festival of Black Arts for artists still awaiting the return of their work

Somaliland: hauling itself up

Audio slideshow: Feeding China’s coal habit

Espresso boost for Vietnam’s coffee farmers

The drive to grow more high-quality coffee beans