Fragile middle

The developing world’s fragile middle class

Data show 2.8bn people in the developing world sit just above the poverty line, at risk of slipping back as economic growth in emerging markets slows


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FT economics editor Chris Giles explains the economic backdrop to this year’s budget
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India: A guide to the world’s largest election

An interactive guide to the Indian elections

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Scottish independence poll tracker

The FT poll of polls


Timeline: the battle for Simandou

Simandou has been dogged by delays and disputes

Tiger index

Tiger index: Global recovery remains precarious

Advanced economies accelerate but future outlook hinges on structural reforms


A new century of sanctions

An interactive guide to the growing diversity of international sanctions

The unbalance budget

Interactive: UK upturn winners and losers

Mixed economic fortunes since the last UK budget

UK tops global millionaire migration

London’s number of millionaire residents is world’s highest

Squeezed upper middle

Interactive: House prices hit middle class

London and the southeast now the domain of the super rich

FT-Economist Global Business Barometer

Exclusive business sentiment poll shows rising confidence in recovery